Countdown timer

evldave 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by takedown 1 year ago 2

Am migrating our entry tablet into ActionTiles.  Using a basic Android tablet with a countdown timer widget (kids usually want Christmas, I want the day they all move out).  Is there a way to add a countdown timer tile to ActionTiles?  I tried using a couple online countdown timers but they don't seem to display correctly in the tile (they are just a link to that page).  Any ideas?

Did you ever get a countdown timer?

hi ive created a count down timer gif for alarms. It counts down from 5min and resets automatedly, as shown 

Image 7092

problem is ive got it count done on smarthings app fine, but i want (IF THIS THAN THAT intergration within actiontiles would be good) then if STHM Arm Away is pressed then trigger Count down timer + Smarthings app / alarms + alexa