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Compatibility with other platforms?

JonnySax 2 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Jeff Avery 4 weeks ago 14

wow!  this seems like a beautiful way to have quick intuitive access to my smart home controls.  Its just a shame it only works with SmartThings ... Is there any plan to expand to other smart home platforms?  I specifically use Axial Control with an Aeon Labs stick on a windows PC, but I'm sure owners of other hubs would love to have AT as their visible interface.  

Windows Fire Android

We've actually answered this dozens of times, so I'm just leaving this open for discussion until I get a chance to merge or paste in any existing answers.

ActionTiles is not a portal app. It is the #1 Dashboard Panel builder for SmartThings, which, in turn, is the #1 smart home platform, which, in turn, can intergrate with hundreds and hundreds of devices (Things) from many different vendors. It would take a significant distraction and diversion of our resources to integrate with "other platforms". Not saying it won't ever happen; but this is further down on the to-do list than Features which will benefit our thousands of existing, loyal Customers.

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Fan speed control (but not 0 to 100 dimmer slider...)

Hi, is there any plans to create a toggle for a fan control that isn't a slider? Right now, as you know, the fans are operated the same way the lights are in that there is a slider that is 0-100%. Whereas a fan works by having a low, medium, high which on mine is associated with 33%, 67% and 99%.

Here is an example of mine on the ST app.



Capability "Fan Speed" is still marked as "proposed", which makes us hesitate to spend effort to implement it, as it might be radically changed:

I'm not sure what steps SmartThings goes through (and how long it takes) for them to move a Capability out of the "proposed" status to something else.

Perhaps it is in the "proposed" status because it is so poorly defined. The speed is supposed to be a NUMBER - and the specs say it is a minimum of 0 (zero), but no maximum.

So is speed (NUMBER):

  • A value from 0 to 100 representing the percentage of maximum speed?
  • A value from 0 to infinity to set the number of revolutions per minute (rpm)?
  • A value from 0 to 3, or 0 to 4, to set off, low, medium, high?

The last possibility is the least likelyBecause the proper implementation of an Attribute with enumerated distinct string values is ENUM, as in:  switch(on,off); or fanSpeed(off,low,medium,high,auto).

I just realized I wrote this exact same Answer a year ago. The fact is, the situation has not changed. The only "Fan Speed" Capability that exists, takes an unbounded NUMBER, and there has been no update from SmartThings to define what the number's domain is.


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Amazon Dash Button Tiles / Panel

Kenny 6 months ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Kevin1 6 months ago 2

Would love to see ability to have a panel of (virtual) Amazon Dash buttons. Now that Amazon is retiring the physical buttons, having them on action tile panel would be handy as hell.

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Sonoff / Tasmota / TH10 or TH16

Anyone integrated Sonoff or Tasmota Flashed devices? 

Specifically I am working on displaying pool and hot tub temp reading data from the Sonoff TH10 or TH16. 

I think I can get control to turn on and off Sonoff devices with Tasmota flash by pushing IFTTT Web urls but not usre how to get a read from the Sensors. I can get a device page to return txt version of Temp information. Not sure how to parse it out and display it with action tiles. Loving ActionTiles.. 

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Nest NST Manager Home/Away tile

JRamlow 1 year ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Kevin1 1 year ago 3

Is there a way to access the Home/Away status on the Nest Thermostat through ActionTiles? I'm using the NST Manager in SmartThings and everything is working great. The number of available tiles is also very good. The one thing I'm not able to find is a way to change the status from Home to Away (and vice versa). A separate tile for this would be very helpful. I utilize home/away for setting ECO mode on/off. I've tried using Presence but have run into too many problems where all of a sudden I show as being away and my heat would go off. This wouldn't be a problem but I am in a cold climate and my normal heating is around 70 and my ECO heating is down around 45. The temps are currently in the teens. I've temporarily setup a virtual button and use Webcore to command it Present() or Away(). It works, but its not very clean as is not without its downsides keeping them in sync.


Auto-lock for Door Locks

I just added a door lock to my setup.  I used the rboy : Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms device type and it gives me the ability to turn on and off the 60 second Auto-lock feature.  I would love to have this as a tile on my wall mounted tablet inside the door.  Auto-lock is a huge help for me as I often forgot to lock the door previously.  But I've found when running out to get the mail or bring in a load of groceries it can be a hassle. I realize I might not be typical use case but I was hoping either it would be relatively simple to add or their are more people out there that would like the same capability.


Anyone control Robovac hoover with ActionTiles?

Has anyone know or have done  on action tiles that controls there if hoover. Just something I through the of last night as mine is set on a timer. But if I need it to come out for a reason I have to use the remote to get it out or ask Alexa. But would be good if I could just press a tile to start it. 

I’m quite new to scene of tiles and all.  I have  added what I have as smart devices to it. But a couple I can’t at the moment which I no can’t as yet but I’ve not seen or heard anything bout a hoover. 

Anyone got any ideas?!!

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Skybell image or alerts in ActionTiles?

I have a SkyBell HD on the front door. Is it possible to get the  Picture or Alert when the door bell rings into AT ? 


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Controlling TV Box & Media Players, Opening Apps?

R Gadson 2 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Gilbert 1 year ago 2

Has anyone figured out to control a TV or cable box via using AT?  I am just learning but love AT so far.  Still struggling with adding music as well as I keep receiving an error that AT can't open the other app!



Control Abode home security?

Hello! I am looking for a way to use my actiontiles to control my Abode home security system. I have 3 wall mounted tabllets by all entrances into the home. I dont want to add the Abode keypad as it is not very attractive. I know there is no direct support but is there a workaround someone can help me with?

Fire Android
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FortrezZ Flow Meter Interface

Mike Wren 2 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Kevin1 2 years ago 2

We just installed a FortrezZ Flow Meter Interface (FMI) on our main water line. This device measures water consumption (tallies number of gallons) and flow rate (gallons per minute).  The device handler also stores a resettable tally of usage and high flow rates.

If we could show a tally of number of gallons, flow rate (gpm), or even a resettable tally to display on a spare tablet in our kids bathroom - it could be a very useful tool to help show the impact of leaving the water running while brushing teeth, length of time in the shower, water usage of bath vs. shower.


Below is the hardware description in SmartThings API, please let me know if there's any additional data I can provide to help integration of this product with ActionTiles! 

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Support for Hubitat?

I have a license for ActionTiles that I only just did a minimalistic setup of to POC wall mounted tablets as an interface to my smart home. I am writing to officially ask if ActionTiles can be enhanced to support Hubitat.

I would love it if This system could be migrated over to support it, and will happily buy another device license for that system.



Hubitat has created their own specialized web-app which mimics a lot of the functionality of ActionTiles. We're happy to see that product continuing to evolve and attract interest.

Realistically, we have plenty of consumer facing and non-consumer facing SmartThings related development to focus on before we can even consider diversion of resources to a niche platform. SmartThings is our birthplace and it is the platform of all our supportive customers' homes. The Votes on this Topic indicate that the future is open to many possibilities and the door remains open to anything ... eventually.

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Changing units of Voltage Measurement Tile

Hi All,

I have a voltage sensor in ST actually measuring Water Tank levels and so was wanting to be able to have a % symbol rather than the 'V' units on the tile. I do have % showing in ST but I presume AT doesn't pull the unit from ST.

So is there a way for me to change the measurement unit symbol for the Voltage Sensor tile?



How to download & install NST Manager to SmartThings?

Have looked all over and do not see the exact link to use to download the NST Manager.


These two links are your starting point:

If you have further questions about NST Manager, please direct them to the SmartThings Commnity at the first link above.





I have a Garageio setup in SmartThings and it functions correctly.  Controls Open/Close and tells me status.  I'm trying to get it to function on ActionTiles and am only able to get the Open/Closed contact sensor to work.  I have an option for Garage Control and an option for Switch.  Neither of those options actual trigger the garage to do anything.  Any ideas of what could be going on here?  

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Nyce Hinge Door sensor & Contact sensor not working...

Does A.T. not support the Nyce Hinge Door Sensor? It’s not showing up in the things list in the connect app. Lint to sensor: .

P.S. You all of have done a great job with A.T. and so far im loving it.




NYCE sensor is now recognized by ActionTiles.


Airscape Device Not Updating

I have an Airscape whole house fan and I use this device handler to control it:

I've added it as both a temperature sensor (attic temp) and fan controller. For some reason, the fan status and temperature never update in ActionTiles. In fact, they don't seem to update in SmartThings either, unless I manually go into the device and click the Refresh button.

I noticed the device has the Refresh capability. Is it supposed to have the Polling capability as well? Or any idea what might be causing it not to update?

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Netatmo Rain

I'm just setting up and have added my Netatmo system including rain gauge to Smartthings.

All measurements I get correct from the base station and outdoor module in the SmartThings App and AT.

From the rain sensor, not so much.  I get a battery reading, but nothing on rain.

The app displays all correct, Battery, Rain, sumHours, SumDay, units and last update., 


Hi John,

ActionTiles is only compatible with official SmartThings "Capability APIs" which are published in the Developer Docs. (We're not compatible with all of them yet, but we add more of them from time to time...).

Netatmo is not a certified "Works With SmartThings"™ Device. It is making up it's own ad hoc custom Attributes.

There is no Capability "Rain", "sumHours", "sumDay", etc...

We know that a lot of devices use Custom Attributes and Commands; but ActionTiles doesn't have a way of handling these. We're keeping watch on the issue, though.




Harmony Remote: How to turn OFF activities?

merrick777 2 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated 2 years ago 2

Posting this here in case there've been new developments since the last round of discussion on this topic about 9 months ago... Let me know if there's a more appropriate place to post ask....

So I want ActionTiles to have the ability to Turn OFF Harmony remote activities. No further abilities needed. Since it cannot connect to AT directly, I created a virtual switch in IDE. Then I created 3 routines in ST:

1) Turn ON the virtswitch, when any of activities a, b, or c, etc. go on.

2) Turn OFF the virtswitch, when any of activities a, b, or c, etc. go off.

3) Turn OFF any of activities a, b, or c, etc., when the virtswitch is turned off.

(Routines 1 & 2 are designed to keep the virtual switch in sync with whether or not any activities are running. Routine 3 allows me to put an AT button into tileset which will actively turn off harmony activities.

The problem: When I use the regular remote control (or Alexa) to turn ON an activity, that activity should go ON in the ST app -> Which would then trigger the routines -> which syncs the virtswitch to actual device status.... But I cannnot figure out why the activities in ST app are NOT going on as they should. The physical devices (tv, fios box, etc) are going on as they should, but the status isn't getting reflected in ST.  If I go into ST App -> In the harmony activity's options, when I hit the 'manual refresh' button, it DOES update to correct status (on) in ST (and therefore the routine runs and the ActionTile updates.  Any ideas why I would need to manually refresh?? Is there another way others have accomplished what I am trying to do??

(Note: I wanted to do this is webcore instead of ST, but I couldn't figure out how to write the piston with the options I was shown).

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Nest Outdoor Camera

M2 2 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by WB70 2 years ago 10

Just picked up two of these.  Does anyone have it them working wth ST or Actiontiles? 

Ledfordhouse 2 years ago

OK... After many days of screwing around with this I was able to get my Outdoor Nest Cam integrated into Actiontiles (NOT AS A VIDEO STREAM) But as an public image url that I am updating every 2 seconds. Since this is my outdoor camera public sharing is not a problem but obviously is not ideal for the rest of my cameras or if I wanted to pretend like I have any privacy.


Here is a screenshot of my integration into my main panel:

Here are the steps taken to get this functioning (using google chrome browser):

1. Login to - select camera - go to settings - sharing - and enable public sharing (NOT SECURE AT ALL)

2. Get Camera URL and navigate directly to that page in another tab (ie.*********l0F)

3. Right click anywhere on the public camera page and choose "View Page Source"

4. Locate entry that says <meta name="twitter:imagecontent="***********fe970cf&width=560"> and copy the text

5. Go to ActionTiles - My Media - Add - and choose still image - paste url from above

6. Set Refresh Rate every 2 Seconds

HOLY CRAP - you can at least see your Outdoor Nest Camera in ActionTiles now