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Different Tablet Setups

David Wright 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Sharing updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 3

I am considering using ActionTiles for an iMac and 2 iPads.  My question is, can each device have a different setup layout.  I will be using the iMac and 1 iPad.  My wife will be using the other iPad.  She requires simplicity.

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Absolutely yes, David! You can create as many custom Panels as you want and even share specific ones to distinct ActionTiles "Accounts". That way each tablet in your home or each member of your household will have a tailored view.

Do I just add another account for the iPad with my wife's email address and configure the panels for the iPad and just add the license (when I get It) to each account?

First: Please note that you don't actually need to use multiple ActionTiles Accounts to use custom Panels for each viewing device. You can bookmark the full specific Panel address (and "Add to Homescreen / Add to Desktop" as desired. However, using multiple Accounts has two benefits:

  • (a) Prevents the user from accidentally using a different Panel or accessing other Things from your SmartThings Location.
  • (b) Securely prevents that login from purposefully accessing anything other than the Panels (and its Tiles) that you explicitly shared with each specific Buddy Account(s).

Second: To ensure this control and security, do not link (add) your Location to the Buddy Accounts. It's not needed. Just share Panels to them.

Third: The ActionTiles Licenses currently being sold are per SmartThings Location (not per Account). This means you can create "unlimited" (within reason) Accounts for Sharing or control purposes with no additional charges.