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tinyCam Pro Android App web server: Stream RTSP and Wyze Cam to ActionTiles!

Geewiz 9 months ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by Chris Vess yesterday at 8:22 p.m. 57

After attempting to stream using Blue Iris (CPU on the server went through the roof), and not having any success using some of the other methods found here on the forum, I decided to give tinyCam a try.   

There was another post that made a passing reference to the tinyCam webserver, so I installed the app on my Nexus 9, setup webserver and am now able to stream one of my outside security cams to a media tile.

Here's the media setup panel...

The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to address any of the other three cameras.  There is supposedly a parameter to select a camera, but it's not working for me.   Here's the request parameters from the Tinycam webserver API...

Perhaps there are others using tinyCam Pro Webserver that might share their experiences...


Here are the official tinyCam Pro API options:

tinyCam Monitor PRO web server uses API which is partially compatible with Axis IP cameras. You can use any IP camera viewer software to view tinyCam server remotely.


By default basic authentication is used. However it is also possible to authenticate by providing credentials as parameters. In both cases it is hardly recommended to use HTTPS connection.


Username. Optional.

Password. Optional.

https://admin:mypassword@ (Not recommended due to incompatibility with embedding in most browsers!)            

JPEG and MJPEG video requests

Guest and admin. The /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi is used to request a Motion JPEG video stream with specified arguments. Request /axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi is used for JPEG.[?=[&=...]][?=[&=...]]            


 Selects the video source. 1..n. Optional.

  Image frame rate. 0 - unlimited. Optional.

 Adjusts the compression level of the image. Higher values correspond to higher compression, that is lower quality and smaller image size. Optional.

  Resolution [width]x[height] of the returned image, e.g. 640x480. Optional.

Examples: (matrix 2x2)

PTZ requests

Admin Login only. The /axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi is used to make PTZ request with specified arguments.



 Selects the video source. 1..n. Optional.


 Continuous pan/tilt motion. Positive values mean right (pan) and up (tilt), negative values mean left (pan) and down (tilt). "0,0" means stop. Optional.

Values as <pan speed>,<tilt speed>

Continuous zoom motion. Positive values mean zoom in and negative values mean zoom out. "0" means stop. Optional.

Continuous focus motion. Positive values focus near and negative values mean focus far. "0" means stop. Optional.

Continuous iris motion. Positive values mean iris open and negative values mean iris close. "0" means stop. Optional.

Moves home. Optional.

Move to the position associated with the specified preset position number. 1..n. Optional.


Background mode

Admin only. The root.BackgroundMode parameter is used to switch on/off background mode in tinyCam Monitor.



Can be on or off. Mandatory.


Low-bandwidth profile

Admin only. The root.LowBandwidthProfile parameter is used to switch on/off low-bandwidth profile in tinyCam Monitor.



Can be on or off. Mandatory.



Admin only. The root.Notifications parameter is used to switch on/off notifications in tinyCam Monitor.



Can be on or off. Mandatory.

Tag name. Optional. If specified the app sends "Motion Detection On" or "Motion Detection Off" command to all cameras under the tag for changing on-camera motion detection.


Power safe mode

Admin only. The root.PowerSafeMode parameter is used to switch on/off power safe mode in tinyCam Monitor.



Can be on or off. Mandatory.


Delete file

Admin only. action=delete with root.Filename parameter used to delete recorded MP4 or JPEG files in tinyCam Monitor.



Filename. Mandatory.


Pin file

Admin only. action=pin with root.Filename parameter used to pin recorded MP4 or JPEG files in tinyCam Monitor.



Filename. Mandatory.


Unpin file

Admin only. action=unpin with root.Filename parameter used to unpin recorded MP4 or JPEG files in tinyCam Monitor.



Filename. Mandatory.


Reboot Android device

Admin only. Root required.





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URL login credentials for "IP Webcam" not working upon load in Media Tile

Tamathumper 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by esalomo yesterday at 6:44 p.m. 45

Is there a bug passing credentials (username and password) to my video cameras on a panel's first load?

I use old Android phones running IP Webcam as security cameras in my camp - they're great because they have WiFi, a camera, a battery backup, and they're free.

Each one is available on the local network and also is port-forwarded through the router on a unique port. IP Webcam is configured to require a different username and password combination for each one.

If I open the URL directly in a browser (passing the credentials in the URL) it opens right up, so everything is working fine with the camera, phone and router configuration.

If I place my camera feeds on a panel as media tiles, on the first load they show as gray boxes with the "broken image" icon, until I right-click on each one and select "Open image in new tab", and then once they're authorized by the standalone tab I can click Refresh and the panel displays them correctly.

This behavior is the same as in the legacy SmartTiles dashboards.


Share your favorite Weather Media Tiles?

Den 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic • updated by JeremyAZ 2 days ago 116

This national weather radar is so far my most useful Media Tile. I configured it for 3x2 tile size. Someday I intend to have a front door camera Media Tile.

  • If the image in a Post has been placed with a full URL link to the original; just right-click and choose "Copy image address."
  • There might be enough clues in the address to find the source website so you can find variations, such as local weather.
  • When posting, if you used the "<>" (HTML edit feature) to surround the URL of the image source with <pre> and </pre>, then the URL will be show in text instead of the image ... or try the "Code" Formatting option (under the paragraph symbol ¶).

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Reolink Camera?

kevinnichols 1 year ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by Gabriel Rivera 1 week ago 16

Is the Reolink camera supported by Action Tiles?

I can see from their support that a JPEG image from the camera does have a URL I'm assuming the answer is yes? 



Mac iOS Fire
kevinnichols 1 year ago

I bought 2 Reolink cameras last week and tested one. They do work with Action Tiles and all is well.  I haven't decided whether to connect them to Smartthings, because Reolink's software is pretty good about motion detection and alerts.




Media Tile Sunrise Sunset Graphic

Charley Rathkopf 3 weeks ago in Media Tiles / Images • updated 2 weeks ago 3

Does anyone have a link for a graphic that indicates the sunrise and sunset times, and perhaps the location of the sun on its arch through the sky?

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Weather Tile widget generation from

JB Bentz 10 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic • updated 2 weeks ago 20

I found a new resource that could come in handy for AT.  It's a weather widget that can generate an image, rather than just html.  Its fully customization, and may work for other tile sizes.  I just started screwing around with it. check it out:

The source can be found here -


Help using Foscam R2 V3 with iSpy Connect?

Son Lee 3 months ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by scotsman2k 2 weeks ago 2

I had purchased a Samsung Smart Cam and was looking to integrate into actiontiles and was told it wouldn't work because it used rtsp.

So I did some research and saw a lot of people were using Foscam cameras. So I picked one up. I got the Foscam R2 V3.

I'm able to login to it using the local ip address and whatnot. but I can't use the same address for ActionTiles.

So I figured Id try integrating it through iSpy which I read a lot of people were doing with cameras as well. I got the camera integrated into ispy fine, but cant find the IP that software uses to see if that will integrate into ActionTiles.

Can you offer any help of any kind?




TinyCAM setup but can't access from network or AT

59wglane 3 weeks ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated 2 weeks ago 3


so just installed TinyCAM Pro to try to stream my BOSCH DVR cameras to AT. amazing enough....., TinyCAM found all the cameras on the DVR via rtsp over tcp and are all setup on TinyCAM.

on the AT tablet where TinyCAM is also installed, I can hit tinycam's web server via the ip address or localhost:8083.

problem I'm having is I can't access the tinycam web site from my other machine, thus AT is not displaying the images when i specify the ip address.

does anyone have any insight into how to get it to talk to AT ? should I try "localhost:8083/params..." in the AT media widget

I've used the strings as noted on other threads here, but it appears i'm having trouble hitting the tinycam web server

Tablet: Samsung S3



TinyCam Pro

Tablet IP:



Which IP Cameras Are Working on Android Tablets

Den 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by 59wglane 3 weeks ago 33

I just want to use a camera that I can display streaming video within a Media Tile on an ActionTiles panel on my Android Nexus 9 tablet. It can be an indoor camera that costs as much as $1000. Also, I am willing to change my browser fro Chrome to something else. So far, I can do everything that I want to do except monitor my front door.


I'll have to start with our far too slim KB answer. The reality is that there are thousands of camera models and we haven't figured out a "really good way" to rate them for use with ActionTiles (not to mention cross referenced by browser and browsing device OS, and dozens of ways to "work around" may camera limitations...).

One thing I can suggest ad hoc here: Take a look at this "camera connection database" created by a video surveillance software vendor. Dig into the details for some cameras. If the camera provides an MJPEG stream direct from an "http" URL (with login credentials in the URL), then that's is a good start.

As for the canned answer: How do I use Media Tiles to view my Video Cameras?

Thanks for keeping the discussion going... Other members of the ActionTiles Community are quite likely to have a favorite camera model that they are finding works pretty well at the current time...

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Larger Media Tile Video 6x4 rather than 3x3

Str2der 1 year ago in Media Tiles • updated by Lain B 4 weeks ago 7

I have a 7" tablet in my hallway. It shows the image of the camera outside the door and I also have some tiles with weather and some switches. Works great.

However - I have made the camera tile 3x2 (as big as possible with ok aspect ratio) and the other tiles 1x1 and made the tiles 200 px. That way - the camera tile is big enough to see from down the hallway, but the 1x1 tiles are way too big.

If I make the tiles 100 px, the 1x1 tiles are perfect in size, but the camera tile is very tiny.

Is it possible to increase the size of the camera tile to, let's say, 6x4?

Thanks in advance!

// Anders

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Zmodo Camera

Patrick McCabe 1 month ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 month ago 1

What is the latest on the Zmodo camera?. Do they work well they with ActionTile? Can you show multiple Zmodo's on Action Times at same time? Thanks in advanced


Blue Iris support

M.a.S.e 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by 5kJ 2 months ago 65

Opening this thread to explore the option to officially support Blue Iris security Cameras software.

  • BI is the most used and popular security cameras software out there.
  • It has its own authentication and also support https.
  • Would be awesome to have official support for it and eliminate the need to redirect RTSP by using VLC or opening different ports and exposing each camera separately.
  • Having BI Support is something i personally would LOVE to see.

Windows Mac iOS Fire Android
Elliott Veares 9 months ago

Working Solution for Blue Iris Integration into Action Tiles that features;

  1. Over standard HTTPS with User / Pass Authentication
  2. More than 6 cameras coming from same BI server
  3. Full MJPG

For the TLDR version, basically run Apache web server as a reverse proxy to the BI  server and have multiple sub domains reverse peroxided to BI, with each one supporting 6 concurrent connections in Chrome.     

Now in in depth how my setup works:

1) Blue Iris is configured as below:

2) Apache's httpd-ssl.conf file is configured as follows.  (Only relevant sections, not full httpd-ssl.conf file!)

Download httpd-ssl.conf File.

3) Urls used with Action Tiles:

First 6 Cams:

Next 6 Cams:

And that is pretty much it; however it is worth noting:

  • I only have 9 cams, so only need two sub-domains. Additional sub domains can of course be created, with each one supporting 6 concurrent connections to the BI server.

           I suspect Chrome regards each sub-domain (what is then reverse peroxided to the BI server) as a 

           separate destination/resource/server.

  • I have a static WAN IP, however you may use a DDNS service if you don't have access to a static WAN IP.

  • My Router/Firewall has Port 80 and Port 443 opened to the local IP of my Apache web server. (Same physical server as BI)

Hope someone finds this useful!

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Blue Iris feeds go black after a few seconds

Brandon Pines 3 months ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by 5kJ 2 months ago 6

In Fully the camera stream which works fine in AT turn black. The streams work in IP cam and on blue iris without issue so it is isolated to AT and fully. If I refresh my cameras they  come back. 

Tested in fully and Chrome browsers with the same issue. I changed the refresh rate to 900 and change to still images per Terry.

From Terry

If you post the exact details of your configuration (including the camera brands, models, URLs; number of cameras on the dashboard, ...), the exact problem (how long does it take until the camera goes black, have you tested with fewer cameras on the panel, ...), etc., etc., then that increases the chances of getting helpful customer peer-support assistance on our Forum and the SmartThings Community Forum

Answers -

I have a Wyzecam, LaView, Amcrest, Annke and Foscam.

I am using the Blue Iris Server stream settings http://IP:port/mjpg/camshortname/video.mjpg

It's takes a few minutes until the tiles go black. I test with two and 5 camera. Same results. One tablet running Fully and the other chrome.

Fire Android
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Live Traffic travel time Tile! Image from query text using

Rob Cummings 1 year ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 months ago 36

I thought I'd post this to help others. I figured out a way to display the travel time for my wife's commute to work. See the pink tile in the screenshot below...

I used a Google Maps Distance Matrix API call and displayed the result in a Shields.IO badge. (Check out Then I added the whole darn deal to the My Media section in Action Tiles.

Here's the link I used, broken into pieces...

Base URL:

Badge Options (no label, pink color, time query, badge style): ?label= &colorA=ff69b4&colorB=ff69b4&prefix=&suffix=&query=$..duration_in_traffic.text&style=flat-square

Google Maps API call: &[origin address]%26destinations%3D[your destination address]%26key%3D[your API key]

You'll have to generate and use a Google API key and the URI has to be encoded with all those silly % escape codes. The Dynamic Generator at the bottom of the page will help you out with the pieces. It was a bit of trial and error. Here's what it looks like all put together in the My Media image URL field... &colorA=ff69b4&colorB=ff69b4&prefix=&suffix=&query=$..duration_in_traffic.text&style=flat-square&[your origin address]%26destinations%3D[your destination address]%26key%3D[your API key]

As everything seems to be, it's a little bit of a hack (text not centered), and the image and text proportion is stretched/crunched from the original (just like weather maps, camera images, etc.) but it seems to be working pretty well. One of the cool things is that it's actually an SVG, so no quality is lost if you make the tile bigger or look at it in a full-screen view. 

Hope this helps!


Integrate General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)

tbarber4 3 months ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic 0

Fringe case but used in many metro areas. Google Transit Feed Spec has a standard for transit times. 

Not sure how the interface would look or the calls for specific stops would be handled (by actiontiles or a call)


Live IP Camera Feed into AT using RPi3B - WORKING!!!

adamph 7 months ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by Sneeker 3 months ago 41

Hi All,

After many attempts to try and google the right URL, encoding login/pw into the URL, using RTSP vs. HTTP etc etc... I wanted to help others out by documenting what I did to finally get live feeds from my IP cameras into Action Tiles. 

This method is NOT FREE, and will probably cost you about ~$60-$75 for all of the materials to set up.

No coding experience required. This is primarily all configuration. 


What I tried and why it didn't work:

1) My NVR only provides RTSP feeds and therefore no http url would work for me, either to the cameras directly or to the NVR. If you're in a similar situation, I would recommend going this route.

2) RTSP feeds used as the URL in ActionTiles will also not work, especially if you're using the recommended Fully browser. You would not be able to pass your authentication credentials in the RTSP url (Fully will not allow it).

3) TinyCam Pro worked for a bit, however the webserver kept crashing. As a standalone on low bandwidth profile, compression 50 in ActionTiles, and only streaming 2 cameras, TinyCam Pro was using almost 40-50% of my Fire HD7. I believe my Fire HD7 couldn't handle the load and therefore just kept crashing, causing a blank image on my tiles. I'm glad I at least tried this route, since that's what gave me the initial idea of a webserver approach.

4) I don't subscribe to 3rd party services such as Blue Iris, but from what I know now, I'd say in the long run this method I'm about to describe can replace that service.


Basically we'll be taking the same approach as TinyCam Pro did, except running a similar Web Service approach on a separate device instead of the same device Action Tiles is running on.

Materials needed:

1) A Raspberry Pi (I used an RPi3 model B for mine)

2) RPi3 case and power adapter

3) MicroSD card that is at least 8 GB. I grabbed a Samsung Evo+ that was 32 GB off of Amazon for around ~$30

4) Your tablet running ActionTiles (I'm using a Fire HD7)

High Level Steps:

1) Set up our RPi with motionEyeOS.

2) Add your cameras into the motionEye software.

3) Grab the http stream url.

4) Add media tile using the stream url in Action Tiles.

5) Profit.

Step By Step Instructions:

1) Visit the github to grab motionEyeOS to be installed. Make sure you grab the right one for the particular Raspberry Pi version you have to play with.

2) Follow the installation instructions to flash motionEyeOS on your microSD card.

3) Put your RPi in the case, HDMI to a monitor, plug to your network via ethernet, put your microSD card in and power your RPi on. 

4) Assuming their are no errors, the bootup text will provide the IP address for your RPi (You can change this later either when you log into the RPi or through your router settings). If everything boots up fine, you can safely go place your RPi somewhere, so long as its hooked up to the internet. We'll be doing everything remotely for now on.

5) After putting your RPi somewhere and powered back on, go back to your computer and enter in the RPi's IP address in your internet browser. This should bring you to MotionEye's login screen. Use admin with no pw as your initial login.

6) Now that you're in you can tweak stuff like turning on your RPi's wifi, changing the default pw, etc.

7) Start adding your cameras in. use the site AT recommends if you don't have access to your camera or NVR's manufacturer manuals. I did not embed credentials in my URL, there should be blanks provided for you to input login details when you add your cameras.

8) Assuming you added them correctly, you should now see them displayed in the GUI. I only have 2 in mine since that's all I wanted to display in AT, but I'm sure you can add many more.

9) After adding your cameras, now grab the stream URL in the camera settings. This should be just the IP address to your RPi followed by the port assigned to each camera you added.

10) Within ActionTile (you can even test in a separate browser tab if you want) this should show up instantly.

I hope this helps anyone trying to do this same thing. Good Luck!


Synology Surveillance Station

Justin 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by Guyan 3 months ago 7

Hello! First off great app, it's really speedy and I love the setup capability.

Question about video feeds. I live in a world where I have two types of FOSCAM cameras for my house. A C1 for inside and a FI9803 outside. These cameras do not support http streaming via url.

Originally they were not bought for http streaming but rather a tight integration into my synology surveillance station for surveillance DVR etc...

Synology provides a few ways to access a live video feed but I will focus on two:

1. https://[external ip address]:5001/webapi/SurveillanceStation/streaming.cgi?api=SYNO.SurveillanceStation.Streaming&method=LiveStream&version=2&_sid=cVlEBPLYbJaOI1470MGN778701&cameraId=18

This is the url to view a live feed via https. Running this in a browser, however, does not seem to work. Running it in ST does.

2. You can also connect via RSTP.

My question is whether any other users attempted a connection this way as opposed to going directly into the camera?


ActionPiXX - Photo slideshow Media Tiles

Jay 3 months ago in Media Tiles / Images • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 months ago 0

First, if this type of post isn't permitted please remove it, thank you.

I’m working on a simple application (it's free) that works like a web server for photos for ActionTiles. Basically you copy this application into a directory and point an ActionTiles Media Tile to the applications IP address.  The Application will serve up either a specific requested photo, or if you specify random.jpg it will serve a random photo from the directory.

You can also (optionally) specify different directories for different tablets etc.  So you could have vacation photos served to the kitchen tablet, while your spouse gets photos of the kids and the garage tablet shows hunting and car photos all while the ActionTiles media tile points to a single local Web URL.

Photos can be: jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

Example directory layout:

The Application Interface:

If anyone has an interest in this local photo server and wants to help in beta testing this please let me know.

I’m working on this in my spare time so response from me could be slow at times as I work full time.

What this program doesn’t do:  

Slideshow the photos in sequence (they are randomly presented).

Access directories outside of its own directory.

Charge for it's use (It's beggar ware)

Have an Apple version.

Thank you,


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Ability to fix the State of a Tile via Long Press

PROEDGEBIKER.COM 4 months ago in Media Tiles • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 months ago 5

The app has an awesome feature to "fix" the status of their tiles. 

For example, if someone turns my fan light using the fan remote, my BOND app would not show as the light is on. In order to fix it, I just hold down any tile in their app (in this case the fan light tile) and it corrects the status of the tile. 

So by holding it down it changes the tile from off to showing on without sending a command to the fan. 

If a feature like that could be added for your tiles would be awesome. 

Hope this made sense.


Thanks for the feedback / idea...

Some Feature Requests fall into the bucket of being too much of a "rare edge case" or have other practicality issues, that we are unlikely to give it much consideration. Sure... we'll keep the Topic open for a while in case we have underestimated interest and it gathers Votes or additional use-case comments.

So there's two concerns:

  1. "Long Press" is not a gesture option for a Material Design (and "Accessible") compliant web-app. Long press should reveal the text tooltip in most cases (like a hover with a mouse). I use Nova Launcher for Android, and, indeed, it recognizes all sorts of unique gestures, such as long-press and swipe-across-icon. We don't plan to add this hidden layer of complexity to ActionTiles; but it could happen in some far future generation. So if we offered special functionality like this, it would have to be via the standard Tile overflow menu (...).
  2. We know there are various types of Devices that do not relay their State Changes back to SmartThings (and, in turn, ActionTiles) when acted upon manually or via some other type of control like Alexa Voice. Even certain brands of Z-Wave light-switches may not report manual activation, due to a patent restriction from Lutron. Still ... we don't think it should be a household member's responsibility to "manually" fix or override the Tile State, especially since that still leaves the SmartThings Cloud out of sync (and thus the SmartThings App and any SmartApps that subscribe to the Device, etc.). Many Device Type Handlers periodically "poll" the physical device to determine if the State has changed and thus eventually update. In other cases, the displayed state is not critical, since if the fan has been turned "on" via remote and the Tile still indicates "off", simply tapping the tile twice will ensure it is turned "off" (i.e., first tap will switch the Tile to "on" and send the on() command to the Fan (which should be harmlessly ignored; and the second tap will switch the Tile to "off" and send the off() command to the Fan, resulting in the desired consistent state).

There is no mechanism in ActionTiles to change the State of a Tile without it having (a) been tapped, and/or (b) receiving a State Change Event from SmartThings.



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Media Tile from YouTube stream?

gregewong 6 months ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 months ago 5

I am new to AT and have been trying to see if there is a way to display a tile with a live webcam feed similar to the ones hosted by youtube, such as this one of Waikiki Beach (

I think I have looked at the community forums but for what I think must be a simple question for a new user, I couldn't seem to find any threads on this topic. Sorry if it is clear how to or how not to do it.


Hi Greg,

There's no way to embed YouTube currently; but we're looking into it.