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Guest Mode enables panel?

LaNeve Home 11 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 11 months ago 1

Is there a way to enable a panel only while smartthings is in a certain mode. For example, we have the same guests come stay with us frequently. I'd like to create a panel for them to use when they are here but not let them screw with our stuff when not here.

One simple thing I thought of, would be to create a panel that has specific things for them (they don't need everything), but their guest accounts only work if the house is in "guest Mode". This way I don't need to activate their guest accounts every few weeks when they visit, and deactivate when they leave. All I need to do is set the smartthings mode to Guest Mode and then the panel works.   When they leave I switch to a different mode on smartthings and their panel doesn't work.

Is there a way to do this?

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Show user who activated Thing (e.g on/off) in SmartThings "Recently" Event Feed

Brian Beaird 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 1

Is there any way to add some sort of user identification in the device event log in the SmartThings app for who performed the action? This would be nice when sharing panels.

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Account logs and conditional login restrictions?

Dani 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by jrvisconti 1 year ago 5


Is it possible to share a panel?:

  1. only when the user is at the location
  2. only in a schedule time interval
  3. when the user is at location with a panel and with another panel when the user is away

Is it possible to see with AT, (real time) logs with what users are use the panels now and what time was spent at location each user?

Thank you.

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Different Tablet Setups

David Wright 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 3

I am considering using ActionTiles for an iMac and 2 iPads.  My question is, can each device have a different setup layout.  I will be using the iMac and 1 iPad.  My wife will be using the other iPad.  She requires simplicity.


State label not updated on SHM Tile in view-only Share

Darren 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 6

I think there may be a bug, or unexpected behaviour, with the view only mode for the Smart Home Monitor. If I keep the tile unsecured, the tile displays the status as a padlock (locked or unlocked) icon and with the word "armed" or "disarmed" below it. The same behaviour is true if I PIN protect the tile. But if I set the tile to view only, the tile only shows the padlock icon, the armed/disarmed text is not shown.


View-Only for individual Switch Tiles

ericdthomps 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 5

But now I have the same question for lights.

I have a bunch of Hue lights integrated w/ Smartthings.

I'd like the bulb tile to only show status (on/off) and not be able to turn it on/off via panel.

In my use case... the panel is accessible to family (including kids)... want them to see status only, not interact.

The interaction happens through app that wife and I have access to.

Thanks again.  Eric


Voucher for temporary access for guests

Look, I like your security-minded approach to actiontiles but registering for an account, especially for those who operate a B&B and want to give access to a specific panel to control the lights in the apartment, is not an option.

Please implement a voucher based, calendar integrated kind of system to grant access to our guests. There's gotta be a way to do this securely! It will likely increase the overall usage.

Thank you.

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Geo-Fence: Allow shared panel action only while on site

Olivier Massard 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 1

On top of the Pin code which is pretty cool, would it be possible to have a Geo-Fence functionality on the Panel, allowing only “on-site” Arm / disarm action? Could be good to prevent your guest or housekeeping to play around with the alarm while not onsite!

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How to share to family or Buddies using additional Accounts?

dalec 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 2

I read that I can have family members access my ActionTiles account. I am not sure exactly how I am supposed to do that. I had my wife request a subscription to ActionTiles and then she verified the email account; is that the intended method for setting up all my family members so they can access my ActionTiles on their on mobile phones? This is a lot different than the old method.


Shared Panels - Interactive Mode not executing routines

Josh Barnhardt 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 15

Sharing a panel with two simple routine tiles.
I have it set to interactive mode for secondary user.
Using this panel with the primary account, click the routine tile - the routine executes.
Using this panel with the secondary account, click the routine tile - nothing executes.

Am I missing something? Or is this a bug?


Option to hide drawer menu FAB (floating button) in Shared Panels

sec.dom 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 7

Possibility to remove setting button (three dots), please?

I use ActionTiles in a Wink relay and it works extremely well. There is no way to get out of ActionTiles when it is open in webapp. But my kids or any person have a possibility with the settings button in dashboard for modify the settings or when it is shared make a logout or change panel.