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HTTP on media tile no longer working (HTTPS still works)

adamph 1 year ago in Media Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 10 months ago 11

Was the platform recently updated? I have internally hosted items on my panel (limited to http instead of https) and noticed today the http protocol items no longer show up.

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This is not due to ActionTiles changes. This is an effect of updates to your OS or browser.

Please refer to this thread about discussion and solution for displaying non-HTTPS video streams:


thanks for this!

I can confirm in a different browser on the same device I am able to go to the internal page.

this just started with fully browser android. Is anyone else having this issue and have any workarounds?

so the root cause is the Android webviewer. Resetting that back to factory default, then disabling auto update from google play store fixes the issue

Adam, could you please describe the process for resetting Android Webview?

for my Samsung tablet:

Settings > Apps > Android System Webview > uninstall updates

then be sure to go back to the google play store and disable auto updates

Just noticed one of my fire tables stopped showing my unifi camera snaps.  Changed the camera to SSL and ignored SSL on Fullykiosk and the snaps (feeds) are back.  

Can you provide some detail how you made these updates? All my snaps turned off this morning. I have 3 cameras - all visible still through Protect.

This is a bigger issue.  At least for me.  Right now, 2 of my 4 Fire HD 8 tables are longer working with ActionTiles.

ActionTiles was forced closed on 2 of my Fire HD 8 tablets.  When clicking on the app to restart it, it acts as if it's going to open, and then immediately closes.  Restarting does not help.

I made the mistake of uninstalling ActionTiles from one of them, thinking that a fresh install may fix the issue, BUT....  ActionTiles is no longer available on the Amazon store to download unto my tablet.  What the heck?? So that's one that is now useless. 

The second started working after clearing the storage for the app, but no http support.  I'm afraid to restart or close the app, thinking it will do the same as the first one.

I'm very upset now, because I had a great system working with Hubitat, ActionTiles, webCoRE and PHP.

I'm afraid that it's just a matter of time before the remaining 2 Fire HD 8s are done as well.

I have my own Apache server running, but I do not have the time for researching and changing it for all https.  It took me forever to get the server up and running when I first put it in.  Thinking of the changes now makes my head hurt.

Not happy.

I am running AT on a Fire Tablet that updated to OS last night and I lost my Ubiquiti snap feeds. I am running the Action Tiles app v6.22.08  How can we get the feeds restored and is using snaps the optimal method with Ubiquiti still?

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