Which Amazon Fire Tablet (if any) requires least fiddling?

Kevin-AK 5 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated by Catsheep 3 years ago 3

Now that I am “sold” on ActionTiles I need a display.

I do not need or want it to do anything other than always having ActionTiles up and running. This is a dedicated display.

8”, 10” the prices seem all reasonable, I just need to know which one will boot directly to Actiontiles, and not require constant intervention. If it has to be fiddled with, my wife will not like it, and we all know how that will turn out.

I know zero about Amazon, androids, etc... I am a iPad person, and honestly never even dealt with anything else in a tablet.

Some of the Amazon units have “special offers” that I do not understand. Is this what I’m after???


If not can you post a link(s) to what will work as a dedicated display?



Fire 10 HD appears to be working great. There is an ActionTiles app on the Amazon App Store that works perfectly and even puts the tablet in Priority Mode leaving the display on with no ads. There are configurations in the Panel setup specifically for the HD 10 an HD 8. The HD 10 is on sale for $95 right now! (09 Feb 2021). The 8 is on sale too. :-)

I have 3 of the FireHD 8's running my ActionTiles.  Love them.

I have 2 Fire 7s and 1 Fire10. I prefer the Fire10 just due to the screen size and faster processor. I got all of mine off Woot as refurbished so check there from time to time. I think I got my Fire10 for 60 bucks in DEC 2020.