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SmartThing Lighting groups tile

MikeJT 4 days ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 days ago 2

Countdown timer

evldave 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by takedown 6 months ago 2

Am migrating our entry tablet into ActionTiles.  Using a basic Android tablet with a countdown timer widget (kids usually want Christmas, I want the day they all move out).  Is there a way to add a countdown timer tile to ActionTiles?  I tried using a couple online countdown timers but they don't seem to display correctly in the tile (they are just a link to that page).  Any ideas?


Outdoor temperature from Weather Underground to replace SmartWeather Station

Steve McVey 8 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 months ago 1

I have been using the SmartWeather Station tile from Smartthings on my 8" Fire tablet and it is still working but it only updates every three hours, which makes it useless since the temperature can be vastly different in that range. I'm looking for a way to replace this functionality and simply display the current outdoor temperature sourced from a Weather Underground station a few houses away. Given that SmartWeather Station is no longer supported (True?) is there a replacement for this seemingly simple function? I have seen forecast and weather map tiles but not plain old temperature. Bonus for humidity, lumins, barometer, etc.


Are action tiles for Hubitat dashboard tiles setup?

GregW 11 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 11 months ago 1

Can an action tile be migrated to Hubitat to be used in designing my Dashboards?

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Lorex Home and Kumo Cloud

Jeff in Lake 1 year ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 2

MJPEG feed loading delay

I am currently using VLC to encode my RTSP camera feeds from Unfi Protect so that they are usable on AT.

The issue I am having is that if I refresh one of my dashboards, the feeds will take 20-40 seconds to load. When using these Cameras to check all is ok around my property it can obviously become quite frustrating with such a wait before getting a live view.

Is anyone else experiencing delays with this?

I am using a server with plenty on resource for VLC.

I am having the delay with all devices whether it be edge, chrome, android tablets running AT app. Even tried safari on an iPad.

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how to toggle off smartthings home monitor "arm" tiles when selecting disarm.

drew571 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 7

Hello.  Very new to AT but trying to dig in a bit.  I have Smart Things Home Monitor, using the new app, and have figured out how to set virtual switches to arm and disarm the alarm system from AT.  My question is, how do I configure AT to turn off the Arm Away or the Arm Stay switch when I select Disarm.  Is this possible?  Is it possible if I disarm it from my smart things app as well?  would like it to sync.  right now the Arm switches always show as "on" even after I've disarmed the system and i have to manually turn off the Arm switches.  

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Sports scores

jpozzoli 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Mike Reuben 2 years ago 5

Is it possible to have a tile, or perhaps several, to show scores of certain teams (which I define) across different sports?


Hi Brian,

There no direct way to implement this functionality. However, you could create a Media Tile and link to an image that displays the score and have the image refresh periodically.




Add Dexcom CGM Data - Great for T1Ds!

Donnie Iorio 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by parac 2 years ago 1

Hi everyone!  This one really is only going to be good for T1Ds (like me) or parents of kids with T1D that also wear a CGM. 

I set up Nightscout on a Heroku instance and have it iFramed to my ActionTile panels, including the one I have in my Tesla.  Really great for awareness, and you can set color thresholds to help keep me in range.

Image 5265


Dimmer slider, color picker always visible via a special new Tile type?

Nic 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by leftofdead 2 years ago 31 4 duplicates

I apologize if this has been discussed already, I couldn't find an answer. Is it possible to have a dim slider or color picker shown next to the switch all the time instead of having to click the three dots? I think it would be really helpful to be able to simply slide the dimmer without going through a menu.

Thanks for everything!


Anyone done any work with

Ct_Formula 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Tommy Wilkerson 2 years ago 4
Has anyone done any integration with  

That would be pretty cool 


iFrame Tiles - working sites

Kevin1 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Derek Lindvall 2 years ago 36

Thought I would make a topic for known working sites for everyone to add to their ActionTile panels.  I'll start off with:

* - internet speed test

  -simple and works, just use

Image 5040

* - beautiful weather map with wind streams, radar etc

  -set the view you like, then use the top left menu at, select "embed widget in page".   When you paste into ActionTiles, delete the html tags so you end up with only the long URL between quotes following src=.  If you get this incorrect, ActioNTiles seems to embed ActionTiles site in the iframe tile instead.

Image 5041


Created Different Types of Custom Tiles in Action Tiles Dashboard

sk108 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Dmitry 2 years ago 2

Wanted to share my Action Tiles dashboard. Created different types of custom tiles using PHP, google sheets and a hosting server that I own.

  1. Upcoming Tile - It reminds you about important upcoming events like birthdays. Example - “Upcoming” tile in the picture.
  2. Pay Bill Tile - It reminds you about any upcoming bills and days left. Example - “Pay Bill For” tiles in the picture.
  3. Text Tile - It comes handy when you need to give a name to your tile groups or want to remind yourself to order something. Example - “Frequent” and “Order Eggs” tiles in the picture.
  4. Days Ago Tile - It tells you that how many days have past for a given event like aquarium water change. Example - “Aquarium WC” tile in the picture.

Please note that I am using the free version of Action Tiles. In case you have any question, feel free to drop them in comments. Thanks!

Custom TilesCustom Tiles

Android Fire

How are you adding your music players to ActionTiles?

Sidney 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 2 years ago 46

I was just wondering how everyone else is adding their music players to ActionTiles.

I am using an app called Echo Speaks that is added to my SmartThings as a Smart App.

I can control the Echo's Play, Stop, Pause, Volume and Skipping.

Right now, I can only control the Volume of the Fire HDs.

Image 3757

The individual Echo Tiles also show up in their respective Room Panels.  So when I go into the Living Room Panel, the 'Echo - Living Room' tile is in there as well.


Temperature tile normal vs warning

AlanL 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles 0

I have a tile that shows the temperature on a motion detector. The tile is in the  "normal"  condition state. Id like for it to stay "normal" when the temperature is bellow a certain point and change to warn then alert state when it above a certain point.


0-75 degrees = normal

76-80 =warn

80+ = alert.

hubitat on the back end.  Any ideas?


Clock/Timezone Media Workaround, Anyone?

Max R 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Tushar Arora 3 years ago 4

While we're waiting for a clock tile with [hub]timezone support, I was wondering if anyone's come across a media source for a bitmap/videostreamed clock in any given timezone? All I'm looking for is having a tile display the current Pacific Standard Time no matter where I am in the world. Any suggestions?

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Thermostat Tile: Custom icon & colors when actively heating or cooling and for excessive heat or cooling

Computer Helper 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 3 years ago 4

I can't find where to change the thermostat icon

I would like the tile to show red when actively heating, blue when cooling

Show a flashing red or blue when a "setpoint" is hit. Flashing red above 75 or flashing blue below 66

I have Smartthings setup to notify me if my tenants are turning the heat up.

Thank you,



Automation tiles instead of Scene tiles?

Mike Thomas 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 1

I'm rearranging my scenes & automations in SmartThings. Right now my ActionTiles panel refers to a single scene (called "Bedtime") that turns some lights off, locks the doors, and starts a countdown (using power allowance on a virtual switch) to turn on the interior cameras and turn off the last light.

I am planning on splitting that scene into several individual scenes - lights off, lock doors, cameras on, because that just make sense (to me anyway) as the individual scenes can be used for purposes other than bedtime.

The problem is, a SmartThings scene cannot call another scene (so I can't have a master scene that calls the 3 individual scenes).

I can, however, use a SmartThings automation (I have one already, it runs at 10pm if I forget to run it; I would modify it to call the individual scenes rather than the single Bedtime scene).

BUT - it appears that ActionTiles won't let me call an automation - is that by design?


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SmartThings scenes look different and don't appear in ActionTiles

rsantone 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 45

I had a few, I guess "routines" in the ST Classic. "Goodbye" turned the heat down and set the mode to Away. "I'm Back" turned the heat up and set the mode to Home. Apparently something in these prevented migration to the new app so i deleted them and remade "Scenes" that did the same thing. They look different in the app, and don't show up in ActionTiles. What can I do? I've attached a pic.

Image 5398


The native Scene integration was rolled back on October 18 until farther notice. It will continue to work for those who already authorized their locations.

Meanwhile the following workaround remains available:

The method described above is sub optimal, however it's the most "user friendly" method to integrate the scenes. It's much less involved and dummy proof than running a scene via HTTP webhook.

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Randomly losing video streams

JayUK 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 1

Hi all,

It's probably just me (it usually is), but it seems that recently I am randomly losing my video feeds to my media tiles more often.

My setup is:

Fire HD8

LineageOS 16

Fully Kiosk (licensed)

4 media tiles showing streams from Blue Iris

I have FKB configured to use a screensaver (black screen) and automatically turn back on when motion is detected.

The videos were quite stable, but recently I am getting grey tiles with different streams.

A reload of the AT panel/screen solves it.

Has anyone else noticed more recent issue with video streams?

Can anyone suggest a solution (I wanted to avoid the static image route and stick with live video)