Share your favorite Weather Media Tiles?

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This national weather radar is so far my most useful Media Tile. I configured it for 3x2 tile size. Someday I intend to have a front door camera Media Tile.


  • If the image in a Post has been placed with a full URL link to the original; just right-click and choose "Copy image address."
  • There might be enough clues in the address to find the source website so you can find variations, such as local weather.
  • When posting, if you used the "<>" (HTML edit feature) to surround the URL of the image source with <pre> and </pre>, then the URL will be show in text instead of the image ... or try the "Code" Formatting option (under the paragraph symbol ¶).


If you cannot find any - you can build your own as per the following :



and here is an example for the result (using this method) :

Try and play with it - you may like it.


Hi all - was also looking at forecast (rather than radar) and came across this great contributed site - now have a weather forecast tile setup

Media Tile Generator (MTG was jggdev/atiles): Weather, Calendar, News

Mine looks like this:

For the life of me I can't get this to work.  How do I get the url?  Mine is always missing the background and is showing the wrong location.  I live in Wisconsin.

What web page are you scraping from? A lot of sources are not simply GIF or JPG and will not work.


Right... those are complex layers managed by Javascript (etc.) on the source web pages. They are not scrapable & embeddable images compatible with Media Tiles.


This isn't animated but should work


I use one of these on my panel as well, updates every few hours as the station updates their forecast

do you happen to have this look (gif) for southlake tx?

Jpot: Which look are you requesting? A weather radar GIF?  Most of the "forecast" images are not GIFs, though I guess some have the clouds moving or rain falling...

For weather radar there are some national services that you can explore. I need to pour through the posts and make a list, but for example:   images.intellicast.com/WxImages/Radar/xxx.gif ; or //radar.weather.gov/lite/N0R/MKX_0.png

For 7 day forecasts, your best chances are checking the websites of your local TV stations. Use right-click in a browser to determine if you can "Open image in new tab". That's a good indication the URL may be usable in ActionTiles.


Here's the site I scraped those from

I basically just right click on one of the images / animations I want and then click "open in new tab".  If it opens up as a gif / jpeg then I know it'll work as a media tile.

Takes some hunting around to find an image source that isn't layered (they'll open as the background layer in a new tab)

hi! Anyway to get this for chile ? Santiago of chile will

Be great

I can’t find any way;( thanks 

Are there any local tv stations that provide weather reports?  I have to assume there's a Santiago TV station doing that.  If you can link to some of those I can help you scrape the image

Hi I need help I want to see weather information about Machesney Park, IL, 61115

Hi Emerson...

Sometimes it will just take a lot of searching...


That type of weather image source will not work.

You need to find a plain simple GIF, JPG, or PNG. If you can right-click on a weather image and it gives you an "open in new Tab" or "save image as..." option, then that specific URL (from the new tab...) is likely to work in a Media Tile.

how do you do this if you can save the image as? i am using windows 10 and don't see open in new tab on any picture anymore.

Simple answer: Don't use Edge for this purpose. Chrome and Firefox still have "Open image in new tab / window".


thanks, worked like a charm!

Anyone have a current temperature tile?

What do you mean by a "Current Temperature Tile"?

If you have the SmartThings "SmartWeather Device" installed, then it has Capability "Temperature" and you can create a plain Temperature Sensor Tile from it.  SmartThings Weather Tile Device and Weather Tile

Does this require an actual device, though?

I'm looking for something that displays the current temperature (and high/low & conditions?) similarly to the way jggdev displays the forecast.


No "actual device" required.

The SmartThings Weather Tile Device is virtual. It uses information from SmartThings's Weather Underground subscription.


For Chicago region / Midwest US, I've tested radar images & radar loops in ActionTiles from AccuWeather (which don't work / don't auto-refresh in ActionTiles), Intellicast (http://images.intellicast.com/WxImages/Radar/spi.gif), National Weather Service ( https://radar.weather.gov/lite/N0R/LOT_loop.gif ), Weather Underground ( https://icons.wxug.com/data/weather-maps/radar/united-states/springfield-illinois-region-current-radar.gif ) and various local Chicago TV stations like CBS 2, NBC 5, ABC 7, WGN 9 & FOX 32:

The one I like best is the 24 hr forecast RPM model radar loop from local Chicago WGN 9 TV (lower right Tile):



These are perfect thank you very much.

Can anyone help me find one for Barrie Ontario Canada..having a hard time getting anything.


The only thing I can find for Canada are separate GIF files generated every 10 minutes, e.g.:


where '*2018_01_01_18_00*' is the timestamp of the radar image.  That doesn't help.  What you really want is a single GIF file that is being periodically updated by the host site with current info, and I can't find any Canada radar sites doing that.

These are images from local CTV station in Barrie:



However, those GIF / PNG images have a "ver=..." attached, so I'm not sure if that file version will always display the most current info.  Hope that helps.


I've made animated GIFs for Canadian radars. Still a work in progress, so some radars may not work at this time.

Thank you West, working great


For anyone in NYC - 

ACCUWEATHER 7 Day Forecast: 


ACCUTRACK Radar (Boroughs)


And what it looks like in ActionTiles:

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a 5-7 weather forecast tile for Miami FL (33178). I have looked through most of the local TV/Weather news channels available but I haven't found any url link (.gif, .jpg, .png) that can be used for this specific area. 

The one for NYC published by Isaac Bergman looks incredible. I wish to find something similar for Miami.

Thank you!


If you cannot find any - you can build your own as per the following :



and here is an example for the result (using this method) :

Try and play with it - you may like it.


Juval, this is fantastic. I could made my own customized widget. Thank you!!!


You should thanks the guy who publish the original note... I'm just the messenger :) But I must give you the credit for making it nicer than what I did ! Lucky you - you are around ~80F we are in the low 30F :)

Here are a couple recent for Texas. These are not animated. The first one updates every hour and the second every 15 minutes.

Oh, yes, here in Texas myself.  Can you please post the URL for these?  Want to show my husband and see which he likes better.  Thanks


Why is the second url. from the post above this one...... the sirocco.accuweather one.... showing blank at times???? sometimes it shows the radar and sometimes it is blank???

  1. What refresh rate are you using?
  2. What browser are you using? Please try in another browser for comparison.
  3. Keep in mind that scraping an image from any commercial website (including Accuweather, obviously), is considered "stealing". I do not know if Accuweather.com as any measures in place to block embedding of their content, but that can be one possible explanation for inconsistent results.

Hi I'm new to Action Tiles and was wondering if someone could help with a weather tile issue. I'm using AT on a 2nd Generation (2012) kindle fire with the standard silk browser (have tried to install other browsers but none will install). It works well. However when I created a weather tile using the link to the UK weather map posted by Terry above the tile is just grey. The address works fine in a separate tab but as I say it's just grey in action tiles. Have tried different refresh rates. Any pointers gratefully received.


It's working fine for me on a newer Fire Tablet.

You may have figure out how to upgrade the OS, or install the Google Play Store so you can install Chrome, or install "Fully Browser Kiosk Lockdown" from the APK on its website.


Hi thanks for the response unfortunately with this old a Kindle I've tried all the options you suggest and none of them were possible (the OS is up to date).  However I have just discovered a setting that actually solved the grey tile problem. In Settings/Applications/Silk Browser under Advanced there is an option to "Load Images" it was unticked on my kindle. Ticking it sorted the problem. Thanks though. Great App. 

This probably isn't the right place to ask the question but there isn't an option for 1/2 height tiles is there?


That's good news, John (re: grey tiles / load images).

No 1/2 height Tiles. The minimum grid unit is 1x1. Maybe sometime we'll design 1/2 Tiles with perhaps no or slimmed headers / footers. Not super likely, though.

This is what i've got going on.

Hi, am new to AT as well. I am looking for Singapore weather gif that gives a 4-7 days forecast.

Been googling for past few days but no success.

Anyone can help.

Much appreciated!

Terry, I am enjoying the trial AT and will purchase the app soon


The TV station forecast images are getting harder to find.  My local station changed to a new system recently and I can't find any others.

Someone above posted this site which allows you to make a weather widge image... 



Thank you, Kevin1

I was able to use theweather.com to customize the widget and generate a png code.

Its working now. I will celebrate and drink a pint on your behalf :)

My best success comes from stripping them from TV stations' websites.  They seem to be the best aspect ratio and frequently updated.  You might poke around the websites of Singapore's TV stations.


Any Australian users here ? Hoping to find a nice weather map (mainly showing any rainfall) for Melbourne


Hi Frosty Winter, 

I'm in the same boat. Looking for a nice weather map/gif for Melbourne as well.

Can't seem to find any!

Did you manage to find one?

Hi Tezza,

I still haven't had any luck still for a weather map/gif for Melbourne for use on Action Tiles - have you managed to find one after all this time yet?

cheers Frosty

Alright, I know the information has been gone through over and over, but I cannot for the life of me find a weather out look that will work. I just want a tile that will stay refreshed that displays like the next 5 days of weather, and the current temp with the real feel and wind speed would be nice. Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361

@TimPowers You can make a custom forecast with...  https://www.theweather.com/widget/

I use the SmartThings weather tile to create ActionTile tile for current conditions with "feels like"

Also there is this.  Thursday will be rough for you at 101F

I'm adding this one just because it was there.

Any have a 5 day for atlanta?


You can make a custom one with...  https://www.theweather.com/widget/


Loving the weather, calendar and news feed in AT. Is there a similar live feed for currency exchange rates?


Does anyone have a URL for UK weather: Radar image & 7 day outlook. I can't find one that works. Many thanks, Dave.


Geocolor GOES - This one looks very nice.


USA Storm alerts

Storm reports

weather radar

Storm Watches

Im new to actiontiles, Im trying to load the OKC maps but everytime I add the url's it comes back as broken. How are you pulling the url from those images?

Click on the Thumbnail image, then on the zoomed image: Right-Click (or Long-Tap) and "Copy Image Address"

It should look something like this:


best radar Gif for Canada i have found so far are these.. but the one is Fahrenheit, Canadians use Metric Celsius units.


From Channel 10 in Providence, RI - Forecast for Providence - nice active radar map for New England - they both work beautifully in AT

I only went as far as https://turnto10.com/weather/radar - how do I get the feed / jpg / gif for this? Thanks!

Found a pretty good site for Texas radars...it has a bunch of them.  


WoW... thanks... those are some great ones for Texas.... I grabbed 5 to look at tomorrow and consider..I am in the HIll Country

Hi I have a radar image working fine but there is a satellite image that I prefer. Problem is the URL  contains UTC date and time. Somehow I would like to put a variable in its place and update every 30 minutes. I have had a few ideas but no result yet. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi...I am new to actiontile and i need some help to extra the radar weather from https://www.windy.com/

how could i make it on Actiontile?

I try to "right click" -->  "copy image address" but it does not works



This looks like a great source of animated weather information; but the embedded widgets it provides are not static images or GIFs. They require an iframe for embedding.

<iframe width="650" height="450" src="https://embed.windy.com/embed2.html?lat=5.332&lon=100.371&zoom=5&level=surface&overlay=wind&menu=&message=&marker=&calendar=&pressure=&type=map&location=coordinates&detail=&detailLat=5.332&detailLon=100.371&metricWind=default&metricTemp=default&radarRange=-1" frameborder="0"></iframe>

We have a Feature Request to permit iframes and this is a good example use case. There are various complications (like having the size of the iframe and size of the Tile in sync...); but we are researching and testing.

This is already a popular Feature Request, but please add your VOTES and Follow it for updates:


Hey guys can you tell me what I'm doing wrong. All I want is the 8 day forecast picture layout to show up from this site. wtnh

Thanks for ANY help in advance.



The 8-day forecast on WTNH website is not a picture ... it is an interactive HTML5 Javascript code. It cannot be embedded in ActionTiles. You can always check this on a desktop/laptop by right-clicking and if it doesn't have "Open in new tab" or "Save as...", then it is not a picture!

morning all or evening depending where u is. 

I’m trying to find a good radar image to use. But can I find one for the uk that actually work as a gif. Has anyone found one! I’ve got 7 day forecast but id like a radar, but I’m wondering is this just for our cousins across the pond as there news and weather stastion are more indepeth that over here?

Hoping some one can prove me wrong and show me. Appreciate any or all help 😎


I took all of the advice on this page, and came up with my Weather Panel:

Wow, Sidney!  That is beautiful and impressive.  Any specific information you care to share on generating that Panel  (local/national feeds, etc) would be appreciated.  

Nice work!

Sure...  the larger tile on the top-right is the National Weather Service Current Radar (Loop) for CLE.  The rest of the tiles are from our local Fox 8 Cleveland.  8 Day Forecast; Day Planner; 8 Hour Forecast; Pollen Count; Current Radar Image; Current Temperature Map; Current Satellite Image. All were added as Media Tiles using the URLs of the images/gif/png.

I love that you can tap any of these tiles, and they zoom to full screen; tap them again, and they return to a tile.

Looking forward to being able to add "forecastToday", "forecastTonight", "forecastTomorrow" and "alerts" from the Smart Weather Tile in the future.  Those tiles would finish out my Weather Tile.

Thank you

I've updated my Weather Panel.  Rearranged, and added 4 ST On/Off buttons that are run by IFTTT and Weather Underground.

These all look great. 

Has anyone found a fancy radar specific to the UK, namely the midlands? 

i found several UK and EU radars. Please see posts below.

Has anyone found a tile generator for Allergy Forecasts (pollen, trees, grass, UV, etc)  ?  Seems like news stations only do it randomly so there isn't a consistent JPG link to use.    I'm specifically looking for Houston, TX.  Thanks!!

There is a device handler called Pollen Virtual Sensor by jschlackman. I take the pollen count from that device handler and use Webcore to convert the data to an illuminance measurement that can then be used as a tile (since there is no allergy specific tile in Actiontiles)


Just resurrected an old HP Tablet running Android, Fully Kiosk & AT.

I have found a few interesting links for weather radar for folk that live in UK & Europe.

UK & Europe cloud radar

UK rain radar

UK Pollen updates daily

Also spent a lot of time looking for moon phases only to find that it's available from theweather.com! 😀

I like the fact that you can launch an app from a tile as I wanted to include the output from my Emoncms power monitor that maps solar vs grid import.

AT is great product and really enjoying it, thanks go to the team for developing it.

Hi Guys

New to AT Ive read the forum and tried my level best can anyone assist with weather radar gif or media that will work for Johannesburg South Africa. I might be doing something wrong or just not finding the right site.

Appreciate your response in advance 

Sofar I have the following and slowly expanding 


Here are a couple of dashboards I use in my Tesla Model 3 display.  The top one uses Dakboard and the bottom, Actiontiles.  I find the Actiontile one the most useful due to its flexibility and links to Smartthings.  


can some check if this gif works. Works ok on the my media page however it will not work on the main panel, tested on pc and on tablet.


Works for me (tested on Samsung Galaxy S8).

It's a big file, so pretty demanding for the browser / tablet.

Apparently everyone is lucky enough to find a cool Radar because I searched everywhere and I can't find a single one on my location....Little Elm, TX 75068. The closest one I was able to find was this one and looks terrible https://cdn.tegna-media.com/wfaa/weather/animated-loops/comp/125x94/new_denton.gif

I want something like this link (https://support.actiontiles.com/s/attachments/19647/12/4084/8cdfbc52dd15d90e35c1e3aa23ed3816.gif) for my location below 

I have been looking for a weather gif to use in Action Tiles for Melbourne Australia but not having any luck - you guys in the States have so many to pick from...

Anyone have one I could use for Melbourne


I spent about 20 minutes looking for gif for Melbourne and no lucky. Sorry man, I can't find Little Elm, TX Radar neither :(

Hopefully someone here can helps us

The ABC 7 radar and extended 7 day forecast posted above are great for NYC area and I am currently using them   I was wondering and I am sorry if I missed it if anyone has an animated gif version of NYC weather?

Mostly what I find are the interactive systems that would require an iframe to work.  there are lot of good radar still images but the animated ones are nice to give you an idea the way the storm is moving.

anyone got URL for a weather radar loop London UK? Please. Thanx


Hi All - I've found I can generate an arbitrary radar image using a parameterized URL with Wunderground like this:

This creates a nice animated map, centered where I want it.  Works as a media tile.
Plug in latitude, longitude and radius.