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PIN protect Panel Shortcut Tiles & URL Tiles

Randy 11 months ago in Security • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 hours ago 3

I have my main panel for SHM. I have a virtual switch tile to arm my alarm with a delay through CoRE and the pin protected SHM tile to disarm and a panel shortcut tile to all my devices. I also disabled the Panel Options on this panel with the thought of having this panel as a "kiosk". Are there any plans to pin protect the panel shortcuts also so no one can access my devices or panel options by going into that panel?

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Option to require PIN entry for Disarming system only (no PIN for arming...)

Markl Farkl 1 year ago in Security • updated by Lost Tile 17 hours ago 9

Current pinpad feature requires using pinpad authentication for both arming and disarming. Allow the option to use pinpad for disarming only.


Estimated Time Of Arrival

Orange Bucket yesterday at 2:53 a.m. in Things & Capabilities 0

I'd like to request that the "Estimated Time Of Arrival" capability be supported.

The capability has a single 'eta' attribute which is an ISO 8601 date so any implementation might like to allow a date format string to be specified.

The ETA has a wide variety of potential uses. There could ETAs for people. There could be ETAs of buses at stops, trains at stations, and planes at airports. There could be broader interpretations such as next appointments or medication times. 

Basically it can be used for anything that needs a date and time and it is an 'official' capability.

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RELEASE v6.9.0: Icon Library (3000), plus minor features and fixes

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 days ago in Announcements / Release Notes • updated by adamph 1 day ago 3

Major Release

You asked for icons and this Release has icons... over 3000 icons!

Visit the Icon Library to browse icon selection. Accessible via Left Side Menu.

Any icon from the library can be applied to any Tile of any these Tiles Types

(NB: Tile Intentions selections are now also available for all of these Tile Types):

  • Acceleration Sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Contact Sensor
  • Image Capture
  • Lock
  • Momentary (button)
  • Motion Sensor
  • Panel Shortcut
  • Presence Sensor
  • Routine
  • Routines
  • Shortcut (hyperlink)
  • Smoke Detector
  • Switch
  • Valve
  • Water Sensor


  • Most Toast notifications may now be turned off (see App Settings).
  • PIN Protection option added to Valve.
  • Rather than displaying question mark, Tiles will display the received value if available.
  • Other various performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app.

We will update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.

...Terry & Alex.


Add Tile Intention for Acceleration Sensor

FiReBaL1 10 months ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 day ago 3

The Tile Intention selection is missing from acceleration sensors. I prefer the "Warn" for my contact sensors and now the acceleration tile doesn't match the others.

Fix Planned

Turn off Unlock confirmation

BartLanz 1 year ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 day ago 5

When I press the tile to unlock my door it prompts with "Would you like to unlock "lock name"? Is there a way to turn this function off? I would like the door to simply unlock.


Hi Bart,

I'm sorry, but that's currently not a configurable option. We have that hard-coded for a couple of Tile types (Garage Door too, I think).

We'll consider making it an option if more folks request it.


Make Tile click result Toast notifications optional

In my opinion,:

  • A notification window is kind of redundant to the visual indicators of the tiles themselves.
  • Notification windows should be an option, not default.
  • And if one is displayed, the current length of time that the window is displayed is way too long.

We are planning to put in a preference option to allow the user to disable toast notifications.

Just for info, though: Per Alex (SmartTiles):

The toast notification was put in place for one specific reason: to prevent accidental clicks to remain unnoticed. While this does not solve "pocket dialing" it may help to detect a tap when a swipe or a scroll was intended.

Another important aspect of the toast notification is to confirm if and when a command was actually received by SmartThings. There could be a prolonged network delay, depending on the load on SmartThings cloud, but the toast notification will appear only upon successful completion of the command.

Valve Tile needs PIN security protection

Dan Crandall 9 months ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 day ago 7

I find that the Tile Security option is not available for my Main Water Valve Tile. This device is a listed as Type: Z-Wave Water Valve. For obvious reason, I would like to not have this valve closed by accidental activation.


Ability to Show/Hide Status in Footer

John Munoz 1 day ago in Panels (dashboards) 0

It would be useful to be able to hide the title status on some panels that are mostly graphical.  Instead of showing Open/Closed with the matching icons, just have the icon displayed for a cleaner panel.  

Confirmed Bug

Can't add *Panel* to Home Screen (Android)

Jim 1 day ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 day ago 1

I have in the past using Chrome on my Android phone added shortcuts to panels on my home screen. No problem.

Just created a new panel. I opened it in Chrome on my phone. Selected add to home screen. But the only thing it will add now is It won't add the panel address. And it also doesn't give me the option to rename it like it used to.

Anyone else seen this issue and know how to correct it?

On Hold: Discussion Open

Generic Information Tile

Jeff Davis 10 months ago in Things & Capabilities / CoRE and webCoRE • updated by Joey 2 days ago 16

I would like to see a generic information tile that I could programmatically update with something like WebCoRE.  The title of the tile should also be user-defined.

Example 1: Post the name and time of the last motion sensor triggered within a tile entitled "Recent Activity."

Example 2: Post the name and time of the last person who left the premises within a tile entitled "Last to Leave."

Example 3: Post the time when motion is first encountered in the morning within a tile entitled "Rise and Shine."

... so why not set a text string variable for a simulated device? Then Action Tiles could just display it like any other device tile, maybe?

Probably something we've also answered several times, though I can't find an exact Topic match to point to...

ActionTiles is designed to conform to the SmartThings Capability paradigm. It abstracts the set of Commands and Attributes of any Device into a specific Capability or Capabilities with a standard documented definition.

Because we can trust this definition, we can trust that the Tile Types we define based on each Capability will function as expected.

SmartThings currently also allows a Device Type Handler developer to add arbitrary ad-hoc / custom Commands and/or Attributes, but there are absolutely no standards for this. One developer might call an Attribute "fullness" and another call it "volume". Without the Capability standards, ActionTiles would have to have an Artificial Intelligence engine; or major enhancements to the Builder to allow ad-hoc / custom Tile Types to be defined in concert with such arbitrary custom Commands and Attributes.

But we also invite DTH developers to make use of Capabilities that are documented, but don't have any common use case examples. Maybe Capability "Notification" could be something we could latch onto. But why bother if nobody uses it?

Yes... This isn't totally out of the question; but there's a lot of evolution going on at SmartThings right now (a whole new API!!!); and that's just one of many reasons to defer in-depth work on this.

Please do browse the various related Topics, though ... these and more:



Answered: Discussion Open

Tile wrapping

Henry 2 days ago in Configuration & Settings • updated 2 days ago 2

Apologies for the basic questions, I did search through all settings menus and also on this forum but couldn't find an answer.

In one tileset, I have a 2x2 tile followed by two 1x1 tiles. I would like the two 1x1 tiles to be in a column, as opposed to a row. As an example, in the attached screenshot, I would like the 'Posh lights' tile to be underneath the 'TV lights' tile as opposed to the right of it. 

Secondly, is it possible to hide the status of a switch on a tile? I.e. the 'on' or 'off' wording at the bottom of the tiles.

I am currently in the free trial time, but plan on purchasing a licence.

Thank you in advance.


ActionTiles integrated to my Grafana dashboard

Conrad 3 days ago in Panels (dashboards) 0

I integrated ActionTiles in to my Grafana dashboard. I'm currently just using it for status.

Here's how the dashboard looks like.

This is how the display looks like on the wall. (Note: I didn't have AT integrated at the time I took the photo)

Although I can't turn devices on/off, I still think it turned out pretty cool!


RESOLVED [2018/10/11 1625h-1700h PST] ActionTiles Cloud Outage

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 days ago in Announcements / Outages • updated 3 days ago 3

One of the key components of the ActionTiles cloud (outsourced to Google Cloud Services) experienced a major outage on Thursday October 11st, approx 4:25pm to 4:00pm Pacific Time.

Service Restored:  at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

Please "Follow" or visit this Topic Post for any further updates; or change your personal settings to subscribe to this Forum's various Categories, such as the Announcements Category:

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, 

...Terry & Alex.


Show me your Panels!

M2 1 year ago in Panels (dashboards) • updated by James Wilson 4 days ago 199

Hi Everyone - new here but am pretty excited about this App. To me, it seems to smartly tie the Smart Home together. As a newbie, I am very interested in see everyone's creative panels. I would post up first but I don't think a few light switches, a clock and the weather are too interesting.

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Run PIN Protected Routine Tiles without extra tap

Daniel Rosenberg 1 month ago in Security • updated by ddtex 5 days ago 3

PIN Protected Tiles are useful, and sometimes bring up multiple options like (Alarm > Armed (away), Armed (home), Disarmed). But when PIN protecting a Routine tile, like "I'm Back!" we get a banner for "PIN accepted" on top and another on the bottom that says "I'm Back! with a "RUN ROUTINE" icon. 

We've already told ActionTiles once we want to run the routine (by pressing on the tile), and then had 4 more touches for the PIN.

Would you consider an option (or default behavior) to simply run the routine at this point, rather than require a 6th touch by pressing "RUN ROUTINE"? (Which, doesn't actually look like a button, because it's not a highlighted mode, perhaps thanks to Material Design?)

I'm worried this will be a non-obvious last step to turn off our alarm for PIN users entering the house, since we've already gotten a message that the PIN was accepted and we can dismiss the dialog (with the X) without actually turning off the alarm.

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Live Traffic travel time Tile! Image from query text using

Rob Cummings 10 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 days ago 36

I thought I'd post this to help others. I figured out a way to display the travel time for my wife's commute to work. See the pink tile in the screenshot below...

I used a Google Maps Distance Matrix API call and displayed the result in a Shields.IO badge. (Check out Then I added the whole darn deal to the My Media section in Action Tiles.

Here's the link I used, broken into pieces...

Base URL:

Badge Options (no label, pink color, time query, badge style): ?label= &colorA=ff69b4&colorB=ff69b4&prefix=&suffix=&query=$..duration_in_traffic.text&style=flat-square

Google Maps API call: &[origin address]%26destinations%3D[your destination address]%26key%3D[your API key]

You'll have to generate and use a Google API key and the URI has to be encoded with all those silly % escape codes. The Dynamic Generator at the bottom of the page will help you out with the pieces. It was a bit of trial and error. Here's what it looks like all put together in the My Media image URL field... &colorA=ff69b4&colorB=ff69b4&prefix=&suffix=&query=$..duration_in_traffic.text&style=flat-square&[your origin address]%26destinations%3D[your destination address]%26key%3D[your API key]

As everything seems to be, it's a little bit of a hack (text not centered), and the image and text proportion is stretched/crunched from the original (just like weather maps, camera images, etc.) but it seems to be working pretty well. One of the cool things is that it's actually an SVG, so no quality is lost if you make the tile bigger or look at it in a full-screen view. 

Hope this helps!

Answered: Discussion Open

Solution: Fire, Ring Doorbell, Fully, and Action Tiles

Willis 10 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Arn B 6 days ago 95

I have seen a lot of questions related to the Ring Doorbell and Kindle Fire...I figured out a workable solution:

Sideload the Google Play Store onto the Fire (I used the instructions at )

Use the Play Store to install the Ring Doorbell app

Use the Play Store to install AutomateIt

Setup 2 rules in AutomateIt:

Rule 1:  On notification from Ring, run the Ring App

Rule 2:  On notification from Ring, run the Fully App with a 1 minute delay

AutomateIt will notify you that it needs permission to monitor notifications.  Allow that permission.

Start Fully, ring your doorbell, see your front porch, cheer, wait another half minute or so, and Fully restarts, conduct victory lap...and profit.

If you have motion detection turned on for the doorbell, this will also show your porch if something trips the motion sensor.


Gradient Color Tiles and Background

Matthias Ertl 1 week ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 week ago 0

Hi Guys,

i would love to have the possibility to use Gradient Color on Tiles and / or Background.

see this as a feature request.



Windows Mac iOS Fire Android

Share your favorite Weather Media Tiles?

Den 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic • updated by Wes 1 week ago 110

This national weather radar is so far my most useful Media Tile. I configured it for 3x2 tile size. Someday I intend to have a front door camera Media Tile.

  • If the image in a Post has been placed with a full URL link to the original; just right-click and choose "Copy image address."
  • There might be enough clues in the address to find the source website so you can find variations, such as local weather.
  • When posting, if you used the "<>" (HTML edit feature) to surround the URL of the image source with <pre> and </pre>, then the URL will be show in text instead of the image ... or try the "Code" Formatting option (under the paragraph symbol ¶).