How to share to family or Buddies using additional Accounts?

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I read that I can have family members access my ActionTiles account. I am not sure exactly how I am supposed to do that. I had my wife request a subscription to ActionTiles and then she verified the email account; is that the intended method for setting up all my family members so they can access my ActionTiles on their on mobile phones? This is a lot different than the old method.

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Hey Dalec,

Unlike the old SmartTiles way of sharing by using a "secret" token in the URL for the shared Panel (which isn't considered particularly secure since it's easy to forget that secret access_token is there and perhaps email, bookmark or post the accessible link somewhere you didn't intend to...), ActionTiles uses "secure sharing" to specific other ActionTiles Accounts referenced by their email address. This ensures that the only the Buddy you share to has access -- because they need to login with their personal ActionTiles password.

If each of your family members has their own email addresses already (not too unusual these days, right?), then they can create Accounts for themselves at https://app.ActionTiles.com; with one little hitch:

For a while longer, everyone needs an additional unique Invitation Code in order to Register for their own Account. In the short term, we included 2 (two!) unique Invitation Codes in each Invitation Email. That's enough to share with one Buddy (family member, friend, neighbor, house or pet sitter, cleaner...). We will "soon" either disable Invitation Codes or streamline their request so that you can have "unlimited" Accounts for your Buddies (based upon the current License package terms).

If you want to share a Panel for the household (e.g., an entrance way) and yet not use your own Account that has created (and can thus edit all the Panels), or you want to share with a youngster who doesn't have an email account, please reference the Knowledge Base article linked below for a suggested approach:

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