Automation tiles instead of Scene tiles?

Mike Thomas 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 1

I'm rearranging my scenes & automations in SmartThings. Right now my ActionTiles panel refers to a single scene (called "Bedtime") that turns some lights off, locks the doors, and starts a countdown (using power allowance on a virtual switch) to turn on the interior cameras and turn off the last light.

I am planning on splitting that scene into several individual scenes - lights off, lock doors, cameras on, because that just make sense (to me anyway) as the individual scenes can be used for purposes other than bedtime.

The problem is, a SmartThings scene cannot call another scene (so I can't have a master scene that calls the 3 individual scenes).

I can, however, use a SmartThings automation (I have one already, it runs at 10pm if I forget to run it; I would modify it to call the individual scenes rather than the single Bedtime scene).

BUT - it appears that ActionTiles won't let me call an automation - is that by design?



SmartThings is not designed to call an automation. This is the core difference between scenes and automations. Automations need triggers, while scenes can be run on demand.

As of several days ago, Scene Tiles are available to be added to your Panels.

You may want to tie scene execution to a Simulated Switch. In this case you will be able run a set of scenes when you turn ON a switch and then a different set of Scenes when the switch is OFF.