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Some sensors never change status

tlong 4 weeks ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 weeks ago 3

I have several sensors that won't update (motion sensors mainly). I have gone through and deauthorized everything, then reauthorized - and that fixes it for about 5 minutes. And the motion sensors on the Ring and Arlo cameras are hit & miss at best. I'm at a loss on what to do. It worked seamlessly until about 3 months ago or so. 


Please try this (we need to make it a KB/FAQ):

  1. Using SmartThings Classic App: Automation / SmartApps / "ActionTiles V6 (Connect)" - UNINSTALL
  2. then in ActionTiles, My Locations / ➕, even if the Location (hub) is already listed.

SmartThings cloud has been sketchy and loses SmartApp preferences, we think. This resets it.

If still not working, contact for further diagnostics.

Please don't wait 3 months!!! 


... Terry.

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brendanwheatley 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

I'm new to smart things and now action tiles. I'm having trouble understanding routines. I have selected a routine to create a tile, but I can't make it do anything. I've looked over this forum and can't find anything that talks about what they are in depth. I thought they might allow me to automate things. It looks like there is an area when building tiles to select from different ones, but it is empty. Any help would be huge. Thanks

Windows Android

Example Panelset with image based front-page

Ike O. 5 months ago • updated 4 months ago 7

Hi everyone...

I am using a front-page for my panels and it just wanted to share.

It's very simple to do it and your imagination is the limit!


- these are actually 1x3 jpeg images placed next to panel shortcuts.

- Each row is a tile set. 

(the last picture will give you a better idea)


- Your chosen picture or image should blend into white at the end and the panel shortcut background should be white

so that the thin line between the picture and panel shortcut is not visible. I tried several colors with #XXXXXX numbers but for some reason there was always a tone difference. (I am not a graphic artist or photoshop expert so this might be my fault) but white worked perfectly. No tone difference.

- in the panel style, create your own THEME and choose TILE BACKGROUND COLOR white.

- To get rid of spaces between the tiles, go to panel style > Dimentions > Tile Spacer size (scroll down) > Set it for 0 (ZERO)

- Do not show any headers. 

I am creating each room based on this model (PICTURE/THING) 

I am loosing some space but i truly liked how it looked. 

Please shoot any questions you have and hopefully you'll enjoy it!





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ActionTiles stuck on loading on iPad 2018-3-21?

esalomo 9 months ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 9 months ago 3

Action tiles stopped working on my Ipad2 this morning - Did anything changed today?

Everything else is working fine - other devices like PC / Android etc. but just the Ipad2 device stalled in the "loading" stat of the panel using multiple browsers.

Any help/insight will be highly appreciated.



Nope: Nothing has been changed today - the last update was published on March 15.

I was just able to load up AT and a Panel without any problems on my iPad.

  • Has there been a recent iOS update on your iPad?
  • Please logout and login again?
  • Please try clearing the browser cache?

I'll keep this Topic open in case others are experiencing the problem.

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Gap in the tiles when using 3x2

Ivan B 10 months ago • updated by JB Bentz 10 months ago 4

Is there a way to remove blank space in this screenshot? In this page I have 3 tilesets and no blank tiles.Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 13.34.35.png

Mac Android
Answered: Discussion Open

Best Capability for a number

bscuderi 11 months ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 11 months ago 2

I have a custom device handler for my device that uses the following custom attribute..


attribute "RPM", "number"

This just displays as a tile in my device handler that shows the current RPM value of my pool pump for example 3,450 RPM.

I would like to get this into action tiles on my display in a way that best presents that information. My question is what device capability, that action tiles supports, should I change this to in order to best present my information? I'm not dead set on using my custom attribute and do not mind if it's something strange or nonsensical as I just want it to display right on action tiles. I tried power use and temperature and some others but then it displays on a tile that says watts or degrees F which looks funny.

bscuderi 11 months ago

thanks for your help bud I found changing the device to device.carbonDioxide was the golden ticket for displaying the number value as I had hoped!

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How to I get my Weather Font more balanced size wise?

jgirvine 12 months ago • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 11 months ago 2

Please see the attached picture.  How can I get that weather tile more balance?  I really can not read the fonts at the top and the bottom.  


Reference the Level value to determine state when state is "unknown"

Paul G 11 months ago • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 11 months ago 1

New user here, - just started the trial, will likely buy a license in a few days... :-)

You have a KB article referring to why some tiles show a question mark instead of the correct state of a switch device. Following that article, I have established that just as you suggested, the device handler for the device in question is not updating the state value, but is only updating the level value... - I've logged this with the dev's for the device handler in question, and hopefully they'll update it to write the state as well as the level. However, it occurred to me that you could probably handle this condition in a smarter way... - if state in ST is "unknown" for a switch device, then why not check the level value as well, and deduce the state from that - it's easy enough: if $level=0 then $state=off, if $level>0 then $state=on.

Then you won't have to deal with users asking "why the question mark" again... :-)


Paul G.


Hi Paul,

There could be several reasons for the question mark to appear in the tile. For switch in particular, the value could be known, but unexpected or nonconforming to the API (f.e. "turning on", "mostly on"). This value is not necessarily linked with Switch Level value and we can't make any assumption about Switch state based on the Level.

If the switch is unreachable, but reports a switch level of 80%, we can't assume that the switch is "on".




Cater for Level values that are not natively a percentage

Paul G 11 months ago • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 11 months ago 1

Actiontiles appears to append a percent symbol to every level displayed on a tile... - I've not found any indication that this is user configurable...

I have devices exposed in ST (CBUS lights) that do not store levels as a percentage (which would only allow 100 distinct dim levels), but rather the level is a value in the 0-255 range, which allows a greater range of dim levels...

This means I get get tiles that show a level value of 255% - obviously not ideal... the 'best' way to deal with this would be IMO, to allow the user to specify how to display the level... (i.e. as a percentage, or a raw level value, and to handle the conversion if I choose to have a raw value displayed as a %).  
When you read a level value from ST, can you make it user-configurable whether that is interpreted as a raw level in the 0-255 range, or a % level in the 0-100 range, - and handle the conversion so that a value which is the correct % is always calculated & shown on the tile?...

That way, I can have the correct level values shown on tiles as a true % value (i.e. 255=100%) ->  (<current level> / 255) * 100 = the % value to show on the tile...

This should be configurable on a per-tile basis, as I do also have other devices which use 0-100 level values... the range upper value should also be configurable, as there may at some point be other devices which use other level range min & max values (although I'm not aware of such devices currently). Thus the calculation would be: (<current level> / <rangeupper>) * 100 = the % value to show on the tile...

Paul G


Hi Paul,

As a Works With SmartThings application, ActionTiles conforms to device capabilities per official API.

Per ST Documentation, Switch Level attribute is a value between 0 and 100, therefore the value is representing a percentage.

If you are using a custom DTH, please contact the developer to add conversion in the DTH. We don't support non-conforming DTHs.



Closed: Duplicate Issue

anyone else seeing an outage?

Megan Sheppard 1 year ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 1

panels will not come up, can't log in,  generally not working 


v6.7.2 Tile sizes cause Panel size & scroll bars

parac 1 year ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 4

Something with the tile size is a bit "broken" for me with the update. My tiles used to fill up the screen almost completely without a scroll bar showing up. Now I have to have more than a full tile height of empty space in order for the scroll bar to go away. It does the same thing in Chrome and Firefox on windows 10

approx half tile height empty space on bottom and scroll bar is still there

more than full tile height empty for scroll bar to go away

Thanks & Discuss

Good work

Jim Blue 1 year ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 0

Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your app. I have no complaints and no suggestions. Use Action Tiles every day and will promote it to anyone who could use it. I know this app can't be easy to make a reality. I appreciate what you do.

Thank you for your hard work.

Jim Blue


Kudos to the Support Team

Jim 2 years ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 2

Just wanted to give a shoutout to the support team. They respond very quickly to posts here. That's got to take time to monitor the way they do. So thanks all.


Great Work by the Action Tiles Team

Adam 2 years ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 6

ActionTiles looks great, guys... I'm looking forward to working with it! keep up the great work!

Problem Withdrawn

Two tablets sharing one panel

Amr4packrz 2 years ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 5

I currently have two tablets sharing one account and using one panel between both. Previous to the License Key integration both were working properly without any issues. Now for some reason one of the tablets will load and work for a little bit and then be non responsive. I have noticed that the time on the one panel that is non responsive is a couple hours off also when i restart the app. Do I need to create a separate panel for this tablet? Not too sure why it was working previously.


Product Purchased

john 2 years ago • updated by dalec 2 years ago 2

I debated whether or not to take the plunge, but ultimately I decided to vote in favor of the developers and their hard work with my dollars. My hats are off to them for the development of a great product. That said, I feel like this remains a beta product. Critical features remains unfinished such as CSS or other Tileset customization options and simpler, yet equally important, matters such as current non-functioning hyperlinks from Tiles to smartphone apps. I would like to see tile links fixed as soon as possible. Keep up the great work guys!


New users 2 years ago • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 1

If I have a fellow ST user that is interested in using ActionTiles , is there an invitation we could send them, or do they need to sign up at