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Streaming Night Owl NVR cameras?

David Wright 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 3

Does anyone have any experience with Night Owl Cameras.  I would like to add the feed to my Main Panel.  My system is a couple years old, it has cameras that feed into a main hard drive unit that plugs into the wifi and is accessed with a monitor plugged in directly, on my iMac, or my phones.  I know that the feeds are there but can I access them.  If this is real involved, forget it.  

Any feedback will be appreciated.

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I'm not sure that the Night Owl NVR supports an MJPEG stream or JPG snapshots, but please check out this page of instructions for a possible solution:


I tried the ispyconnect page and the url's it produces are specific to the IP address of the camera system.  I need to find the correct IP address of the system and then maybe I can get it to work.   I can get the wireless IP's but the ethernet addresses are a different story.   Any suggestions.


"Wireless IP" and "Ethernet address" are generally the same thing if you only have on LAN in your home (i.e., you are not using VLANs). I presume you have a Night Own NVR server? It probably only has one address itself, right?

I'm not sure you can connect directly to each Camera's wireless if it is already connected to the NVR server. So try the address of the server, and then each camera has an ID or Channel...?