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Actiontiles and Crimemapping

Benjamin Wilson 4 weeks ago 0

Anyone been able to use or an alternative to create a new media for actiontiles? Making a url works but I was looking for something that could be a png or jpg and have on my main homepage of my panel

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brendanwheatley 2 years ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 month ago 12

I'm new to smart things and now action tiles. I'm having trouble understanding routines. I have selected a routine to create a tile, but I can't make it do anything. I've looked over this forum and can't find anything that talks about what they are in depth. I thought they might allow me to automate things. It looks like there is an area when building tiles to select from different ones, but it is empty. Any help would be huge. Thanks

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Control TV other than on/off?

captaindomon 3 months ago updated 2 months ago 3

I apologize for the newbie question, but I am trying to set up my Samsung Q8F tv on ActionTiles, and all that I can seem to do is turn it on and off? Is there any way to add a mute tile? Or volume up/down, media select etc? Anything other than on/off?

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“Connecting” message appears weekly

Gerry Chiariello 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 2

I have 4 wall mounted Kindle Fire 8s running ActionTiles with FullyKiosk browser and DAK Board sleep screen.  In the past month, one or two of the panels will show “connecting” while the others are fine. I have had this setup for a year with few issues.  This “connecting” screen issue however is recurring on a weekly basis.  I see there was a prior thread on this that is now closed, but I am curious if there is any solution other than returning to home screen and logging back in.  Any input would be appreciated.


Customizing Tileset Title

thejla 3 months ago 0


Is there any way to customize the title fo the Tilesets?  I like to name them by device types and like to see that in different font and size.



Add Tesla Solar Info to ActionTiles

klooney 3 months ago 0

I found a way to view my current and historical production of my Tesla solar panels. When I add the link into AT as media it doesn't display correctly. Does anybody have an idea on how I can add a still image of my current production that updates every hour or so...similar to a weather tile?


Actiontiles Smart Kiosk - help we with electrical connections [photos]

Daniel Soltys 3 months ago 0

So I'm in the final stages of my Fire HD 8" Kiosk which will display

actiontiles for SmartThings and my outside cameras. Can someone tell me

which wires in the box I would connect to?

Switch on left goes up to bathroom fan. On right goes to ceiling light

fixture. There's another GFCI plug over the the left and an power outlet

below the Tablet location near the floor.

Based on the instructions, which nut should I tap into?


Ring Alarm security

Jack Kolotov 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 0

Is there anyway to integrate Ring Alarm Security With actiontile ? I would like to see all the zones (open/close) in tile format on the Kindle Tablet 10. 


Ring Alarm security

Jack Kolotov 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 0

Is there anyway to integrate Ring Alarm Security With actiontile ? I would like to see all the zones (open/close) in tile format on the Kindle Tablet 10. 


Smartthings Cam

duckdive117 - 9 months ago updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 9 months ago 1

I know they are new but I was wondering if there is a way add the video feed from the new Smartthing Cam to action tiles?


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SmartThings Weather Tile Offline

John Intorcio 12 months ago updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 12 months ago 1

I've been using a SmartThings Weather Tile device on my panels for some time. It's a nice quick way to see current conditions. The last few days, however, it seems to have been "offline"? No updates? Has anyone else seen this? Has anyone fixed it? 


Replacement of wall intercom with backspash tile. Will anything fit?

Mn_steve 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

I have one of those 80s style intercoms that the previous owner thought it was great to include in a kitchen remodel from 10 years ago, cutting the hole in the backsplash tile. Without redoing the tile in the whole kitchen, is there a reasonably priced tablet, wall mount that will fit over a 8'x15" hole?

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How Do you create dashboards for multipule devices ?

Zvika 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

I have kindle fire 8 and op5 plus and wanted to know what is the best practice for having panels for several devices .


Harmony Hub understanding...

patrickprinehart 1 year ago updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 0

Now I’m aware that this is not an ActionTiles related issue.  However, I am not fully understanding how the process between an IR Device < Harmony Hub < SmartThings < Actiontiles process works.

I have an electronic fireplace that has an IR remote that is setup and working with Harmony Hub and SmartThings.  When using the Harmony Controller App on an IOS device the fireplace will function as normal.

I added a Harmony Switch for this fireplace into ActionTiles and it was working as desired.  However, sometimes it seems that ActionTiles won’t always work when I try to turn the fireplace on or off.  It’s a hit or miss issue.

Like I stated, I know this is not an issue with ActionTiles but more with SmartThings and it’s control of the device.  However, I haven’t made an attempt to control the fireplace directly from SmartThings since I always tend to use Actiontiles.

Any idea what is causing the interference?  How do these devices need to be setup to all work together?  Just started the process of adding IR remotes.  

Sorry for the post on this message board, I just feel you guys are more understanding of what I am trying to accomplish then the basic SmartThings Forum members would be willing to assist with.

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Garage Door Tile no longer providing confirmation dialog

Kenneth and Maren Will 1 year ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 2

I've noticed that the Confirmation dialog box for my garage door tile no longer appears. It just opens and closes with a single tap. This has caused a few accidental openings. I used windows/chrome/edge and android/chrome. This used to work as expected, but doesn't any longer. Can you help me get it back?
Worried about closing it on someone or opening again in the middle of the night. 
I've tried deleting and adding the tile back. Thanks, Ken

Android Windows

While we are investigating, please use Security / PIN Protection to your Garage Door Tiles.



Example Panelset with image based front-page

Ike O. 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 9

Hi everyone...

I am using a front-page for my panels and it just wanted to share.

It's very simple to do it and your imagination is the limit!


- these are actually 1x3 jpeg images placed next to panel shortcuts.

- Each row is a tile set. 

(the last picture will give you a better idea)


- Your chosen picture or image should blend into white at the end and the panel shortcut background should be white

so that the thin line between the picture and panel shortcut is not visible. I tried several colors with #XXXXXX numbers but for some reason there was always a tone difference. (I am not a graphic artist or photoshop expert so this might be my fault) but white worked perfectly. No tone difference.

- in the panel style, create your own THEME and choose TILE BACKGROUND COLOR white.

- To get rid of spaces between the tiles, go to panel style > Dimentions > Tile Spacer size (scroll down) > Set it for 0 (ZERO)

- Do not show any headers. 

I am creating each room based on this model (PICTURE/THING) 

I am loosing some space but i truly liked how it looked. 

Please shoot any questions you have and hopefully you'll enjoy it!





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Some sensors never change status

tlong 1 year ago updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 3

I have several sensors that won't update (motion sensors mainly). I have gone through and deauthorized everything, then reauthorized - and that fixes it for about 5 minutes. And the motion sensors on the Ring and Arlo cameras are hit & miss at best. I'm at a loss on what to do. It worked seamlessly until about 3 months ago or so. 


Please try this (we need to make it a KB/FAQ):

  1. Using SmartThings Classic App: Automation / SmartApps / "ActionTiles V6 (Connect)" - UNINSTALL
  2. then in ActionTiles, My Locations / ➕, even if the Location (hub) is already listed.

SmartThings cloud has been sketchy and loses SmartApp preferences, we think. This resets it.

If still not working, contact for further diagnostics.

Please don't wait 3 months!!! 


... Terry.

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Gap in the tiles when using 3x2

Ivan B 2 years ago updated by JB Bentz 2 years ago 4

Is there a way to remove blank space in this screenshot? In this page I have 3 tilesets and no blank tiles.Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.34.35.png

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Best Capability for a number

bscuderi 2 years ago updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 2

I have a custom device handler for my device that uses the following custom attribute..


attribute "RPM", "number"

This just displays as a tile in my device handler that shows the current RPM value of my pool pump for example 3,450 RPM.

I would like to get this into action tiles on my display in a way that best presents that information. My question is what device capability, that action tiles supports, should I change this to in order to best present my information? I'm not dead set on using my custom attribute and do not mind if it's something strange or nonsensical as I just want it to display right on action tiles. I tried power use and temperature and some others but then it displays on a tile that says watts or degrees F which looks funny.

bscuderi 2 years ago

thanks for your help bud I found changing the device to device.carbonDioxide was the golden ticket for displaying the number value as I had hoped!