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Fire HD 8 landscape rendering

Matthew Barnes 4 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 5

I’ve set up a panel for a new Fire HD8 I just got. It’s got some very strange rendering issues. The edges of tiles and text on some portions get very jagged and illegible. It only happens in landscape orientation and seems to be related to whether or not you have to scroll to get to the bottom of the panel. I thought maybe it was the tablet but I started ActionTiles on a Fire HD8 that my kids have and it does it too. I have ActionTiles running on multiple iOS devices and a Fire HD10 and have never seen this issue. Any thoughts?

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Yes, some users have encountered this issue.

It's only apparent on Fire HD 7 and 8 and only if the content is scrollable. There is no known cause or solution. This issue is attributed to hardware quirk of these low-end tablets.

If there's a proper terminology for this type of rendering issue, I would like to know it. Nothing relevant comes up in Google searches.

Hi Alex, thanks for the response. I’m curious, if some users experience the problem and others don’t, is it just a matter of luck? I just bought this tablet and I’m wondering if I exchange it for another one might I get lucky? 

I had the same issue when in landscape mode. But when I switch to full screen view from the app, the fuzziness seems to go away. 

Any other tips on solving this issue?    I'm not sure what the "full screen view" is that KevinNY references above.    Whenever I have a tile that goes into the bottom row  (I am using 8X5 grid) I get the fuzziness/jaginess.   Very odd.

We never figured out the root cause of this issue. This happens only on some Fire tablets.