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SHM & STHM options?

CrankyCowboy 5 months ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 week ago 13

So I recently decided to dive into all of "this" (ie. actiontiles, smartthings etc.) It's sort of hard to keep up since things constantly evolve and when you read older topics sometimes those issues have been resolved etc.  I wanted a "dashboard" or "frontend" to interface with smartthings. I only had a couple of conditions that needed to be met. I wanted to be able to control all/most of my "smart devices", I wanted Alexa integration, and I wanted to be able to control my home security via the panel that I chose. I did a lot of reading and it appeared that smartthings with actiontiles would do all of what I wanted. I purchased a ST hub, a actiontiles license and a Konnected alarm module. I've learned a lot along the way and things have been relatively smooth. But here is where I've hit a roadblock...

It looks like actiontiles doesn't (yet) support the v3 new app where STHM is concerned...and apparently, SHM is no longer an option in the classic app (at least for new accounts...it no longer shows up and can't be added). I've seen some workarounds that sort of make the v3 app work by using some virtual switches and the classic app...but without SHM in the classic app, I don't think that workaround works. So that means the Konnected alarm module I purchased won't work via actiontiles (I have it working in smartthings v3 STHM). Are there any solutions to bring it all together given that I can't add it in the classic app? Any help would be appreciated.


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The SHM app is no longer available in the Classic SmartThings app. SmartThings is nudging people away from using the classic app by taking away deprecated features. These features, such as Smart Home Monitor and Routines are deprecated in favor of SmartThings Home Monitor and Scenes, they are only enabled for existing users to maintain backwards compatibility. These features will be removed for everyone, eventually.

ActionTiles has to follow suite. In the near future, we will be deprecating SHM and Routines Tiles for new users as well.

The recommended workarounds to enable new SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) and Scenes are described here:

Hey Alex, 

I followed the steps on the SmartThings Home Monitor page for the 3 virtual switches. Those are working to Arm (stay), Arm (away), and Disarm the STHM system, however any intrusion isn't getting Dismissed when I Disarm the system so my Siren still goes off.

I've dug into the forms and other things for hours, but I can't seem to find any workaround to Dismiss an alarm through ActionTiles. How can a new user (that doesn't have access to SHM) dismiss the intrusion through ActionTiles so my alarm doesn't go off every time I open a door?


Edit: I would say I'm not stuck with STHM, so if there's a better Alarm System through a SmartApp, I'm happy switching to it.

ActionTiles (or any other app) has no way to intercept and dismiss the intrusion alert.

Did you try the "delay time" setting in SmartThings Home Monitor? I think it's meant to give enough time to disarm the system before intrusion alert goes off.

I have it setup with a delay. Even if I Disarm STHM, the alarm will still go off. I have to dismiss the intrusion alert to prevent the siren from sounding.

Thanks for the reply. :)
Edit: I had the alarm delay set but I actually needed to set the push notification delay. Now that I have the push notification delay set it works as intended. Still would need to use my phone to dismiss any alarms, but now it doesn’t ring if I get to it in time. 

I hope SmartThings allows a proper integration with STHM one day. For now, we have to make do with whatever workarounds are available.

Hi Alex,

Are the SHM and Routines deprecated now in ActionTiles?  I just started using ActionTiles and still using the SmartThings Classic.   I can't see option to add SHM and Routines in ActionTiles and can only add Mode.


Jack Manuel


There was no announcement of the last major release, yet, because I'm waiting for some users to confirm fixes.

SHM and Routines are now deprecated for new users. If you understand the implications of sun-setting the Classic app, but still want to use them, please open a private ticket and include your account information so that this will be turned on for your account.

Thanks Alex. I misunderstood that I would need to have SHM in order to enable the virtual switches etc.  Glad there is a solution!

On a separate note, could you share the json settings used in the theme of the examples you posted in those previous links? I really like the looks of those tiles!

If 'think' I setup the virtual switches and routines correctly, but my Action Tiles does not seem to reflect the change in state.  If I use Action Tiles to disarm, the Arm stays active and seems to over ride the disarm switch.

As you can see in the image below, although the mode is Home (everything should be disarmed), Home Alarm Away says on.

Pretty sure I did something wrong, ideas?

There’s the three virtual switches and six automations that need to be set up, did you configure all them?

Double check your configurations to this guide:

STHM and ActionTiles

Yes I did the three of each, triple checked them.  Maybe I'll just delete them and start over.  Thanks for the reply.

I’m happy to try and help. 
Can you share screenshots of your STHM’s Disarm Virtual Switch, Arm Away Virtual Switch, then the logic for the four automations that configure them? 

Also, I noticed that there’s an updated driver for my virtual switches, which could be the difference. I don’t really want to upgrade mine to find out if it breaks or not. :(

@GreySkies, I advise not to update your virtual switches if everything is working.

@Scott.taylor please check whether the automations actually work in the SmartThings mobile app itself. You should see the switches mirror the STHM in the SmartThings mobile app as well. I had a client that had his set of switches that did not respond at all, even to manual toggling.