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Confirmed Bug

Arrange Tiles mode scrolls on iOS 11+

Colton 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Apple updated by Nick Ferreri 2 weeks ago 7

When I add a thing and then adjust its position, the list jumps around not permitting me to move the thing upward in the list. Using iOS on an iPad. 


Amazon Fire & Fully discussion

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated 2 weeks ago 204

Just posting this link here for now for reference:

I need to use AT for pet sitters to be able to interact with ST when staying at my house. I don't want them to have access to my iPad because all of my Apple devices all linked nor do I want to share the ST app with them, so I bought the 3 pack 8" Fire tablets during Prime deals which will be dedicated to AT/ST. Last night, I was able to install Fully Kiosk Browser and set it up to turn on w motion. The only problem I can't seem to fix is that it still turns on to the lock screen. I am hoping someone can give me some settings to fix this. These tablets are Fire HD 8 (7th Generation) so I am hoping this was not just a feature in previous versions.

Readers are encouraged to browse Fully's website, as it contains a direct link to the APK and descriptions of all the features.


Which Android tablets people recommend for price and functionality?

Josh Fink 3 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 weeks ago 43

I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest tablet but one that works well and is configurable. Preferably one I can root but if it's not needed then all the better.

I think I have a relatively straightforward use case.

  • I want to mount a couple around the house and have 1 or 2 in bedrooms.
  • I would like the screen to go as dim as possible until it senses motion or it's picked up.
  • Obviously needs to run AT and I would prefer it to boot directly into it if possible.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for someone to pick up and use or go to the wall and use. If for some reason it needs to be rebooted or updated and it's turned back on that it goes directly into AT so that I then don't need to provide tech support.



Here's the latest topic in SmartThings Users Group:

And it mentions this tablet:


Blank Screen: Android KitKat and FireOS v4.x (Fire Tablet Gen 3). Release v6.10.0 due to outdated OS WebView

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 month ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated 4 weeks ago 24

Fix deployed. v6.10.0+045.


We have deployed fixes for this issue. Please reload / refresh your browsers.

Core functionality should now work for most browsers which were previously working in v6.9.4.

Those who were affected may still encounter some minor compatibility issues which we will track for possible fixes.


WhatsApp shortcut on Android?

Brandon Pines 3 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated 3 months ago 2

Is there a way to launch a shortcut to a contact in WhatsApp in AT? The idea would be an easy way for someone to press the shortcut and it would launch WhatsApp into the specific contact 

Fire Android
Answered: Discussion Open

Solution: Fire, Ring Doorbell, Fully, and Action Tiles

Willis 2 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 months ago 125

I have seen a lot of questions related to the Ring Doorbell and Kindle Fire...I figured out a workable solution:

Sideload the Google Play Store onto the Fire (I used the instructions at )

Use the Play Store to install the Ring Doorbell app

Use the Play Store to install AutomateIt

Setup 2 rules in AutomateIt:

Rule 1:  On notification from Ring, run the Ring App

Rule 2:  On notification from Ring, run the Fully App with a 1 minute delay

AutomateIt will notify you that it needs permission to monitor notifications.  Allow that permission.

Start Fully, ring your doorbell, see your front porch, cheer, wait another half minute or so, and Fully restarts, conduct victory lap...and profit.

If you have motion detection turned on for the doorbell, this will also show your porch if something trips the motion sensor.

Answered: Discussion Open

Help: Using Dakboard as Fully screensaver?

rlburkes 2 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by JoeS 3 months ago 19

I’m having issues with Dakboard and the screensaver. It doesn’t seem to appropriately size the content, so it’s pretty poorly laid out (most content is offscreen) it looks fine in other browsers on the fire so it seems to be related to fully. I was wondering how you had Dak configured assuming it looked good for you?

Fire Android
rlburkes 2 years ago

I found out my issue, Fully has an option under  Settings > Web Zoom and Scaling  for “Use Wide Viewport” which was on . Turning that off fixed my issue with Dak as the screensaver.


Microsoft Surface RT: framed and powered

Bob Lamaster 3 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Windows updated 3 months ago 1

If you happen to have an old Microsoft Surface RT around, you know it's not good for much anymore.  However, it makes a great wall panel for Action Tiles.

If you have one of these, I've created two 3D-printable files that you can use.

The first is a frame.  Printed in white (or whatever is complimentary to your wall color), it gives the project a finished look.

Surface RT Wall Mount Frame

The second is a way to handle the charging cord, without needing to drill holes in your walls.

Surface Power Adapter Under-Counter Mount

Pictures of the completed installation are available at the links above.  If you don't have a 3D printer, you can use the "order this printed" button to find someone in the community who will print it for you.


WallPanel kiosk browser?

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by Aldo 3 months ago 14

Give this a try: "WallPanel" kiosk App.

I have known about it for a while, but not heard of any Customers trying it - until today.

If it seems to work out for you, we'll start a separate Topic, to chat about the results and pros/cons.


Skype shortcut on Fire HD in landscape mode

Michael Cook 4 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated 3 months ago 2

I'm having an issue with a shortcut url tile that opens a Skype call to a person. I followed the knowledgebase article to set up the shortcut and the tile. From my PC and phone it works fine. Opens Skype with the contact and I can click start call to call the contact. It works this way on my Fire HD 8 in portrait mode as well. However, in landscape it hangs on the Skype chats screen. Sometimes I briefly see the call screen but the chat screen pops over top of it. If I rotate the tablet to landscape then the call screen displays. Any ideas?

Forgot to add that landscape works fine if Skype is opened manually and then click on contact then video call or if I modify the shortcut to Skype: which opens Skype from the tile and repeat manual call steps.


Fully browser App Stopped Working Message

StewD 4 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago 3

As my Fully browser loads a message pops up, stating the “App Stopped Working” the app works fine and the message is persistent. My panels all work. The only way to remove the message is to close the Fully browser. The second I reopen it the message returns. 

Nothing has changed in my setup over the last few days. 

I know the message is not connected to actiontiles but I was hoping someone else had experienced this and had a solution. 

Question Withdrawn

Best tablet *without* a camera?

Kris L 6 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago 5

Does anyone have any recommendations on the best tablet for ActionTiles use that does NOT have a camera, front or back?

Looking for use in my airbnb and I'd like to avoid cameras completely.   People don't even trust them covered up :).

Answered: Discussion Open

Non-FireOS Tablet with wake on motion, and doesn't drain battery

Christopher Booth 5 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago 3


I have just bought an Amazon Fire tablet set it up and found that you need to complete a variety of work-arounds to get it to work with Action Tiles, leaving it on all the time / plugged in etc

I am starting fresh and don't mind paying a few quid extra for a tool / tablet that does the job perfectly.

  • I want the tablet to be on a cradle, plugged in most of the time (on a table) but able to survive unplugged too.
  • I want the tablet to wake on motion (and on press)
  • I want to use a kiosk (fully) with Action tiles

What is the best / cheapest option ... ?

Crucially I want it to be 'easy' rather than a hack.

Having to download silk to download playstore and then have to do a workaround on a Fire to get Kiosk sounds worth spending the extra money to get a tablet that does not require this !

I would rather spend another 100 GBP for it to 'just happen' rather than have to spend hours on a a hack (that will frustrate me).

I am not price sensitive on this as the difference between an expensive and a cheap tablet is only about 100-200 GBP (I am based in the UK). I am not actually want the cheapest but the best for the simple use of using Action Tiles.

So, I don't want a cheap tablet but at the same time neither want to spend £1000 on a top iPhone. I think about 100 GBP is fine.

Crucially I want to have a working Android tablet that runs Action Tiles / Fully Kiosk, can run the motion sensor and work either plugged in or not.

A current and common tablet / phablet would be great and then things like wall fixings will be common too.

What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance


Which Amazon Fire Tablet (if any) requires least fiddling?

Kevin-AK 4 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago 0

Now that I am “sold” on ActionTiles I need a display.

I do not need or want it to do anything other than always having ActionTiles up and running. This is a dedicated display.

8”, 10” the prices seem all reasonable, I just need to know which one will boot directly to Actiontiles, and not require constant intervention. If it has to be fiddled with, my wife will not like it, and we all know how that will turn out.

I know zero about Amazon, androids, etc... I am a iPad person, and honestly never even dealt with anything else in a tablet.

Some of the Amazon units have “special offers” that I do not understand. Is this what I’m after???

If not can you post a link(s) to what will work as a dedicated display?


Answered: Discussion Open

ActionTiles Kiosk App vs AT with Fully App?

its2loud 4 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago 2

As the header says, I’m wondering what advantages there are to using the Native AT Kiosk app on Google Play vs Fully? 



Thanks for the question, Its2Loud...

ActionTiles Kiosk App is currently using a stripped down version of Fully.

  • ActionTiles Kiosk App's various Settings have default values that are helpful for a new user of ActionTiles. It exists in both the Play Store and the Amazon Appstore for the convenience of SmartThings Customers to discover ActionTiles. (The Appstore version uses the FireOS version of stripped down Fully.)
  • The actual Fully App is required to use any Fully "PLUS" features (like screensaver, wake-on-motion, multiple tabs open, etc.). Those features require purchasing a PLUS license from Fully's vendor - a process that cannot be done with the ActionTiles App.
  • We have recently recommended the folks explore the WallPanel App and comment in this Topic if they are finding it sufficient, better, or not as good as Fuly:



Steal 5vDC from 24vAC thermostat for wall mount Tablet?

myoung84 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by Lane 4 months ago 9

I just started using AT, love it so far. I'm considering mounting a tablet to start experimenting with. I'm building a house next year, currently finalizing the design. I'll be doing all the low voltage installation so I need to know pretty soon exactly what I need for smart house items so I can run cabling as needed. I'd always wanted to do a wall mount tablet in a few locations and I think AT will fit the bill.

So for now in the current house, I don't care to dig into sheet rock to run cables for power then have to repair before we sell the house, but I still want to play, mostly to get the wife on-board and so I'm not having to experiment on the new place.

I have a perfect spot downstairs right above or next to my nest thermostat. I do have 5 wires to the nest so I have 24VAC with common available.  I was thinking of a AC to 5VDC buck converter mounted inside a picture frame with the tablet. I could poke a small hole in the wall from the nest to behind tablet. Has anyone ever done this? It shouldn't pull more than a half amp at 24VAC...

I'm not sure what size AC transformer is in my HVAC system, it's a Lennox system about 2 years old. Also not sure how much power the nest requires.

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ActionTiles iPad Safari iOS 10.3.3 Homescreen launch persistent crashes

MarkusTec 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Apple updated by Bobby Anderson 4 months ago 5

This issue started popping up for the first time after months of usage without this issue appearing.  Specifically, I have an older iPad 4 running iOS 10.3.3 and an ActionTile panel configured as a Safari home screen web app.  After launching, the AT would persistently close/crash after a few minutes of runtime.  

I've tried clearing History and Website data and rebooting the iPad a couple times which didn't solve the problem.  I'm hoping there is a fix/solution for this as AT is my most used iPad app by far.  Any help would be appreciated? 


15" Android tablet in-wall installation during home refurbishment

Matthias Ertl 5 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated 5 months ago 0

Something Big is coming ... i show you my panel 


i just Purchased a 15 inch Android Tab for integrating it in my new / old house.

We are still at refurbishment works ... nevertheless i plan to make some deep integration for the tab.


Thoughts ... ?


Launching Control 4 or other iOS Apps

Tad 5 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Apple updated by KevinFreud 5 months ago 2

My music and video for my entire house is managed by control 4.  Does anyone know how I can launch my Control 4 app from Action Tiles on my Ipads? I see other app info but have no idea where to get the command string from. Thanks ahead of time!


Surface 3 / Windows 10: a kiosk mode browser?

Gbenro Odunaiya 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Windows updated by Jan Boula 5 months ago 2

Does anyone use a Surface 3 or Windows 10 tablet? If you do, which browser app do you use that's similar to Fully Kiosk i.e. has full screen mode, has screensaver (I use dakboard) and has camera motion sensing?