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SmartWeather Station Tile location Authorization issue

johnh1967 1 year ago updated by Feliz Lalof 1 year ago 6

I recently had to authorize my AT panels with my Samsung account. It always seems like there's something new that I have to do with AT, but I think this was a requirement from ST I believe. 

I currently have two ST hubs in different locations with two AT seat licenses. I noticed that once I authorized my (at home) AT with my Samsung account, the SmartWeather Tile app stopped giving me its location and other weather data. 

I looked at the panel with the same SmartWeather tile app connected to the other hub  (different house, different AT seat license) had not been authorized yet, and the weather tile was still working perfectly. Once I authorized that panel through AT and Samsung, the SmartWeather tile was also not working correctly.

I had to authorize my AT with my Samsung account because AT was not updating the status of switches and lights correctly. I am wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same situation.

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Hi John,

This is an expected side effect of the recent SmartThings platform changes. The Weather functionality is to be restored in the coming days. No action from your part is required.

hi Alex Today I wake up with my  all panel gone In AT Could you tell what I can do , Thanks 

I am experiencing the exact same problem. Once I reauthorized my AT panels, my SmartWeather tiles stopped updating. I deleted them and added them back via the Smartthings IDE, which updated everything again. However, it hasn't updated since I readded it and the event logs don't even show it's trying.

Are others experiencing this? Any ideas?

Thanks everyone!


Hi, I followed the advice from Alex and just waited. After about three weeks of no change, I shut down my Android tablets to go on vacation. When I came home a week later, restarted them, and launched AT, the weather tile started working again. Probably not helpful information, but that was my case. But, if you have not shut down and restarted your AT device, you give it a try.

Good luck -John

ActionTiles pulls the data from SmartThings and issues refresh command every 30 minutes. If SmartThings fails to update the weather data, there's nothing that could be done from the ActionTiles side of things.

Since SmartThings no longer supports this device, the support in ActionTiles will be limited.

Thanks Alex. That is what I was afraid of. Seems like Samsung is just slowing killing off the IDE and I'm not sure I understand if there is a replacement path.

Has anyone else found a tile approach to pulling WU PWS data into a nice tile like the SmartWeather tile provided?