How to dismiss smartthing notification for intrusion?

Reha Gomuc 6 months ago updated by Littelbittel 5 months ago 3

Smartthing Home Security workaround 2013 works fine for me [https://support.actiontiles.com/knowledge-bases/8/articles/13332-smartthings-home-monitor-workaround-2023]. 

But I have a related issue that I couldn't find a solution. When you disarm the Home Security through AT (or through ST itself), after opening a door for example, one needs not only disarm the system, but also dismiss the ST notification saying that there is an intrusion. Otherwise the siren goes off...Is there a workaround for this? Otherwise disarming via AT tile on the tablet becomes useless since I have to pull my phone and dismiss the ST notification for infaction as well



Unfortunately, there's just no way to dismiss a SmartThings notification from ActionTiles or to interact with SmartThings Smart Home Monitor in any way.

Not completely correct.  If I manually change my security from Disarmed to Armed (Away or Stay), it will interact with SmartThings and effect the change status.  But it will not turn off the status if it alarms by an intrusion.

Also if SmartThings sees your siren then you can add a Hub Tile to AT's that will turn off (or on) the siren.  And it can have a security code.