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I created a Sunrise/Sunset Tile!

Kris L 7 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by MattG 6 days ago 4

I'm sharing this for others to use!

Use this Media Still Image URL:

Use the base URL for sunset and for sunrise

Required parameters: 

lat (latitude)

long (longitude)

bgcolor (background color  - hex color without #)

fgcolor (foreground color - hex color without #)

Optional parameter:

timeformat=24 (For 24 hour time)

Please set the refresh time to at least every 12 hours (43200 seconds) to be nice to my server.

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Weather Forecast Tile for Canada?

John Abraham 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 week ago 6

I’m trying to find a good way to get the weather forecast for my location in Canada.  There doesn’t seem to be a SmartThings device that exposes the high/low forecast for the day without custom code.  (The Accuweather tiles don’t seem to work at all).  Would it be best to pursue a media item from a URL?  

Or am I just missing something obvious?

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Severe weather alert tile

dbnewell 1 year ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Eric Wright 4 weeks ago 10

Is there a way to build a severe weather tile that uses the smart weather station data from my ST hub?

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Live Traffic travel time Tile! Image from query text using

Rob Cummings 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Jay 4 weeks ago 89

I thought I'd post this to help others. I figured out a way to display the travel time for my wife's commute to work. See the pink tile in the screenshot below...

I used a Google Maps Distance Matrix API call and displayed the result in a Shields.IO badge. (Check out Then I added the whole darn deal to the My Media section in Action Tiles.

Here's the link I used, broken into pieces...

Base URL:

Badge Options (no label, pink color, time query, badge style): ?label= &colorA=ff69b4&colorB=ff69b4&prefix=&suffix=&query=$..duration_in_traffic.text&style=flat-square

Google Maps API call: &[origin address]%26destinations%3D[your destination address]%26key%3D[your API key]

You'll have to generate and use a Google API key and the URI has to be encoded with all those silly % escape codes. The Dynamic Generator at the bottom of the page will help you out with the pieces. It was a bit of trial and error. Here's what it looks like all put together in the My Media image URL field... &colorA=ff69b4&colorB=ff69b4&prefix=&suffix=&query=$..duration_in_traffic.text&style=flat-square&[your origin address]%26destinations%3D[your destination address]%26key%3D[your API key]

As everything seems to be, it's a little bit of a hack (text not centered), and the image and text proportion is stretched/crunched from the original (just like weather maps, camera images, etc.) but it seems to be working pretty well. One of the cool things is that it's actually an SVG, so no quality is lost if you make the tile bigger or look at it in a full-screen view. 

Hope this helps!


Share your favorite Weather Media Tiles?

Den 3 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Marcin 1 month ago 140

This national weather radar is so far my most useful Media Tile. I configured it for 3x2 tile size. Someday I intend to have a front door camera Media Tile.

  • If the image in a Post has been placed with a full URL link to the original; just right-click and choose "Copy image address."
  • There might be enough clues in the address to find the source website so you can find variations, such as local weather.
  • When posting, if you used the "<>" (HTML edit feature) to surround the URL of the image source with <pre> and </pre>, then the URL will be show in text instead of the image ... or try the "Code" Formatting option (under the paragraph symbol ¶).


Fetch Weather and Crop Images: Script & Instructions

Thyamine 5 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago 0

For anyone else who is interested, I also wanted to have weather displayed on my screen. Thanks to others on this site, I found that the local news station did have static URLs for the daily/local weather, so I could just add those to a media tile, and it worked fine.

However, the images had a lot of unused space, and on the tablet was hard to see. I also then found I didn't want a lot of the extra data, and decided to poke around. I ended up writing a script that copies the images down locally, then crops the images, and for one of them combines two images into a single image.

It's more complex than some people may want, but for those of you who like to tinker and hack at what we can do, you will probably appreciate it.

The general explanation is here:

and if you want the script straight out, you can get it here:


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Grabbing TrafficCam links or just focusing in on browser?

Peepew 7 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 months ago 1

I'm having a really hard time finding the streaming link to some of the traffic cams from my city's website:

I've tried inspect element, url sniffers...etc. 

Is there a way to create a tile that will focus in on a specific area of a website? Or is it just through a url only.

Thanks in advance.

Windows Fire Android

DAKboard alternatives? Weather Underground API discontinued for Personal Weather Stations

bzncrew 7 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 months ago 0

WU has ended PWS APIs.   So Dakboard can't pull my weather station data.   That was a NICE feature.   Is there a workaround or another screensaver like Dakboard?

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Weather Tile widget generation from

JB Bentz 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 months ago 24

I found a new resource that could come in handy for AT.  It's a weather widget that can generate an image, rather than just html.  Its fully customization, and may work for other tile sizes.  I just started screwing around with it. check it out:

The source can be found here -

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Weather Underground API

gsgentry 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Bruce Young 8 months ago 26

I have a PWS (personal weather station) that feeds with the weather underground. I have my own station ID and API Key... is there any way I can get AT to show some of the information from the PWS?

Thank you!



Create a stock Smart Weather Tile device in the ST IDE, then open your mobile app and specify your station ID in the preferences. Then, this device will display the reading from your station.

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Help me to add a "valid url" in order to see Google Traffic as an Refresh still image?

Joshua 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by JackJ 9 months ago 12

So this is the URL i want to add so that it posts STILLS of the traffic nearby every X amount of seconds.,-79.8821124,5140m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e1?hl=es

Mike Liu 2 years ago

Well, this is a bit hacky, but gets the job done for now in the way I need.

I use a local batch file to generate a screenshot of the desired google maps page using phantomjs

phantomjs traffic.js

Here is an example of a traffic.js file used by phantomjs:

var page = require('webpage').create();
//viewportSize being the actual size of the headless browser
page.viewportSize = { width: 1024, height: 1024 };
//the clipRect is the portion of the page you are taking a screenshot of
page.clipRect = { top: 200, left: 200, width: 800, height: 800 };
//the rest of the code is the same as the previous example',-96.8176253,11.31z/data=!5m1!1e1', function() {

Using ImageMagick tools, my batch file creates a watermark for the current time to apply to the traffic image, so I know when the map data was captured:

convert -size 300x50 xc:grey30 -font Arial -pointsize 20 -gravity center -draw "fill grey70  text 0,0  '%time%'" stamp_fgnd.png
convert -size 300x50 xc:black -font Arial -pointsize 20 -gravity center -draw "fill white  text  1,1  '%time%'  text  0,0  '%time%' fill black  text -1,-1 '%time%'" +matte stamp_mask.png
composite -compose CopyOpacity  stamp_mask.png  stamp_fgnd.png  stamp.png
mogrify -trim +repage stamp.png
composite -gravity north -geometry +0+10 stamp.png  traffic_raw.png traffic.png

Then I have this file uploaded to a website (I just grabbed a free site at using curl.

curl -T c:\data\traffic.png

I'll have the batch file run the above every 30 min.

and tell the tile to refresh every 15 min since the timing of the AT sync might not match with the timing of the batch file.

Here's the full screen version of the traffic tile (my AT is 3x3 and is a decent thumbnail of the full image):



SmartWeather Station Tile location issues - just started recently

KevinA 9 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 9 months ago 1

I've been using the SmartWeather Station Tile for almost a year without issue. In the last few days, it has started showing me weather for a city in France. Upon investigation, I find that this town in France has the same postal code as my city in the U.S. The tile seems to go back and forth between the two. Where does this tile get its location information?

The zip code in the Tile Settings in ActionTiles is correct, and my SmartThings hub location is correct.


Hi Kevin,

Please remove the postal code entirely. SmartThings has recently changed the Weather API. The SmartWeather Station Tile should be taking coordinates from your hub's location.

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Weather forcast tile?

Steve Laminack 10 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 10 months ago 2

I want to add a weather forecast tile but I am new to AT and really don't know where to start. What is the best place to look and find details on how to do this?

Windows Fire Android

Here is a super helpful video:

It covers:

  1. Finding a weather forecast / radar image for using in a Media Tile
  2. and MTG (jggdev) Media Tile Generator (Media Tile Generator (MTG jggdev): Weather, Calendar, News)


Integrate General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)

tbarber4 1 year ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic 0

Fringe case but used in many metro areas. Google Transit Feed Spec has a standard for transit times. 

Not sure how the interface would look or the calls for specific stops would be handled (by actiontiles or a call)

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Help getting Media Tile URL from NOAA satellite?

Willis 1 year ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 4

I found this link:

Which has a really cool looking weather .GIF loop.  However, the way the site is setup, I cannot turn it into a Media tile.  Anyone have any ideas on how show the loop in a tile?


Traffic conditions

Markmm 1 year ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by JSeaton 1 year ago 1

I'm trying to find a way to add on a tile (Fire tablet) for traffic conditions in Honolulu using this link but I can't get it to work.  Please let me know if this is possible or not.  Also if there is a way to zoom in that would help too.  Thank you


Motorway Cameras?

ash stokes 1 year ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated 1 year ago 2

Hi Guys,

Right so I live real close to the M1 and use it for travelling to family/going to work etc.. I used to have a media tile that showed the M1 camera because you can usually see if it's standstill from it. Previously I had to use another website that hosts it as whenever I viewed it on an ipad it'd come up with a different static image that'd never change. Now that websites been taken down and I can only view it by '' which doesn't work on ipad/iphones etc.. Does anyone have any workaround? I assume it's because it's using 'https' as the previous url was http.



Disable 30 minute refresh of SmartWeather Station Tile?

Nathan Davis 3 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 2

I noticed when viewing recent history of the SmartWeather Station Tile in SmartThings that every 30 minutes ActionTiles refreshes/polls the weather information. Is there any way to disable that so that I have full control of when the tile gets refreshed? I have a CoRE piston set up to poll the weather tile on certain events. I know this probably sounds like a dumb request, but like I said I would rather have full control of when the information gets refreshed. Just a personal preference.

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FIXED: See Answer for details! What happened to Weather & News for Media Tiles?

949BFN 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Graeme McNaull 1 year ago 32

Any idea what happened to this website? The weather forecast url for AT worked very well, but it disappeared a few days ago.

The website displays a notice 

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.


Thanks to everyone for your validation of this migration of @jggdev's tools to ActionTiles's Cloud in Beta mode!!!

But even bigger, super, thanks to John (@jggdev) for his creative and innovative development of this, sharing it with ActionTiles's customers over the past several months, and now licensing it to Thingterfaces LP, the makers of ActionTiles.

We caught and fixed a couple bugs and noted your comments for possible future tweaks, and perhaps eventual new features.

While we might do a "bulk migration" of all the existing* Media Objects in our database, you are now welcome and encouraged to self-migrate.

Please note that stability is not guaranteed. This is a "bonus feature" of ActionTiles. All usage is subject to ActionTiles's Terms of Service as well as any terms associated with the original scripts and/or JGG's website. ActionTiles takes no responsibility for the content provided. Please do not use copyright protected sources.

To migrate:

  1. Replace this portion of your Media Tile URLs: "" with ""

To use:

  1. Instructions for the 3 different generators (weather, news, and calendar) and their optional parameters, currently still reside at:  ; but will be moved soon to an ActionTiles KB Article on

  2. Please set the Still Image Media Tile "Refresh Rate" to greater than 900 seconds; preferably 3600 seconds or more (1 hour).



Please do not use the Beta URL anymore - unless invited. We may disable the beta server at anytime.

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State DOT traffic cameras

Jeff Todd 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Lance 2 years ago 7

I think I know the answer to this but I'm going to post anyway.  I'm trying to set up live traffic feeds with no luck.   All the state camera links in Connecticut are "https", not "http".

Am I correct in thinking that ActionTiles does not support "https" media feeds?

Thanks, Jeff