Kindle Fire tablet 8 Battery draining while plugged in

Mike Glen Ellyn 7 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated 7 months ago 2

I have a new Kindle fire tablet 8 with Action tiles and Fully Kiosk browser running.

I have it mounted on a kitchen cabinet and the cable is running to a power strip in the cupboard. 

The battery drains throughout the day and gives me a battery warning.

Any ideas? Is it the cable? I'm using one that was suggested  with a right angle connection to fit in the frame.


Please test using the original power supply and cable provided by Amazon. That way you can determine if there is insufficient supply or a cable problem...

After that, be sure to try a lower brightness level and other minor touches might be enough to keep the charge positive.

I run my Fire HD8 with a "cheap" power supply (I don't know the specs, but it sure doesn't look fancy), and the battery seldom drains. I use Fully with complete dim mode as the screen saver.


Thanks Terry- I'll try the original connection to start