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iFrame Tiles - working sites

Kevin1 1 month ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Derek Lindvall 2 weeks ago 12

Thought I would make a topic for known working sites for everyone to add to their ActionTile panels.  I'll start off with:

* - internet speed test

  -simple and works, just use

* - beautiful weather map with wind streams, radar etc

  -set the view you like, then use the top left menu at, select "embed widget in page".   When you paste into ActionTiles, delete the html tags so you end up with only the long URL between quotes following src=.  If you get this incorrect, ActioNTiles seems to embed ActionTiles site in the iframe tile instead.


iFrame Tiles (web page embedding)

dennybono 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 weeks ago 87

It would be nice to be able to display a small iframe "tile" on my panel. For example my access points have apis that allow me to view their status. I'd like to show that on my panel.

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Ability to show a switch as a contact sensor

Neil Dingwall 2 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by James Batchelor 3 weeks ago 4

By way of background I use the elements theme because I find the different colors for different types of tile make for good visual grouping.

I have 10 or so contact sensors which are grouped together and appear as orange. However I am using some wyze contact sensors which are used via ifttt to set a virtual switch in smartthings. Therefore these “contact sensors” show as on/off on green tiles.

It would be helpful to be able to choose to represent  switches as contact sensors to fix this.


Created Different Types of Custom Tiles in Action Tiles Dashboard

sk108 4 weeks ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Kevin1 4 weeks ago 1

Wanted to share my Action Tiles dashboard. Created different types of custom tiles using PHP, google sheets and a hosting server that I own.

  1. Upcoming Tile - It reminds you about important upcoming events like birthdays. Example - “Upcoming” tile in the picture.
  2. Pay Bill Tile - It reminds you about any upcoming bills and days left. Example - “Pay Bill For” tiles in the picture.
  3. Text Tile - It comes handy when you need to give a name to your tile groups or want to remind yourself to order something. Example - “Frequent” and “Order Eggs” tiles in the picture.
  4. Days Ago Tile - It tells you that how many days have past for a given event like aquarium water change. Example - “Aquarium WC” tile in the picture.

Please note that I am using the free version of Action Tiles. In case you have any question, feel free to drop them in comments. Thanks!

Custom TilesCustom Tiles
Android Fire

How are you adding your music players to ActionTiles?

Sidney 1 year ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Derek C 1 month ago 26

I was just wondering how everyone else is adding their music players to ActionTiles.

I am using an app called Echo Speaks that is added to my SmartThings as a Smart App.

I can control the Echo's Play, Stop, Pause, Volume and Skipping.

Right now, I can only control the Volume of the Fire HDs.

The individual Echo Tiles also show up in their respective Room Panels.  So when I go into the Living Room Panel, the 'Echo - Living Room' tile is in there as well.


August Lock Functionality

Craig Thomas 1 month ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 1 month ago 4


I was excited that August Smart Locks are now officially supported in SmartThings. Post here (

I have this set up and working in SmartThings. When I added it to ActionTiles today, I am able to see it and create a lock tile and a sensor tile. However, is there any way to combine these similar to my Garage Door tile with MyQ rather than having 2 tiles?

The type in is showing it as "placeholder" with "No states found." Just curious if there is anything else that can be done or I should select to make this better.


Craig T.


Intent URL for Google Chrome Remote Desktop for IOS

naps 1 month ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles 0

Would anyone have the launch url for the chrome remote desktop app on the ipad. I would like to open that app with a special tile.

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Thermostat Tile: Custom icon & colors when actively heating or cooling and for excessive heat or cooling

Computer Helper 8 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Joe Pine 2 months ago 2

I can't find where to change the thermostat icon

I would like the tile to show red when actively heating, blue when cooling

Show a flashing red or blue when a "setpoint" is hit. Flashing red above 75 or flashing blue below 66

I have Smartthings setup to notify me if my tenants are turning the heat up.

Thank you,



How to add Sticky Notes

Adrew 2 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 2 months ago 2

Hi all !

I looked around the forum but didn't find anything written on this other than a request.

Here's how to have sticky notes in AT (I wanted an easy way for everybody at home to be able to leave and delete notes)

I downloaded: Sticky Notes from the play store

Then in AT add a shortcut in My Shortcuts; use this link (and add the name you want):


Now add this shortcut tile to your Panel and you're good to go ! A sticky note will appear and will stay on-screen at all time until deleted.

(I did this on my fire tablet but I'm assuming it will be the same on all android devices)

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Panel shortcut - option to bind to switch

MaxVonEvil 3 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Kevin1 3 months ago 3

Hi, I'd like to request a feature by where it's possible to bind the status of a switch device (virtual etc) to how a panel shortcut tile is presented. The use case is that I have a master panel, which breaks out into several sub panels for the house; garage, pool control, office, etc. When something is going on in a given sub panel, I would like it to light up (accent), letting me know something is out of the ordinary. I control all this with a dedicated webcore piston, keeping an eye on the status of specific devices in a given area, flipping a virtual switch,placed as a (security:read-only) tile underneath each shortcut tile, It currently looks like this:

The It works as intended, however it's wasting valuable tile space.

In summary I'd love to see an option by which a shortcut tile's appearance could be modified by way of a switch.


Only show tiles for Open windows and Doors?

Randy Rands 6 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by atlwolfpack 3 months ago 1

Is there a way to make tiles "disappear" when they meet certain conditions?  My use case is for the alarm - I only want to see tiles for the open windows and doors so that I can see at a glance if there are issues.  Is that possible?


Feature request: "Show device status" checkbox for power meters

MaxVonEvil 3 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 3 months ago 1

Hi Terry & Alex,

I have a small item which I'd hope you'd consider including in the next update (presuming universal text tiles aren't around the corner just yet)

As of today we have the "Show device status" in the footer section for switch-type tiles and others.

My ask is to have the same option on powermeter-type tiles

Why? Because power meters are the only tile which currently supports showing an integer, which I can fudge backstage

What do I need that for?

So I created a webcore piston, which among other things queries the page count of my printer via it's built in web interface. In the ST IDE I created a virtual power meter, which I'm displaying in AT with the caption "Page count". Unfortunately one can't turn off the footer text/device status for a power meter, so underneath the page count it reads "power (w)", which irks my persnickety sense of order in the cosmos.. :)

Hope this makes sense.

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ADT ST Security Hub Arm / Disarm 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Shane Trapp 3 months ago 15

Is it possible to arm / disarm (with pin) using the ADT ST Security Hub from a Tileset?


Hi Paul,

I changed your Question into a "Feature Request": Control of Arm/Disarm (and possibly other SmartThings ADT Security Hub functionality) is not a currently available ActionTiles function.

  • SmartThings has not published an API or any specifications for controlling the ADT Security Hub features.
  • SmartThings Community developers / power-users / hackers have discovered undocumented and unsupported APIs that seem to work.
  • ActionTiles could attempt to use these APIs, but we always hesitate to use unsanctioned hooks.
    • Since it is undocumented the functionality may be unstable and may change or be disabled by SmartThings and/or ADT at any time.
    • As a "Works With SmartThings"™ (WWST) certified app, we might be penalized for using the unsanctioned API, even after putting in the effort, testing it, and rolling it out to our customers.

That said; if there is significant customer interest here ( Topic VOTES! ), we might consider taking the risk: Though, seriously, we would be much more happy if the indication of customer interest convinced SmartThings to officially open the API, or at least grant ActionTiles a formal exception.




How to: Plex Tiles!

iam 7 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Jon Rohan 5 months ago 17

I started this project some time ago just don't have time to make it a "official project/app."


A (very basic) PHP file uses the Tautulli API to get the most recently played movie TV show ETC and re-displays the image.

Possible upgrades if anyone is interested in forking it.  Adding a global host and API Key, adding global specific methods to each action, image caching ETC..


  • Some basic tech knowledge  (I will answer some questions but have no plans of fully supporting this.)
  • Plex (obviously)
  • Tautulli -  (Even if you don't want to do this, is still a great tool.)
  • PHP web server

1.  Enable the Tautulli API from: /settings#tab_tabs-web_interface

2. Get Tautulli API Key also at the bottom of that page.

3.  Note all the section ids from /libraries using Tautulli (example: /library?section_id=8)

4. Save the attached file (recently_played.phprecently_played.php) to your web server.

5. Edit that file and add your $host and $api_key values (from step #2)

6. Add the media title to AT.  This will be your web server url along with the section id.  Example:

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Map Attribute value to custom value in Tile Footer

Ing. Ricardo Guevara 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Sim1011 5 months ago 2

I want to suggest a small change, but very important for my future projects.

I want to be able to change the tile status in the footer to a custom WORD status.

e.g.: When a contact sensor reports OPEN, the tile status should show ACTIVE, LIFTED or NOTHING AT ALL. -or- When that contact sensor is CLOSED, the tile status should show INACTIVE, LOCKED or NOTHING AT ALL. Same thing for other sensors.

Please check the picture attached to have a better idea. Please thumbs up in case you guys like the change.

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is there a way to make an infomation tile also execute a seperate url command?

tboguejr 5 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 months ago 1
Android Fire Windows

Dynamic Panel Shortcut?

Tom_G_2010 6 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 5 months ago 3

Is there anyway to create a panel shortcut tile that can return you to whatever previous panel you came from?

At present I have four Fire Tablets around the house and I am at a point where I have enough smart devices in my home that I have them grouped across several Action Tiles panels:  Bedrooms, Kitchen/Living Room, Basement, Yard, Cameras.On each table I have a home page panel that is unique that tablet location with location specific content.  At the bottom of that panel I have a set of panel shortcuts to navigate to the shared panels mentioned above.

From the Home page panel (Kitchen home page panel shown below) I can navigate to any of the shared panels such as the Downstairs panel show below that.  However, the only way back to the main menu I came from would be to have a main menu button to go to each tablet home page or an addition shared page with panel shortcuts for each.  The panel shortcut tiles needed for the first idea eat up to much screen real-estate.  the second idea works but requires two steps to get back to a main menu.

What I would like to do instead is have the main menu panel shortcut tiles trigger a script that notes what main menu I came from before sending me to the sub panel.  And, when use the Main Menu panel shortcut tile on that sub panel to return the script then sends me back to where I came from.

Any ideas on how to do that?  I'm wondering if I can use a URL shortcut tile instead of panel shortcuts and use those to trigger a script that would manage this...

Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated.


Tom G.

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Colour picker not showing up for my device

George Ricketts 5 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 months ago 2

I'm having issues getting the colour picker to show up in ActionTiles when using an H801 RGB device. It will show the current colour of the LED strip at the bottom of the switch tile but I can't see any way to enter the colour picker menu.

I saw previous threads around ensuring the color, hue and saturation attributes are populated correctly and that appears to be the case.


Static text on a tile?

Ryan McGinty 6 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Kevin1 5 months ago 4

I am wondering what the recommended method to simply add a tile that has information on it is? For instance, I am making an "Emergency Info" with the address, phone numbers for non-911 emergency services in my area etc. I just need to create a tile and essentially give it a caption. I've searched for other topics, but most get more complicated than what am looking to do. Is there a simple method to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for any information! 

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Sports scores

jpozzoli 1 year ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by anonymous 6 months ago 4

Is it possible to have a tile, or perhaps several, to show scores of certain teams (which I define) across different sports?


Hi Brian,

There no direct way to implement this functionality. However, you could create a Media Tile and link to an image that displays the score and have the image refresh periodically.