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Fan speed control (but not 0 to 100 dimmer slider...)

Josh Fink 3 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 14 2 duplicates

Hi, is there any plans to create a toggle for a fan control that isn't a slider? Right now, as you know, the fans are operated the same way the lights are in that there is a slider that is 0-100%. Whereas a fan works by having a low, medium, high which on mine is associated with 33%, 67% and 99%.

Here is an example of mine on the ST app.


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Hi Josh,

Feature requests to support new device types (with appropriate Tile controls) are welcome; but if the device type is not on the official published SmartThings Capability definition list (there is no "Capability Fan Speed"), then we tend to give it lower priority for R&D.

Without a standard Capability, the number of customers using Fan Device Type Handlers is very low. The exception is if you are using a specific brand / model of Thing that is "Works With SmartThings"™ certified: This condition would bump up the priority a notch or more.

We encourage you to participate in the SmartThings Community to hopefully increase the visibility of the need for a "Capability Fan Speed" (and other similar examples), so that SmartThings will expedite definition and implementation of the appropriate standards.

For some reason I never get notifications when I get replies. Sorry for not getting back sooner.

The switch I'm using is in fact a "Works with SmartThings" certified device if that helps. LINK

It's my understanding that most "Smart" fan controls, or maybe fan controls in general, only respond to 3 power levels and anything in between doesn't do anything.

On the same token though. I would think, I could be wrong, that people would love the option for low, medium, or high on lights as well. Maybe not the 5 different settings but at least a low medium or high.

Of course, it could be that it's only me that uses it.

  • I can't find the source code for this DTH in the SmartThings Public GitHub. Do you know if this code is published anywhere?
  • All the DTHs I could found just ride on top of Capability "setLevel" (i.e., dimmer); since there is no Capability "fan Speed Control".
  • Still... it isn't impossible for us to consider allowing certain pre-set points or "snap-to's" for the dimmer slider or some variation on that concept.

Evidently I'm using custom DTH @ JCDEVHandlers . It's been so long since I set it up I assumed it was stock ST.

My GE Fan Control Switch

My Enhanced GE Dimmer

So Device is certified but non-stock DTH.

"Non-stock DTH" makes it a "non-WWST" Certified Device Instance.

As Alex says, "low, medium, high" points for setLevel (i.e., dimmers) would probably be applicable to Fan Control. But, as I said... It would be great if SmartThings first or also created: Capability Fan Control.

Am I really the only one who wants this? Oh well... :-)


There were requests for generic Low/Medium/High presets, which I think is a great idea. I don't know if that would be compatible with the fan though...

Thanks Alex. It's not actually the fan that's enabled. It's more of the GE Fan Control Switch which regulates the fan speed.


I use the same DTH and would love to see this!

I also use the GE Fan DTH for one of my fans.  Also just added the Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller today with DTH  dalec is working on (Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller) https://community.smartthings.com/t/beta-v0515-hampton-bay-zigbee-ceiling-fan-light-controller/85084

This handles speed "oddly" I know it will likely get pushed down on the list, but I wanted to get it on the list.  


i also use two ge fan controllers and this custom dth for smartthings, it would be nice to have the lo/med/hi options for the switch

Please don't bother with "me too" or "+1" comments.  Comments are only required if your use case is significantly different, or if you have a related but different idea then the OP.

The main thing that affects our perception of Customers' value of a Feature Request or Bug are Topic Votes .




I'm working on a handler to control the QuietCool Whole House Fan WiFi Hub (https://quietcoolsystems.com/products/wi-fi-smart-control/).  I too would like to see the Fan Speed implemented.  I saw the capability in the dev docs at SmartThings here...


Did I miss something?


Hi tennr,

SmartThings adds/defines new Capabilities from time to time, without any public notification. I haven't check the documentation change control to see exactly when "Fan Speed" was added - regardless, thanks for pointing this out. Having an official Capability definition is the first step to have us consider adding a Tile Type for it.

This new "Fan Speed" Capability, however, does not align the OP's request for a "low", "medium", "high" type of control; instead, it is much more suited to a dimmer slider ... because the Attribute and Command takes a NUMBER not a discrete speed description.