Can't see cameras on Fire HD8 using //user:password@address

Simon Wilson 5 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated by Won Suk Ro 4 years ago 2

OK, so I m a new user to both AT and FK on the HD8. I have crested a peel that displays fine on my iPad, bu for some reason the camera will not show on the HD8.

The camera is a D-Link DCS932LB and the string I am using is http://admin:password@ I also tried encoding the username and password to base64

I think it might be an authentication problem, although I know the password is correct.



OK managed to fix it after doing a lot of searching and reading. It was the auth., The fix was to download tiny cam pro and use the embedded web server. not the most robust solution though.


Here is a workaround.  I have a kindle fire 7".  You can download from apkmirror a mozilla firefox browser (older version) that is compatible with the device.  Using firefox as the browser in full screen mode you get an approximate of actiontiles app.  Camera with direct URL will work this way.