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Lutron Serena Shades issues

rbeckert 3 years ago updated 2 years ago 8

I've added 7 SERENA SHADES by LUTRON to SMARTTHINGS and 'authorized' them. In the ActionTiles app, they appear in LOCATION/HUB DETAILS but when I go to create HubTiles in a tileset, they are not listed.

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It appears that Lutron has changed the shades integration and no longer implement the "Window Shade" capability, which is the standard interface for the corresponding tile. As a result, the devices no longer have any commands and states (such open/close).

Why did they do it, is beyond me. This decision makes no sense...

WOW! Disappointing. Thanks for the information.

FYI, I decided to add tiles for more of my scenes to ActionTiles and discovered those which include my Serena shades will operate them as SmartThings would. Individual tiles for Serena still do not work, but this will do for now,,,

will this issue be fixed any time soon? would love to get my shades working again.


It looks like a new tile type needs to be created. We are trying to access the options...


Great! Thanks for your efforts. 


I found this while trying to figure out why my shades stopped working in ActionTiles. There have been far too many issues with SmartThings lately. I'm very happy to see that y'all are working on this one. How will we know when you solve the problem?

Thanks for posting. I'll give this a try.