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William40 1 year ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 3

I have made 3 scenes: Armed away, Armed Home and Disarmed. They all work flawlessly and change the arming mode in Smartthings.

I have seen that there is a tile that, when pressed, contains the same functions.

My problem is I can't get this tile to change state.

What am I doing wrong or is this tile not working?


SmartThings does not allow any 3rd party apps to directly control the SmartThings Home Monitor. The workaround that you described is a popular approach to bypass this limitation. However, you will have to add these 3 Scene tiles to your panels.

Another approach is to use Simulated switches instead of Scenes, but at this point it is unclear how SmartThings will handle the switches after migration:


Thanks for your reply. The problem with using the 3 scenes is that I cannot see on my panel whether the system is in armed condition or disarmed condition. Is there a way to see if I'm in armed condition?

The link above describes a two-way implementation using a set Simulated Switches. This would work, in principle, but we need to wait and see how SmartThings handles simulated switches going forward.