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SmartThings weather tile doesn’t update info

Daniele 1 year ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 10 months ago 24

Hi all I’m new on AT and I have an issue with the SmartThings Weather. I have created the Simulated switch as per procedure but the data in AT are not update as you can see in the image. Any suggestion on how to fix it? Thanks

Image 6855




While a SmartWeather Station Tiles is displayed, ActionTiles pulls the latest data from SmartThings every 30 minutes and issues the update command.

If SmartThings fails to update or provide accurate data, there's nothing else that could be done from our side. 

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Hi Daniele,

This is a side effect of the SmartThings platform changes. It is a known issue that cannot be resolved in the short term. A replacement weather tile is coming in the near future.

You mentioned in another thread that this was fixed, but it's still broken for me.

Which Panel are you referring to? I don't see any Weather Tiles on your Panels.

Any update on the "coming soon" weather tile replacement? Sadly, it appears that the SmartThings weather "thing" stopped working for me on Thursday. Or else, could the weather tile be generated from the community created replacement: https://community.smartthings.com/t/yet-another-weather-driver-but-for-edge/245576

The suggested community replacement is inapplicable to mainstream users, since it requires a dedicated server to provide the data.

We don't have an ETA for a replacement tile.

Thanks Alex, I will wait for it. in the meantime I will use another tile also if I don’t like it very much 

The weather tile hasn't changed values since it re-appeared a few days back, i.e. it is always set at 8 degrees and is meant to rain.

Image 6983

Check if SmartThings is displaying the same data and updating values. The History tab of the device should show updates. 

Hi Alex, ST is showing the same data as ActionTiles. With regards to the History tab its empty!

Mine is not updating because it is not updating in Smartthings.  I called ST support about this but the rep said she would have to escalate it.  No word back yet...

So here is what I got back from ST Support:

Hi Gary,

Good afternoon, I received the recommendation from Tier 2. Please refer with the verbatim below.

" The ST App displays the temperature being reported by the device. If the device is reporting the incorrect temperature, the best step will be to delete the device and re-add it in the app.

The device is not listed as a supported device in the ST App add screen. If the user continues having trouble with this device, we recommend they reach out to the community for additional assistance (p1care.com/r/P5uDtSJ2C). There is an older thread for the weather tile here (p1care.com/r/EPpP7880a)"

Thank you for your time. Have a great day

SmartThings Support

So this older thread led me to the discussion that the Smart Weather was a RBoy APP.  (Oh, ya, now I remember...)  I logged into IDE and I can see the original device handler I created per the original instructions, and I could actually create another instance.  However you can not add a SmartApp by code anymore.  No "+" button!  The original Smart App code from years ago is no longer in my IDE.  (It was Groovy).

So when I added another version of the device handler, it gets the most recent data.  But I'm at a loss for how to get that data to repopulate automatically, say once an hour.

I swiped down on the original Smart Weather on my phone in Smartthings and it did nothing.  I deleted it.  The new one I created I swiped down and the temperature just dropped 2 degrees.  Hmmm...  I'll monitor it as the day goes on, but my hopes are not up.


How did you create a new device?

I just logged into the IDE @ https://graph.api.smartthings.com/.  It took me to the Groovy IDE page.  My Devices still has the  "+ New Device" tab.  Under Type it still has SmartWeather Station Tile.

I see. At some point I opened up the IDE and it was all blank, so I assumed that the IDE was no longer available, but it's back for me now.


I've noticed a new reading on my Action Tile for The ST Weather.  The only thing I did a short while ago was to set the App Reload for ActionTiles to 30 minutes on my Phone (Added to Home Screen).  Is it possible this is triggering the Weather Device to update itself in ST?  The updated temperature showed up on my Amazon Tablets running Fully as well.  I'll continue to monitor to confirm it is not some kind of glitch or something.  The App Reload says  "This setting is only applied to this device."  Is there a way to set this Auto Reload this when running Fully on Amazon tablets?  If this works, I'd rather not have my phone driving this, but one of my stationary tablets.

So in monitoring the ST Weather Device I added, it appears to only update when it is opened in the SmartThings app.  Once it updates, it does propagate to my Action Tile which then shows the same data.  There seems to be no way to set the device to update itself periodically - which is what we would want for an updating Action Tile.

ActionTiles issues the refresh command periodically.

Upon farther investigation, I see that there are several instances of DTH out there. Some do not have the Refresh capability, some have only subset of the expected weather fields. What a mess...


I've been busy this morning but when I returned home I noticed that my panels were reading the correct temperature.  So I'm going to leave them alone since the Weather Tile now is working, and continue to monitor.

FYI: I've noticed that whenever I do a manual (pull-down) refresh in the Fully Kiosk Browser, the updated weather information was presented.  So I've set Fully to refresh periodically when idle, and that seems to be working well.  I'll continue to monitor, of course.

This is redundant, Gary.

ActionTiles pulls the latest data from SmartThings and issues a refresh command every 30 minutes.

Hi Alex,

Oh, OK.  Will it do this if running with Fully and the Amazon Tablet screen is in sleep mode?  Can the 30 minutes be made shorter or longer?

I guess I'm a bit confused them what the App Settings Auto Reload feature is for.  Does this then apply just to media?



The weather will not be updated white the tablet is sleeping, however it should update immediately as soon as the device wakes up.

The Auto Reload feature was put in place as a stop gap solution for devices that lose connection to either internet, event stream or video servers.

I have one system that is supplying the correct time and temperature (I’ll assume wind etc is correct since I’m not there).  My other system everything on the weather tile is frozen.


While a SmartWeather Station Tiles is displayed, ActionTiles pulls the latest data from SmartThings every 30 minutes and issues the update command.

If SmartThings fails to update or provide accurate data, there's nothing else that could be done from our side.