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Media Tile Generator Issue

I noticed this morning that my weather, news and calendar tiles are all not loading. I have tried it on different platforms with the same result. Does anyone know if this is a widespread issue or what the solution could be?


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Does the media tile generator support blob webcam streams?

I have tried searching online and in this forum and I have not seen anything regarding this. There are some earchcams and other public webcams that I thought would be interesting to be able to see from my panel

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Time Zone offset needed for MTG weather (behind by one day)

Ned 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Media Tile Generator (MTG by JGG) updated by anonymous 4 years ago 5

First, I love this app.  But, the mtg weather tile is always a day behind.  Today, is April 9 and the tile starts on April 8.  Is there something I missed in the config.,UT&static=false&layout=3x2&bodyColor=00ff00


I've changed this into a Feature Request.

The MTG module is distinct from the rest of ActionTiles because it is a set of PHP scripts (vs Javascript, etc. for the app)We'll have to experiment to see if just adding a parameter and a few calculations has the desired effect. We'll keep this post updated with any progress.