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Solution: Fire, Ring Doorbell, Fully, and Action Tiles

Willis 12 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Graham Foster yesterday at 8:21 p.m. 112

I have seen a lot of questions related to the Ring Doorbell and Kindle Fire...I figured out a workable solution:

Sideload the Google Play Store onto the Fire (I used the instructions at )

Use the Play Store to install the Ring Doorbell app

Use the Play Store to install AutomateIt

Setup 2 rules in AutomateIt:

Rule 1:  On notification from Ring, run the Ring App

Rule 2:  On notification from Ring, run the Fully App with a 1 minute delay

AutomateIt will notify you that it needs permission to monitor notifications.  Allow that permission.

Start Fully, ring your doorbell, see your front porch, cheer, wait another half minute or so, and Fully restarts, conduct victory lap...and profit.

If you have motion detection turned on for the doorbell, this will also show your porch if something trips the motion sensor.


Amazon Fire & Fully discussion

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated 5 days ago 139

Just posting this link here for now for reference:

I need to use AT for pet sitters to be able to interact with ST when staying at my house. I don't want them to have access to my iPad because all of my Apple devices all linked nor do I want to share the ST app with them, so I bought the 3 pack 8" Fire tablets during Prime deals which will be dedicated to AT/ST. Last night, I was able to install Fully Kiosk Browser and set it up to turn on w motion. The only problem I can't seem to fix is that it still turns on to the lock screen. I am hoping someone can give me some settings to fix this. These tablets are Fire HD 8 (7th Generation) so I am hoping this was not just a feature in previous versions.

Readers are encouraged to browse Fully's website, as it contains a direct link to the APK and descriptions of all the features.

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Browser time and Clock Tile is off -5 hours

Bryantrichar 1 month ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 month ago 3

For some reason on my new Fire HD 8 7th edition, in two different browsers the time is +5 hours. Time is right on iPhone and Laptop. Tried Fully and Chrome


Fire HD 8 via Fully

Fire Android

Hi Bryan,

The Clock Tile "uses" the System Time of your Tablet / Phone / PC; but relies on the browser's interface to the operating system (FireOS, in this case) to pass  in the correct current time, accounting for the Time Zone, DST, and so on.

My guess is that there is there is either an incorrect setting in FireOS (check your various date/time Android Settings for the tablet), or an obscure bugin FireOS that is perhaps triggered by a temporary glitch in GPS or Network "location services" (and thus cannot determine the correct Time Zone) or the change from Daylight Saving Time to Real Time.

My own Fire HD8 Tablet (and Fire HD7 Tablet) are showing the correct time (in Pacific Time).

So, please:

  1. Reboot the tablet (completely shut it down and turn it on again). That might be completely sufficient.
  2. Drag down from the top of the screen and press the GEAR to examine all the FireOS Settings. In particular, check the "Date & Time" section. I use "Automatic Time Zone"; but you may want to toggle this off and on, or even set it to off and manually select your Time Zone.

Please let me know what happens - though there may be nothing ActionTiles can do about it if we are accessing the system date according to the Javascript specifications.




Can the screen be put to sleep at certain times and wake on motion or tap?

jnick 2 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by J B 2 months ago 2

Hey AT community! 

Fellow ST user/WebCoRE user here. I have been contemplating jumping on the AT bandwagon for a bit now and think I might finally bite. One question I have is regarding the possibility of using this in our master bedroom...

I think it would be a great addition to have full control of the house/check it's status from our bedroom but one concern I have is that when we sleep, there will be a bright glow of the tablet shining in the room. Is it possible to have the screen sleep or go blank between certain hours and only wake once there is motion?

Any help is appreciated! 

iOS Fire Android
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Fully Kiosk With Kindle Fire

Shane Kent 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 months ago 2
Have it to where screen shows action tiles and stays on.
Would like it to time out and with a tap come on straight to my action tile panel. I set to it to detect motion but that doesn't work.
Any suggestions?
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Cannot set Fully as Home App of Fire Tablet

kday 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 months ago 7

I have a Fire Table HD 8 Gen 7 running Fire OS 5.3.3.  I don't see an option in the settings to set the Fully Kiosk as the Home App.  When I set Kiosk mode it only does it once.  After restart of the tablet I am receiving an error that "You only selected Fully to run "just once" as your home app.  Please select always."  There is no option to select Always or anything else to select in the settings.  After restart I can continue in Kiosk mode or disable it which is exactly what I do not want someone to be able to do.  Is there any solution to get the kiosk mode working always?


I suspect that limitations / lockdowns in FireOS / Fire Tablets prevent Fully from taking over at boot as the homescreen App.

It's an unfortunate limitation of getting such a high quality tablet at a bargain price.

I still suggest contacting Fully Support to confirm. Maybe they have a workaround.

Most Customers I know just have their tablets permanently plugged in and turned on and use the "dim:" screensaver setting in Fully. This works well for me.

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Video as screensaver Fully kiosk on Fire HD?

Daran 5 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 months ago 4


I love ActionTiles - running it very successfully with konnected alarm system. It's early days but I've got to grips with most things now.  The only problem I am having is getting the Amazon fire to show a full screen video from youtube as a screensaver and getting it to play automatically.  I can get it to go full screen but on the Fire it doesn't automatically play no matter what I try.  I want to show a nice video like a drone flyover of Norway or something equally spectacular.

Has anyone had any luck showing such a video specifically from YouTube?


Daran 5 months ago

I gave up on youtube but did manage to get it working via imeo!!!

Here's a few examples... just change the number after "/video/" to the vimeo video of your choice.

I've got three in my list but it will only ever play the first one - if I take the "loop=1" off, if it gets to the end of the video it just sits there in vimeo.  It would be good it the playlist was randomized every time the screensaver is activated - can this be a feature please?


Recommend a weather alert App for FireOS

warpkk 4 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago 1

I want a weather alert app for all my actiontiles fire is tablets that will play audible alerts for severe weather, any ideas?

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Fire daily Alarm kicks in the lock-screen?

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated 5 months ago 2

Continued from: 

Various folks have mentioned that even with "no sleep when powered" setting enabled, and running Fully constantly, etc., Amazon Fire tablets still seem to switch to the lock-screen overnight or some periodic basis.

Myself and Jeremy have noticed that there is an Alarm icon in the Notification Bar that coincides with the timing of the issue. Not sure this is always the case.

The problem is that the Alarm has no discernable source. Googling is inconclusive so far.

Any ideas? 


Ring "intents": special URL prefix??

Chris Conner 11 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Jeremy Hazeltine 5 months ago 1

Does anyone know if the Ring always home app has an "intents": special URL prefix?  I would like to add a tile that opens the Ring app and this seems like the best way.  On a related note, does anyone know if there is a way with automatelt or another service to kick off Fully Kiosk if another app has been open for X mins, like the Ring app for example:-)?


Fire Android
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Amazon Fire and a photo slideshow screensaver?

James Watts 8 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 8 months ago 2

Apologies if this has been answered before.

My cheap Chinese tablet battery has bit the dust and I can't find another to replace it.  So, I'm going to buy an Amazon Fire tablet to run ActionTiles!

My question is: Can I set it up to display a photo slideshow screensaver like I did with the old Windows tablet?

Daniel Quinn 8 months ago

Yes, use DakBoard.


Tablet solar charging

Mody 8 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire 0

Does anyone have experience charging a tablet with a solar panel in a window?  I am mounting a Fire 7 next to my kitchen door and due to the construction of the exterior walls, there is no good way to install an outlet.  My thought is getting a solar panel to hang in the window and try to charge like that.  I know the power output is decreased when behind glass but I don't know what would be a good quality panel to use.  


Anyone here with problems with fully and kiosk mode on amazon fire 8? Not working

Andres 10 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 10 months ago 0

where I try to put the kindle in kiosk mode with fully send a message to go to home app settings, but when I go to the setting the kindle setting crash ... there is no way to activate the kiosk mode;(

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Fully Browser - Weird Behavior?

TWE 1 year ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire • updated 1 year ago 4

So, I have fully set up to keep the screen on, screensaver at 30 seconds, and the screensaver URL set to Dim: on my Fire 7 2nd gen.

It works great! ....  for a day or two.  Then, randomly, it seems to go back to the lock screen.  I also notice that the screen brightness is reset to minimum after I unlock it.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Is there a setting I need to find to fix this?  Or is it likely that someone in the house is fiddling with things?  (They swear they are not)