Use SmartThings Home Monitor with ActionTiles

Updated September 2022.

This workaround is potentially deprecated. These instructions will be updated in October 2022 after migration to the new SmartThings platform is complete.

Updated January 2021.

If you previously used Virtual Switches, make sure to change their type to Simulated Switches, due to recent platform changes!

SmartThings Home Monitor is not yet compatible with any 3rd party apps. We will offer direct integration as soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, this easy workaround allows SmartThings Home Monitor to integrate with ActionTiles.

Step 1) Create the following 3 Simulated Switches using any method of your choice (f.e. How to create a Simulated Switch) and name them as follows.

1.1) STHM Arm Away

1.2) STHM Arm Stay

1.3) STHM Disarm

Step 2) Create 6 Automations using the SmartThings Mobile App.

Automations 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 bind states of SmartThings Home Monitor to the Simulated Switches.


Image 4784


Image 4785


Image 4786

Automations 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 bind states of the Simulated Switches to SmartThings Home Monitor.


Image 4792


Image 4793


Image 4794

You should now have the following 6 Automations:

Image 4774

Image 4788

Step 3) Authorize the Simulated Switches with ActionTiles. Then, add 3 Tiles, they could look something like this:

Image 4796

3.1) Edit each of the Tiles to assign custom icons to match SmartThings Mobile App using `home-alarm-away`, `home-security` and `home-alarm-off` icons (optional).
3.2) Other optional configurations:

  • Change headers
  • Hide footers
  • Assign PIN Codes

The Tiles will look something like this:

Image 4797

Congratulations! You have successfully set up 3 Tiles that mirror SmartThings Home Monitor in the New Mobile App. This is only a temporary workaround until the official integration is available.

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