Created Different Types of Custom Tiles in Action Tiles Dashboard

sk108 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Dmitry 3 years ago 2

Wanted to share my Action Tiles dashboard. Created different types of custom tiles using PHP, google sheets and a hosting server that I own.

  1. Upcoming Tile - It reminds you about important upcoming events like birthdays. Example - “Upcoming” tile in the picture.
  2. Pay Bill Tile - It reminds you about any upcoming bills and days left. Example - “Pay Bill For” tiles in the picture.
  3. Text Tile - It comes handy when you need to give a name to your tile groups or want to remind yourself to order something. Example - “Frequent” and “Order Eggs” tiles in the picture.
  4. Days Ago Tile - It tells you that how many days have past for a given event like aquarium water change. Example - “Aquarium WC” tile in the picture.

Please note that I am using the free version of Action Tiles. In case you have any question, feel free to drop them in comments. Thanks!

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Are you creating images for media tiles, or using new IFrames?  I have some image/media tiles I am creating with webcore and google sheets.  The image is created by publishing a chart in google sheets.  It works pretty well, but is rather limited by the formatting of the google sheets horizontal bar chart (for example all the text I am displaying is right aligned as it is the Y axis labels).

It works pretty well.  I have one google sheets file with multiple tabs.  Each tab has the data (from webcore) and the chart for each tile.  If I could figure out a way to format the text better I would publish more info about it.  I like monochrome colors :)  I was experimenting with way to change the tile color from webcore also but don't think I got that to work.


@sk108, would you share your methodology?