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Samsung Jetbot Vacuum Cleaner

Florin 3 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 1

Hello everyone,

I just bought a robot vacuum cleaner from Samsung ( Samsung Jetbot 80), everything works fine form Smartthings, but when I try to add a start button Tile on ActionTiles; to give a start cleaning command to robot this is not on the list... .  Please find attached Capabilities found on this device, the switch from Attributes probably is just triggering the Auto Mode On/Off and not to start the device. 

Can someone give a hand how to make it work native from ActionTiles ?

Image 6481

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Wow, this is some advanced device! Mars rovers would be envious of its capabilities!

There's no tile to control this device, however we could try to do it using a Simulated Switch. This simulated switch would be the bridge between a standard Switch Tile and the vacuum with the help of an Automation. Something to the extend "When this switch is ON, then START the vacuum". I do not know if SmartThings automations are able to handle the custom capabilities of this vacuum, but it worth a try.