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Support for Hubitat?

Armand Welsh 6 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by brumster 3 years ago 132

I have a license for ActionTiles that I only just did a minimalistic setup of to POC wall mounted tablets as an interface to my smart home. I am writing to officially ask if ActionTiles can be enhanced to support Hubitat.

I would love it if This system could be migrated over to support it, and will happily buy another device license for that system.



Deferred: Voting Open

Hubitat has created their own specialized web-app which mimics a lot of the functionality of ActionTiles. We're happy to see that product continuing to evolve and attract interest.

Realistically, we have plenty of consumer facing and non-consumer facing SmartThings related development to focus on before we can even consider diversion of resources to a niche platform. SmartThings is our birthplace and it is the platform of all our supportive customers' homes. The Votes on this Topic indicate that the future is open to many possibilities and the door remains open to anything ... eventually.

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Hi Armand (and everyone following this Topic)...

We're finding Hubitat (as a product, Hubitat Elevation, and as a company) to be an amazing achievement and are excited to see how it grows and expands. Given its similarity to SmartThings, it makes sense to believe that ActionTiles could be a great fit as an add-on UI from a technical perspective; with the caveat that we would likely retain the cloud-dependent nature of our own web-app. (It would be a tremendous diversion to change that particular aspect of our focus.)

We appreciate the enthusiasm, votes, and contributory discussion here. As with all Feature Request Topics, this not only helps us gauge interest, but also helps us and all readers understand, refine, partition and ultimately prioritize the idea.

A few random points to ponder, please:

- These the question "when is the right time for us to seriously consider jumping in...?"

  • Hubitat is rapidly evolving (which is super!); but developing an integration too soon could result in a non-trivial amount of rework, and more rework. Yes - all products evolve, but newly released ones are on a whole different scale and pace.
  • ActionTiles's current customers deserve inherent priority of our development resources. Whether promised or not, they expect continuous improvement of the app they have Licensed for their SmartThings homes. Also, our relationship with SmartThings, the company, is very important to us. We hope they support "openness" enough to not stand in our way as we explore adding other platform integrations; but we must be tactful, observant, and choose wisely.
  • Hubitat obviously has less of an existing customer base than SmartThings. Due to being young and small, it currently has less potential for growth in terms of raw numbers: If SmartThings adds even 10% new customers in the next year, that approaches 100,000 new potential customers.




I'd totally buy a 2nd license if it has the same functionality and features. . 


not deter useage of AT, I am anxiously awaiting it, but in SharpTools, I got a lifetime subscription.  You just have to watch for the promotions.  I later converted my account over to a premium subscription under the new model, because I believe in supporting the developers.   But the point is, if you watch, occasionally lifetime subscriptions do appear during time of change. 

I'm looking forward to AT supporting Hubitat as well!  I migrated from ST about a year ago and am very happy with HE!

I'll add my vote for this as well. I bought a license in April of 2017. AT seemed great but I fell out of love with SmartThings. Fast forward to today and I'm using Hubitat extensively. When I saw support was being considered, which makes sense at ST is a dying platform, I was excited to see this. I have an existing license that isn't even being used. I'm not sure I've even logged in for a year or so until today. 

Has there been any official word on AT actually supporting Hubitat or is it more of a, "We'd love to have this"? Sharptools is always an option but, frankly, I'd rather go with ActionTiles. 

If you look back about a month ago in this thread, you'll see a couple of post from Alex (co-founder of AT) where he mentions that Hubitat support is actively being worked on.

Thanks. I didn't see that at all when I did a search. I'll look around again. 

this is awesome, as a first time home buyer, new Hubitat buy-in instead of ST, and a world of possibilities ahead I would love to see this integration as well.  I would definitely purchase a license. 

I can't wait until AT goes into beta on hubitat! Sign me up! :)

I would buy a new AT subscription for Hubitat functionality. No prob!

I just finally migrated to the new ST app last weekend. It's awful and lots of migration bugs, lost functionality, annoying notifications to turn off etc. A migration to Hubitat next is in order. The new Hubitat hub is just sitting here next to me waiting for my next free day. 


Migrating to HE was the best move, you will not regret it.

Anxiously awaiting this!!!
When, when when?

i think it’s coming guys. If you watch the Hubitat Live broadcast from 2nd November and use the pause button at the right time you’ll see Bruce scroll past the app, it’s at 23min 45 seconds 

Wow, great eagle eye there, I see it too!

Great catch! 

& tops the alphabetized list! 

So, the firmware became available yesterday. Besides the nice Z-wave features, etc I'm guessing that's not the beta? Anyone have any insight to this?

I still don’t see the update on my C3 nor C7 hub.

We will know when we can see.  I am guessing 2.2.5 which is supposed to be a major update. 

Hey all, been an AT user for about 3 yrs or since inception.  Time flies!  I just ordered a Hubitat and someone told me AT is doing a beta for Hubitat.  True?

I have seen this for over a month now.  This seems to be the only one HE component that has leaked through. 


Soon. I'm impatiently waiting!

Heck there is an app?  I need to check back more often!

Not on iOS.  That's where I saved the Safari page to the Home Screen so it acts like an app.  I believe Android has an app.


Hold your horses! Lol.

Once the integration is ready, we will make sure it is widely known!

Any very rough timeframe estimates?  I'm trying to figure out my game plan between now and then.


Dear Santa,

I promise I've been good I just want one thing, HE support on ActionTiles for Christmas this year.

We're only a few days away from Xmas. We're still hoping for a Xmas miracle. 

Would love to be a beta tester.


I'm just WAITING to give you money :)


As a user since the SmartTiles days, I have now switched to Hubitat and was also excited to see ActionTiles on the live broadcast. I suggest you team up with Hubitat and make it the official interface!!!

I have thought the same thing but was hoping that's what is actually going on. 

As a user from the old days as well, I switch when HE came out, and was forced to convert to SharpTools once it was available.  I am anxiously awaiting AT being implemented so I can convert by dashboards over, as AT is much better built, using a more light weight client that runs great on average systems, whereas my current dashboards are painfully slow.  I would agree that AT would be much better as the native interface, but that breaks the HE model, which is non-reliance on the cloud.  If AT had a solution that allowed HE to host the AT dashboards internally, then yes, this would be awesome.  I have always thought most of this should be capable of offline caching on HE, then the only cloud reliance would be periodic check-in for updates, or remote access from outside the home.


AFAIK Alex is working hard with the HE to make it happen as we speak. As HE already has it's own (rather limited) dashboard, my expectation is that AT will be presented as a built-in application on par with other 3rd party integrations such as alexa and (a pox be on you) sharptools. 

Here to add my support, SmartThings is dying off quickly....time to get on board AT!

I just jumped over to being a Hubitat C5 and C7 hub household and happily kicked cloud based ST with all the UI issues and outages to the curb.  I should have done it years ago as HE's local processing, platform connectivity and integration, number of applications is heads and shoulders above the new ST mess.  

I would love to see AT integrate with HE like SharpTools offers.  Your UI is really nice and not as robust as the HE dashboard.  I've been a long time AT user, so I hope you can see the future, and ST is shrinking for people who need a Hubitat AT solution.

I'll add my support.  As a user of ActionTiles for several years, I would love to have the same functionality in HE.   ST has just gone to heck.  Recently bought a C7 and the built in dashboard functionality is too limited, especially for mobile.


same here went to Hubitat after 5 years Smartthings and love it. Hubitat & Lutron RA2 Select & Picos is awesome.

Would love a decent dashboard for Hubitat though. There is nothing good out there right now. 


HomeHabit looks promising

Home Remote is bit slow and has a bit of learning curve and is work to get it nice.

Sharptools might be promising as well.


I made the jump to HE at the end of last summer after having been on SmartThings with Action Tiles for about 3 years.  I don't miss ST at all.  In fact I took great joy in pulling its plug.  What I do miss greatly is AT!!!

I've been using SharpTools since about November and while it's better than the native HE dashboard, that's not saying much.  The only thing I would count as a real gain with SharpTools is drag and drop editing.

I would very much like to move back to Action Tiles!!!
If I where King I'd request that AT runs completely on the local LAN and had drag & drop editing but, given that I'm not the King, I'll be contented with just getting back to AT.


Please bring Action Tiles to Hubitat.

I am ready to make the jump to Hubitat as ST is not reliable anymore. Every other day automations and device control get broken. The one thing missing for my potential switch to HE is a control panel as nice as AT. My hardware is ready for the switch. Waiting inpatiently for Action Tiles implementation on Hubitat ! 

Just a quick note here. I (like some others) might state that the AT requirement should not be a deciding factor in moving to HE. The initial pain of moving everything is quickly forgotten once you experience the stability and the local execution. I now have 2 ST hubs siting not he side doing nothing, every time I look at them simply feel relieved! Sad but true!

And then I'll just keep an eye on this thread with fingers crossed!


Totally agreed, since switching from ST to HE it's been bliss.  AT would be the topping of the cake, but it's worth the move.  


So frustrated with ST...it's incredibly unstable.  Automations (webcore) and AT are broken daily...can't wait to get off the platform but not doing it until AT supports HE, hopefully locally though that might cause issues with licensing?  Any updates from the AT team?

ST going down is a daily thing now.  It's so frustrating.


Is there a timeline for ActionTiles working with Hubitat? We've heard it's coming, but not much about timing. Even a rough estimate would be great. Thanks!

Well Bye Felicia - have fun paying monthly for your panels. The rest of us here are supporting Alex

Perhaps we should ask this question in HE forums, from what I can read here, AT is trying to work on this integration. Having the ability get tiles from ST and HE in the same panel would be a game changer for many people. As I'm slowly migrating to HE I know there will be some parts of my automation / devices that better stays in ST (for mow) but I'm loosing the ability to display and control that part as I'm moving them to HE. I can try to use the build in HE dashboard but AT dashboard is far superior. and again I can't have both in the same panel

I wouldn't mind to pay an extra AT license for Habitat if required.

As I migrate more of my important automation to HE I'll  have to reduce the use of AT and eventually switch to something else, too sad.

Is there any news from AT that you can share?

$$$...gotta be a money problem.


We are getting the connector app published and configured for production. This should be concluded in the coming days.

After that, the integration will be opened for public Beta. No invitation will be required, but access will be ramped-up up slowly over several days or weeks.

Please stay tuned for farther announcements.


That’ll do me. C7 ordered!

I keep checking back every few hours to see if there’s an update. I have an issue with being patient. I hope more news is coming out soon. 

Can't wait! Watching anxiously!

Hey Alex, I have 3 FireHD tablets as my primary home automation controllers and I still need the Smartthings as the AT host .. everything runs on Hubitat :), but using HubConnect it all exposes on ST as virtual devices ... and that's all it does :), so really need to get rid of ST and have AT run native on Hubitat. 

So when can we get on the Beta? I am so beyond done with ST and their horrible customer support and managing their releases ... lets not forget lack of any form of stability :)

This made my week!  Been waiting patiently since switching to HE.  Thanks for letting us know this info!

This is awesome! Great news! Please sing me in for the beta test !. I can focus on my migration to HE now! Thanks

Excited for this as well. Been loyal since the smarttiles days and only broke loyalty to SmartThings in favor of HE so can’t wait for this integration now. 

how do we get into the Beta testing?

please open quickly. Want to rid ourselves from Smartthings asap.

Will this be in the Built In Apps section?


Yes, it will be in under Built In Apps. The app will be hidden at first, until roll out is complete.


Is there a way that we can get this app currently?  Would love to get this rolling!!


Any updates? My sharptools subscription is due and I really want to come back to actiontiles rather than pay another year for them! 

Alex, Do you have any ETA.  I made the switch and I am halfway tempted to push my device status back to smartthings just to get my actiontiles back online.  I am pretty sure once I finish you will launch the hubitat :P

I've also been curious about timing.... Need to start setting up a dashboard soon and I've been debating whether to pay for Sharptools or whether an ActionTiles rollout for Hubitat will be soon enough....


I tried to hold out but sharptools finally quit working today after I hadn't paid the bill. I ended up doing the monthly $3 subscription rather than another full year. Hopefully AT will release soon! 

Lost my pool controller, echo speaks with Samsung so I made the switch.  Been following this thread just waiting for action tiles.  I saw that screenshot Matt posted and quickly ordered my hubitat.  Switched everything over and I am ready to port my panels next.  Then I realized it not quite live....

It was so nice to hear alexa speak again!  Brought a smile to my face.....its the little things in life 


Any news? Stuck in limbo here with a Action Tiles subscription, a Hubitat hub and a Smartthings hub that I really want rid of

also interested in the beta. 

I saw the update from Hubitat today and I updated my system right away with the hopes I would find the ActionTiles built-in app available. Unfortunately, I don't see it.  I was hoping to see something weeks ago, and I figured I might have to wait on Hubitat to get the app in the next update. Now I'm seriously wondering about the timing. Can someone from AT please provide an update? 

Same here, got slightly excited . but then nothing ... I have three working displays with AT across my house, and I only have ST as the "gateway" ... I would assume at least that AT would give us "hardcore" users that care to post on the forum the ability to be beta testers??? Alex, come on man


Yes. Thanks! Seem to be getting there. Just need to be patient now, cohort 9 :-)