SSL certificate for iframe over https on local network

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Is there a way to load a certificate into the Android Webview (I think) that displays each iframe ActionTile?

I've been doing a lot of yak shaving on this one.

Main goal: run my own local python webservice to display some content (anything; weather, notes, whatever - this is a bit of a fun task to play with)

I note that the iframe will only work if it is an https url not an http url. (Is there a way to disable this for local network addresses so I can avoid all of this faff?)

So, I enable ssl in my python Flask service - and the tile now displays a security error, as I don't have a ceritifcate.

After a LOT of faff because I don't know what I am doing, I have now successfully made a certificate, and installed it on both my Windows machine (successfully displaying my locally hosted page with no security errors; on Chrome and Internet Explorer).

I have also successfully installed the certificate on my Fire tablet, so that the Silk browser can successfully load my page without complaint.

So my certificate clear works, or at least works to a decent extent.

However, the ActionTiles iframe still says there is an ssl error when I load the panel.

1) Is it possible to get better information on this error?
2) Is it possible to install the certificate so that ActionTiles app can actually use it? How?
3) Can I just avoid this all together by using http instead of https somehow?

Or, scrap this entire idea, does anyone else have a better method of having locally generated content shoved into a tile?

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Android Fire

Recent updates to Chrome and Webview disallow displaying mixed content. Anything served over HTTP will not work, all content must be served over HTTPS.

More discussion here:


Please try the ActionTiles app. My testing shows that images served over HTTP still work:


salve, ho scaricato l'app action tiles ma addirittura con il vostro link previsioni meteo non funziona... 

https://mtg.actiontiles.com/weather.php?loc=massa& backgroundColor=#474B4E&bodyColor=00FF00&titleColor=00FF00

 C'é qualche opzione da abilitare? Con qualsiasi browser funziona accettando che non é certificiato

Hi thanks for your reply.

I am already using the ActionTiles app. When I mentioned Android Webview I meant simply whatever it is that renders the iframe (within the app).

Also this is about displaying a page within an iframe, not an image. 

I don't think this is a "mixed content" issue; if I start with a totally new Panel, and put on iframe on it with my https page, it still shows the same error and still fails to load.

How did you make your certificate?