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Thermostat Tile: Custom icon & colors when actively heating or cooling and for excessive heat or cooling

Computer Helper 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 3 years ago 4

I can't find where to change the thermostat icon

I would like the tile to show red when actively heating, blue when cooling

Show a flashing red or blue when a "setpoint" is hit. Flashing red above 75 or flashing blue below 66

I have Smartthings setup to notify me if my tenants are turning the heat up.

Thank you,


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Hi Mike,

This is a great Feature Request (and I think we've had something similar to this already mentioned to us).

We still have a lot of interest in basic color control (editing colors on a Tile by Tile basis), even; so something like this is more functional than aesthetic sometimes gets higher or lower priority depending on a lot of factors. But we love great ideas to help AT keep improving.

i second this request. At least let us change the thermostats to at least warn/alert like we can a light so we cab set the colors ourselves in a theme. Thank you for all that you do! Love acriontiles! 


+1 to this request. I'm considering moving my dashboards from Hubitat to ActionTiles, but this is likely a blocker for me.

Here's how part of my Hubitat dashboard looks:

(red shows a floor is heating, blue shows a floor is cooling)

Here's how my ActionTiles dashboard looks:

Lets put the battery and humidity in a single tile to keep things clean,