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Onscreen keyboard for cast smart devices

Michelle 1 week ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated 3 hours ago 9

I have been playing with the ability to cast websites to a smart display (google, Lenovo) and it would be great if ActionTiles added a keyboard icon option at the login that you could select to bring up an on-screen keyboard so I can enter my credentials. These smart displays don’t have access to a keyboard.


How are you adding your music players to ActionTiles?

Sidney 12 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Derek C 10 hours ago 26

I was just wondering how everyone else is adding their music players to ActionTiles.

I am using an app called Echo Speaks that is added to my SmartThings as a Smart App.

I can control the Echo's Play, Stop, Pause, Volume and Skipping.

Right now, I can only control the Volume of the Fire HDs.

The individual Echo Tiles also show up in their respective Room Panels.  So when I go into the Living Room Panel, the 'Echo - Living Room' tile is in there as well.

Implemented: Please Test

iFrame Tiles (web page embedding)

dennybono 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by SmartiHome 11 hours ago 67

It would be nice to be able to display a small iframe "tile" on my panel. For example my access points have apis that allow me to view their status. I'd like to show that on my panel.


iFrame Tiles - working sites

Kevin1 4 days ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 day ago 9

Thought I would make a topic for known working sites for everyone to add to their ActionTile panels.  I'll start off with:

* - internet speed test

  -simple and works, just use

* - beautiful weather map with wind streams, radar etc

  -set the view you like, then use the top left menu at, select "embed widget in page".   When you paste into ActionTiles, delete the html tags so you end up with only the long URL between quotes following src=.  If you get this incorrect, ActioNTiles seems to embed ActionTiles site in the iframe tile instead.


Fully Kiosk Screensaver kicks in even when an app is launched via universal Launcher

I have 2 Amazon Fire tablets configured with Fully and DakBoard as the screensaver.  They operate as I want, when I launch Weatherbug or TinyCam, those aps stay in the foreground until I hit the back button.  Today I installed Fully on a spare Galaxt Tab I found and it behaves differently.  When I launch any app from an intent with UNiversal Launcher, the screensaver takes over in the specified time.  I just cant figure out what setting might be different between the Galaxy and the Fire

Android Fire

August Lock Functionality

Craig Thomas 2 days ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 1 day ago 4


I was excited that August Smart Locks are now officially supported in SmartThings. Post here (

I have this set up and working in SmartThings. When I added it to ActionTiles today, I am able to see it and create a lock tile and a sensor tile. However, is there any way to combine these similar to my Garage Door tile with MyQ rather than having 2 tiles?

The type in is showing it as "placeholder" with "No states found." Just curious if there is anything else that can be done or I should select to make this better.


Craig T.


Need some help getting tinycam pro and ActionTiles working please

johnmulholland 6 days ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Volcano 2 days ago 4

Hey folks,

I need some help please.

I have a load of IP cameras hardwired to NVM. The IP address of that NVM is It is a static IP address.

I have tinycam pro and actiontiles installed on a Fire 10 HD. 

Tinycam can identify the camera server on the network correctly, and I can connect to it correctly. I have tried entering in incorrect username and password and it fails then, so I am confident it is connecting correctly when I use the correct username and password.

The problem is that I'm getting 100% dropped frames in ActionTiles:

Which translates to an error message in ActionTiles

Any ideas? I'm at a loss here.




Yadea and Proxeye Cameras

Sprigtree 3 days ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated 2 days ago 1

Does anyone know how to obtain the URLs for Yadea and Proxeye cameras?

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ActionTiles release 6.11.0

Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 months ago in Announcements / Release Notes updated 3 days ago 11

ActionTiles release 6.11.0 has been rolled out on March 28, 2020.

New Features:

Window Shade Tile

New Tile type is available for devices that confirm to the official Window Shade Capability. This new tile works great with Ikea FYRTUR Blackout roller blinds.

Auto Reload App

Automatically reload the application after a period of inactivity. This is helpful when you wish to refresh Media Tiles or Video Streams if they become unstable over time.

This option is set per each display device, available under App Setting.


Toast Notifications

Confirmation notifications for Tile Actions are removed. Only error notifications will be shown.

Major infrastructure updates

ActionTiles continues to invest in infrastructure maintenance to insure performant and secure operation of app. The back end changes for this release are mostly transparent to the end users. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact for most timely assistance.

Thank you for enjoying ActionTiles!


Please List your Camera brand here if you got it working

MrMilu 3 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Sprigtree 3 days ago 100

Since the rtsp support seems to be on hold for now I had to return the second camera I ordered on Amazon. But I managed to make one of my old camera work.

PLEASE list the exact brand for your camera here if you can confirm it works for you. This will help others with the new purchases.

Please list the http mask (URL format) you used.

Amazon purchase link also very much appreciated.

Feel free to add sreenshots to your camera tile too.

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simulated co2 sensor - highlighting

Mike G 6 days ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Kevin1 5 days ago 2


I've created a simulated CO2 sensor DH (basically by butchering the simulated temperature sensor DH). This allows me to display a number in a tile without an associated unit (like degrees or %)

Is there any way I can set this so that at a certain value, ActionTiles can tell this is a warning condition and change the tile colour accordingly?

Put another way, how does actiontiles know when other DHs are in alert conditions?

Use case: I'm trying to create a summaries tab that tells me how many doors/windows  are open and how many lights are on and various other summaries so that I can have one sheet which gives me an overview of the whole house. (Summarising is being done in webcore). - so if there's one or more windows open I'd like actiontiles to highlight the tile.

I realise mine is likely an uncommon use case - but surely with any environmental monitor it would be useful to move into alert status once a monitor hits a specific high or low value?



Intent URL for Google Chrome Remote Desktop for IOS

naps 6 days ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles 0

Would anyone have the launch url for the chrome remote desktop app on the ipad. I would like to open that app with a special tile.

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RELEASE v6.10.0: Enhanced Theme Builder: backgrounds, transparency, gradients! + Minor touches / fixes

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 10 months ago in Announcements / Release Notes updated by Steve Brightman 6 days ago 20

Major Release

Deployed August 15, 2019 - 1000h Pacific Time

Make your Panels prettier using the enhanced Theme Builder!

Visit the My Themes page to Build (+) a new Theme from scratch or a copy of an existing Theme; or to come back and edit your Themes.

Changes (may be updated):

  • Theme Builder:
    • Color Picker now is a an RGB color wheel with hue and transparency/opacity adjustment.
    • Transparency / Opacity for Tile backgrounds and content.
    • Gradients for Panel background and Tile background.
    • Blur and Opacity options for Panel background image (wallpaper) and Tile background images.
    • Background (wallpaper) images. Choose from a selection of included stock images or use a URL to an image (such as from a wallpaper or photo gallery site).
    • Tile background image.
    • Tile border color and width.

  • Panel and Tile backgrounds have 3 layers: color, image and gradient.
    Each layer is configured independently and each preference is optional.
    • Panel color (optional), defaults to black.
    • Panel background image (optional) can be selected from the provided gallery of stock images, loaded from URL or custom CSS property. This layer has preferences for image blur filter and opacity.
    • Panel gradient (optional) is applied on top of background image. It can be a selected from one of the preset values or loaded from a custom CSS property.
    • Tile backgrounds work the same way as Panel backgrounds.

  • New per Tile Styles (in Panel Builder / Tile Settings for each Tile):
    • Icon Animations: breathe, blink, bounce, nudge, pulse, shake, spin, spin fast, vibrate.
    • Icon Effects: glow, fade (fade is the default for the Normal Intention in all Themes).
  • Clock Tile: Option to hide AM/PM indicator.
  • Media Tile implementation change. Should help if media streams are unstable or freeze when zooming.
  • PIN Code can be entered using keyboard keys.
  • Smart Home Monitor (Classic) and Garage Door Tile: Added the option to select custom icons and Tile Intents.
  • Some Thermostat Tile changes (more coming).
  • Consolidated Panel Preferences and Tile Preferences pages.

We will update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.

Over time, we will post "Tips" in our Knowledge Base, Forum, and Social Media.

...Terry & Alex.


Ooo... I forgot to link this new Gallery Topic!

Yes - Please share your Panel designs & Themes to the post linked below:

On Hold: Discussion Open

Compatibility with other platforms?

JonnySax 3 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Glen 1 week ago 16

wow!  this seems like a beautiful way to have quick intuitive access to my smart home controls.  Its just a shame it only works with SmartThings ... Is there any plan to expand to other smart home platforms?  I specifically use Axial Control with an Aeon Labs stick on a windows PC, but I'm sure owners of other hubs would love to have AT as their visible interface.  

Android Fire Windows

We've actually answered this dozens of times, so I'm just leaving this open for discussion until I get a chance to merge or paste in any existing answers.

ActionTiles is not a portal app. It is the #1 Dashboard Panel builder for SmartThings, which, in turn, is the #1 smart home platform, which, in turn, can intergrate with hundreds and hundreds of devices (Things) from many different vendors. It would take a significant distraction and diversion of our resources to integrate with "other platforms". Not saying it won't ever happen; but this is further down on the to-do list than Features which will benefit our thousands of existing, loyal Customers.


Show me your Panels! - Gallery 3 (enhanced Themes)

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 10 months ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by Blancmange 1 week ago 176

Continuing from very popular first 2 Galleries of Panels:


Here's a place for Customers to share your Panels and related stories. This content may be copied to other sharing services like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc..

NB: Inquiries about the techniques used to create the particular Panels, frames, etc., may be spun off by the Moderator into new Topics or Help Desk tickets to avoid too much threading here.

More details (Release Notes) about ActionTiles v6.10.0 (enhanced Theme Builder) are at:

The biggest changes and new Features of this Release are the enhancements made to Theme Builder (and thus, much more powerful customization of Panel Appearance). On a related note, Tiles also have new Animations and Effects options!

I've pasted a snapshot at the end of this Post showing off some of the new Theme Builder.

Be creative - Go Wild!

We have had many Customer requests to allow Panels to be more vibrant, cool, textured, and fabulous. The new options in Theme Builder make this possible. You can use Google to find "wallpaper" library websites - many of which allow hot-linking of the images as a Panel Background Image. Tweak the opacity/transparency value of the Tile Background Color (for each Tile Intention) using the Color Picker, to decide how much of the beautify background to show through. And/or you can strategically use more Blank Tiles as windows to parts of the background, such as the blossoms on a tree branch, or the moons in a fantasy solar system...

Share your Creations, please; as Comments:

Help inspire Customers to dive into the Enhanced Theme Builder. Let us know what wallpaper gallery websites you find attractive. Many of the images on such websites are completely free of restrictions for personal use.

Thousand thanks, everyone. Looking forward to seeing your Panels with just simple bits of flair as well as a few which will surely be incredible works of art. - No pressure! 😉

Please note: Per ActionTiles's Terms of Service, any or all images shared here may be used by ActionTiles for any purpose, including advertising and/or embedding in the app and/or our websites, social media, etc.. You are granting ActionTiles a perpetual royalty free unrestricted license to use the content you share in any way we see fit.

Thanks and ... have fun!

...Terry (& Alex)

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tesla add app to Action Tiles?

Lynn 1 week ago updated 1 week ago 4
Answered: Discussion Open

Open Android App or App activity via URL formatted Shortcut

Paulo Nóbrega 3 years ago in Shortcut Tiles updated by René Ringuet 1 week ago 219

hi there....

Is there a way to open android apps, ou executy an app activity?

I use chromecast audio for multiroom, i can't seem to find a way to open the Google Play Music within smartthings...
In my dashboard and just wanted at least to open the app, and then the music app can handle where to play the music...

Does anyone found any shortcut to open Play Music? I've tried as shortcut the app name, the activity to open app but nothing works... In the dashboard when i click that shortcut it takes me to configuration of the tiles. LOL

Does it make sense?

JB Bentz 2 years ago

The latest Fully Kiosk Browser release has helped a bunch with opening Android apps from actiontiles. You can now select apps for the whitelist.  You can also figure out the app intent URL very easily, by turning on the new single app mode and selecting the app you want.  It will then load the intent URL which you can copy and paste it into a shortcut tile.  So far I have gotten it to work with Spotify and Hangouts.  Works like a charm.


Nexxhome Garage controlller

Mike Geldert 5 months ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 week ago 11

I received this garage controller for xmas and have set it up according to directions.  It's listed as "works with smartthings", and I've set it up in smartthings and it works great.  (shows current open/close status and will open or close the door by pressing the icon/button).

When I go to authorize this device in Actiontiles, it isn't showing up as a device. 

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Question Mark instead of Icon

RodRamos 2 weeks ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 weeks ago 1

Came across another issue. When I created a tile for my location based on my cellphone, the tile icon became a question mark instead of the assigned icon.