View-Only for individual Switch Tiles

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But now I have the same question for lights.

I have a bunch of Hue lights integrated w/ Smartthings.

I'd like the bulb tile to only show status (on/off) and not be able to turn it on/off via panel.

In my use case... the panel is accessible to family (including kids)... want them to see status only, not interact.

The interaction happens through app that wife and I have access to.

Thanks again.  Eric

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Useful idea, Eric...

  • For now, the View-Only option is only at the full shared-Panel level. Improving granularity to specific Tiles or Tilesets is a Feature requests which folks can now comment and Vote on.
  • The more likely short-term feature to arrive will be PIN protected Tiles. First for Smart Home Monitor (SHM) since we have a very popular Feature Request Topic (http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/365-pin-pad-andor-password-for-shm/)

If that option is available via sharing, would be simple to have another email address and use that for that function? If I'm understanding the comment correctly.

Sharing to a Buddy (or family member, etc.) is a great way to create a fully "view-only" entire Panel.

This Feature Request is to make the view-only option selectable on an individual Tile-by-Tile basis... ie, a Tile Setting.

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