add echo button to actiontiles

A11eycta00 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Hi there. I am fairly new to AT and it is great.

I have a few of the large echo buttons that do a routine when pressed. Is their a way to get them on AT as a tile at all?


I'm glad you are enjoying ActionTiles, Richard.

Only devices that are connected to SmartThings or Hubitat can be added to ActionTiles. I'm not sure if these buttons can be added directly to SmartThings, however there may be a round-abound way of connecting them.

How would you use it with ActionTiles though? Buttons require a physical push, they cannot be triggered remotely.

As an alternative, you may create a Simulated Switch and add it as a Tile. This switch tile can then be used to trigger the same routine that your Echo button triggers.


Hi Alex. I am loving the AT. It is great to have a cool project to work on!

I have now created (copied and published) the alexa switch. Awesome. Thank you again Alex. Great work on AT.