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Nest NST Manager Home/Away tile

JRamlow 6 days ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices • updated by Kevin1 15 hours ago 3

Is there a way to access the Home/Away status on the Nest Thermostat through ActionTiles? I'm using the NST Manager in SmartThings and everything is working great. The number of available tiles is also very good. The one thing I'm not able to find is a way to change the status from Home to Away (and vice versa). A separate tile for this would be very helpful. I utilize home/away for setting ECO mode on/off. I've tried using Presence but have run into too many problems where all of a sudden I show as being away and my heat would go off. This wouldn't be a problem but I am in a cold climate and my normal heating is around 70 and my ECO heating is down around 45. The temps are currently in the teens. I've temporarily setup a virtual button and use Webcore to command it Present() or Away(). It works, but its not very clean as is not without its downsides keeping them in sync.


Auto-lock for Door Locks

I just added a door lock to my setup.  I used the rboy : Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms device type and it gives me the ability to turn on and off the 60 second Auto-lock feature.  I would love to have this as a tile on my wall mounted tablet inside the door.  Auto-lock is a huge help for me as I often forgot to lock the door previously.  But I've found when running out to get the mail or bring in a load of groceries it can be a hassle. I realize I might not be typical use case but I was hoping either it would be relatively simple to add or their are more people out there that would like the same capability.


Proper WebCore presence status integration

Mrl72 9 months ago in Things & Capabilities / CoRE and webCoRE • updated by Rob Duram 1 week ago 3

Hey all! 

I was kinda upset that ST doesn't provide a way to capture the proper presence status that could be displayed in ActionTiles so being a developer I've created my own web service that shows a real status vs just "Present" or "Not Present."

You simply setup a new piston in WebCoRE that passes the current location to a small web service which takes the status and dynamically creates a Tile that you can display by using the Media Image Tile.

Here's an example of how it looks on an ActionTiles Panel:

Some features:

  • You can upload a pic for the icon or use a system one.
  • You can choose any background color to match your existing dashboard.
  • You can set any tile size to match your existing tiles.
  • Status is updated as fast as you need it. 

I'm currently adding the final touches but would love to open this up to the community!



Samsung 9350 Powerbot Vacuum

WildNeg 3 weeks ago in Things & Capabilities 0

Does anyone know if you can add a tile to see the powerbot vacuum?  Perhaps just to see the status of it, but controlling it would be great too.  I just purchased one and it is now setup in the SmartThings application.  I can see it from the IDE page and from my phone's SmartThings app.  

I'm trying to get it on the action tiles page but unfortunately it isn't showing up as anything I can add.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Is it even doable?  Thanks!

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Play music from Yahmah WiFi speakerphone

rysm83 1 month ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 month ago 1

im Looking to purchase a Yamaha WX-010BL WiFi speaker. I was looking to see if I could connect to action tiles and play music and control speaker from a tile simple to I believe how a Sonos works. I wanted to go with Yamaha as I found it on amazon for $79 instead of $150 for comparison Sonos.  I’m currently using an older Bluetooth speaker that’s connected to tablet and have a YouTube link tile.  This opens a new page and music stops playing if I want to go back to my panel   I was looking for a way that would play within actionstiles.  Thank you for any and all suggestions 

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Generic Thermostat

JeremyFXDWG 2 months ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 months ago 3

Is there an option for a generic thermostat tile? The tile is so robust, displaying the mode and allowing the mode to be changed,I have no need for specific heating and cooling tiles. I would like just a single 1x2 tile that has setpoint controls and is not heat or cooling specific. 

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Alexa List in Tile

jpstewart19 2 months ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 months ago 1
Is there a way to see a list dictated to Alexa, such as a grocery list, in an action tile?
Fix in BETA

Turn off Unlock confirmation

BartLanz 2 years ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 months ago 6

When I press the tile to unlock my door it prompts with "Would you like to unlock "lock name"? Is there a way to turn this function off? I would like the door to simply unlock.


Hi Bart,

I'm sorry, but that's currently not a configurable option. We have that hard-coded for a couple of Tile types (Garage Door too, I think).

We'll consider making it an option if more folks request it.

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Air Quality Sensor Capability CAQI (or AQI or µg/m³)

Michael Evan 2 months ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 months ago 7

EDIT by Moderator:


    "name": "Air Quality Sensor",
    "status": "live",
    "attributes": {
        "airQuality": {
            "schema": {
                "type": "object",
                "additionalProperties": false,
                "properties": {
                    "value": {
                        "type": "integer",
                        "minimum": 0,
                        "maximum": 100
                    "unit": {
                        "type": "string",
                        "enum": [
                        "default": "CAQI"


how do I control multiple lights with one tile

Hossdcop 3 months ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 months ago 1

new to this whole thing.  I have several Hue lights in one room that I want to control with one tile?  I am sure it is is an easy fix I just cant find it.


Estimated Time Of Arrival

Orange Bucket 3 months ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-SmartThings APIs • updated 3 months ago 1

I'd like to request that the "Estimated Time Of Arrival" capability be supported.

The capability has a single 'eta' attribute which is an ISO 8601 date so any implementation might like to allow a date format string to be specified.

The ETA has a wide variety of potential uses. There could ETAs for people. There could be ETAs of buses at stops, trains at stations, and planes at airports. There could be broader interpretations such as next appointments or medication times. 

Basically it can be used for anything that needs a date and time and it is an 'official' capability.


Valve Tile needs PIN security protection

Dan Crandall 12 months ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 months ago 7

I find that the Tile Security option is not available for my Main Water Valve Tile. This device is a listed as Type: Z-Wave Water Valve. For obvious reason, I would like to not have this valve closed by accidental activation.

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Generic Information Tile

Jeff Davis 1 year ago in Things & Capabilities / CoRE and webCoRE • updated by Joey 3 months ago 16

I would like to see a generic information tile that I could programmatically update with something like WebCoRE.  The title of the tile should also be user-defined.

Example 1: Post the name and time of the last motion sensor triggered within a tile entitled "Recent Activity."

Example 2: Post the name and time of the last person who left the premises within a tile entitled "Last to Leave."

Example 3: Post the time when motion is first encountered in the morning within a tile entitled "Rise and Shine."

... so why not set a text string variable for a simulated device? Then Action Tiles could just display it like any other device tile, maybe?

Probably something we've also answered several times, though I can't find an exact Topic match to point to...

ActionTiles is designed to conform to the SmartThings Capability paradigm. It abstracts the set of Commands and Attributes of any Device into a specific Capability or Capabilities with a standard documented definition.

Because we can trust this definition, we can trust that the Tile Types we define based on each Capability will function as expected.

SmartThings currently also allows a Device Type Handler developer to add arbitrary ad-hoc / custom Commands and/or Attributes, but there are absolutely no standards for this. One developer might call an Attribute "fullness" and another call it "volume". Without the Capability standards, ActionTiles would have to have an Artificial Intelligence engine; or major enhancements to the Builder to allow ad-hoc / custom Tile Types to be defined in concert with such arbitrary custom Commands and Attributes.

But we also invite DTH developers to make use of Capabilities that are documented, but don't have any common use case examples. Maybe Capability "Notification" could be something we could latch onto. But why bother if nobody uses it?

Yes... This isn't totally out of the question; but there's a lot of evolution going on at SmartThings right now (a whole new API!!!); and that's just one of many reasons to defer in-depth work on this.

Please do browse the various related Topics, though ... these and more:




Show Current Light color in the Color Picker

Jeff Terrace 4 months ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 months ago 3

It doesn't look like the *current* color of an RGB light shows up anywhere on the dashboard. Even if you pick a color from the color selector, the next time you open it up, the color isn't selected. Am I missing something?


There's a bug such that only DTHs which also set the deprecated Attribute "color" in "#rrggbb" format will trigger the Tile to display the Color Bulb in the footer.

The updated Capability spec only requires Hue and Saturation to be set by a DTH, so we need to fix our code sometime for this.

We'll note this and leave this Topic open for related discussion.

Thanks for finding this little quirk!


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Scale or change units value of Power Meter

Orange Bucket 5 months ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 months ago 1

My Power Meter tiles currently displays power usage in watts, optionally with decimals. That's fine and dandy but for display purposes I'd find it useful to be able to apply a multiplier to the value supplied by SmartThings so I can use my own units. Those units might be kilowatts, ergs per second, horsepower, BTU per hour or (much) more likely my own user defined units which may differ for each device. With or without a multiplier it would be useful to be able to override the footer text for the tile.

There is also an ulterior motive, as using two of the less expensive available smart plugs in the UK (Hive Active Plug and Salus SP600) with the Zigbee Switch Power DTH to avoid using a custom DTH results in a reported power usage that is a factor of ten too low for whatever reason. So my choice of user defined units would 'correct' that. Again if I can't scale the value being able to have e.g. 'Power / 10' as the footer text would be a useful visual aid for me.

I guess parts of this may have the potential to fall foul of 'Works With SmartThings' in some way, but it is worth asking.


Anyone control Robovac hoover with ActionTiles?

Has anyone know or have done  on action tiles that controls there if hoover. Just something I through the of last night as mine is set on a timer. But if I need it to come out for a reason I have to use the remote to get it out or ask Alexa. But would be good if I could just press a tile to start it. 

I’m quite new to scene of tiles and all.  I have  added what I have as smart devices to it. But a couple I can’t at the moment which I no can’t as yet but I’ve not seen or heard anything bout a hoover. 

Anyone got any ideas?!!


Battery in footer for Thermostat Tile?

Alex Hart 2 years ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 months ago 2

I am looking to see if the battery percentage is on the thermostat. I see it for temp, humidity and battery tiles, but not the thermostat tiles. Is it planned for the single and dual thermostat tiles in v6?


Main Tiles for Things which are typically not powered by Batteries (e.g., Outlets, Switches, and Thermostats, ...) curently do not have the battery option available for their footers.

Thermostats are a good example, I guess, of Things that some Customer power via Battery (due to lack of a C-Wire from their heating/cooling system). We will try to add Battery as an option someday.

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Run webCoRE pistons from ActionTiles

Essavant 1 year ago in Things & Capabilities / CoRE and webCoRE • updated by Kevin1 6 months ago 21

Is there planned support for WebCore? I'd like to remove all my SmartThings Automations Routines and replace with WebCore automations - and I would, except I would lose the ability to use them as Routine Tile(s) in ActionTiles Panels.


That makes more sense... ☺️ It didn't occur to me that webCoRE Pistons are used as form of "super Routine".

Not currently in our immediate plans...

  • webCoRE users are a relatively small bunch of customers (though growing...).
  • There's a pretty easy (?) available workaround for power-users: Create Virtual Momentary Buttons or some other triggers for your Piston.

But we'll leave this Topic open to collect  Votes  and discussion. Don't forget to Vote on your own Topic... Thanks!!!

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Skybell image or alerts in ActionTiles?

I have a SkyBell HD on the front door. Is it possible to get the  Picture or Alert when the door bell rings into AT ? 


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Controlling TV Box & Media Players, Opening Apps?

R Gadson 6 months ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices • updated by Gilbert 6 months ago 2

Has anyone figured out to control a TV or cable box via using AT?  I am just learning but love AT so far.  Still struggling with adding music as well as I keep receiving an error that AT can't open the other app!