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Swimming pool automation

Steve Campbell 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Anyone tried to enable/display swimming pool automation into A/T?

i've got an Omni PL controller from Hayward that is SmartThings integrated...

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What capabilities does it have?

The Hayward Omni PL pool controller can be wired or wireless connected, has a smart phone app and apparently some oAuth integration available. The phone app and connected controller let you;

- turn pump on / off

- set pump speed

- turn pool lights on / off

- turn pool features such as bubblers and jets on/off

- apply schedules to the features above

- configure themes (sets of settings for the above)

- configure pool lights for solid colors, color shows, speed of color change, brightness

- pool valve (feature controls) are via low and high voltage relays

- adjust the chlorinator cell (duration, cycle, percentage, and schedule

- monitor outdoor temperature (air)

- monitor pool water temperature

- control motorized pool covers

@alex: Happy to do a call and demo.. there's a web app too.

and it's Alexa integrated... not necessarily SmartThings...