Please List your Camera brand here if you got it working

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Since the rtsp support seems to be on hold for now I had to return the second camera I ordered on Amazon. But I managed to make one of my old camera work.

PLEASE list the exact brand for your camera here if you can confirm it works for you. This will help others with the new purchases.

Please list the http mask (URL format) you used.

Amazon purchase link also very much appreciated.

Feel free to add sreenshots to your camera tile too.


Thanks for this Topic, MrMilu!

You said:

But I managed to make one of my old camera work.

Which camera and model? ☺️


Dericam H502W HD 

720P H.264 Dua Audio IP PT Wireless Black Camera +IRCUT+SD 


/change ip and port number, username and password

This worked for my Wansview Ip camera. Just update the IP and port along with username and password.

Hi Eller,

I purchased the wansview 1080p QS-3 and was wondering what OS/browser you were using to view it in? I can view the live media tile fine on Windows 10/Chrome, but I can't get it to do the same for my Samsung 10.1 running Android 5.0.01/Chrome. 



Hi, May I check your app you are using with the tablet to display whole your spaces? And what your hardware names?

I want to setup my home as yours, thanks

I hope this video can help you.High quality image.

ELP usb camera http://www.webcamerausb.com/

Video : 

What does your Media Tile URL format look like?

Thanks, Jeff...

I'm a bit worried about the Video URL format, because Chrome (and, I think, Fully based on Android webview), blocks basic http authentication of the form "http://user:password@address" for embedded media. There is no practical workaround for this (except possibly leaving off the user/password and opening a second tab to input them manually in the same session?). I've heard, but not confirmed, Firefox and/or Opera and/or some browser brands don't block that URL format... yet. Quite a hurdle suddenly thrown at Video Streaming this year!

I currently have this problem too (amcrest/kindle/fully kiosk combo). It’s not working anymore (was working for awhile using smart tiles). My only options are cloud services or a different camera? I just need my front door stream to show on the kindle...

Sorry - first time posting here. 

Waiting for Customer

It is worth testing alternative browsers, please, to confirm the root cause of the failure:

  • Please test alternate browsers on the Fire such as; Silk, Opera, Firefox.
  • Please test alternate browsers on a PC or Mac. While testing, Press F12 to bring up the browser's debugger window panel. Look for error or warning messages shown in the "Console" section.





With the limited time I currently have plus the amount of time spent setting up fully kiosk, I decided to go for plan B (for now).

Via the recent update to the kindle OS 5.6.0

“Alexa, show the front door camera”

That's super, actually! I don't leave my screen on all the time (it's in Fully with "dim:" screensaver), so I can't just glance at my Video Tiles anyway. Getting a video stream upon request seems like a decent option.


The listed url for the mjpg feed for my Amcrest camera works fine on my computer, but not on my Android phone. As you identified, the authentication is stripped out.

Instead of pounding my head against the wall, I too the route of submitting a support request to Amcrest to see if the could provide authentication using the CGI script with variables for username and PW.

Maybe if enough folks ask....

Support is at https://support.amcrest.com/hc/en-us

My camera is the https://amcrest.com/amcrest-1080p-wifi-video-security-ip-camera-pt-white.html

It's a shame it won't easily work with Action Tiles on our phones. Until our Foscam broke, my wife found AT very useful to quickly check on her mother at our home. I replaced the Foscam with the Amcrest, and it was amazingly simple to set up, but we miss having the video feed on AT.

I got video from my amcrest camera to work with firefox. Other browsers, chrome,IE, kiosk , wouldnt work


I presume because Chrome (and Android web view used by Fully Kiosk...) block the "http://user:password@address" format...

but, so far, Firefox does not. 🤞

Can you elaborate on how you got the the video to work.  I have a iMac with Safari and would like to try to get it to work. If you could help I would appreciate it.

If you have the latest Amcrest firmware then you will not be able to get the video to work with Basic Authentication.  You would need to use Digest Authentication.  Read this thread and the Blue Iris (BI) comments for more info.

One thing I did notice is that when I have a video tile and then bring up the keypad for the SHM security code, the input of the numbers gets very laggy.  I initially thought the Fire Tablet 7 I was using didn't have a fast enough processor. But I tried the same thing with my Samsung S8+ phone and the laggy result was the same.  If I remove the video tile, the lag goes away. Any thoughts?

High resolution video streaming takes a lot of resources. Ideally this is offloaded to the Tablet's GPU; but I'm not sure browsers can do this with just any stream type (or if they even try...).

Off hand, I can only suggest trying a lower resolution, lower frame rate, or just JPG snapshots...?


I changed the frame rate from 30 to 15.  All is good now.  Thanks


I have 8 Amcrest cameras, 6 of which I have displayed in ActionTiles as Media tiles:

The simple solution (IMHO) is to use Blue Iris (BI) as a media server.

I have all of my cameras configured with "short" names that are accessed through a single IP and I have the BI web server configured such that any web server request from the LAN gets unchallenged access to the video stream by knowing the URL.  Any attempts outside of the LAN with be challenged for credentials.

I also have the cameras configured for arming/disarming based on the SmartThings Mode (Using a modified version of the Blue Iris Control SmartApp) using BI profiles that activate/deactivate the motion sensors in the cameras, which also controls the recording of video on the web server machine (4 TB WD Purple surveillance HDD).

I have the following models connected in this setup:

  • IPM-721
  • IP2M-841
  • IP3M-954
  • IP3M-956
  • IP4M-1024E

I hope this info helps someone.

Thank you for the info. Are you using a fire tablet too?

I have 4 Fire tablets (7 inch & 8 inch HD), a Nexus 7 and an Asus Transform 10 inch, all using Fully Kiosk.

When you have some free time to spare, can you please detail how you got the IP2M-841 to stream? The software is a little complicated for me.

Thanks in advance.

I got it to stream via my pc browser, just not on the kindle.

Can you please post the configuration settings for BI that you mention here...I have all of my cameras configured with "short" names that are accessed through a single IP and I have the BI web server configured such that any web server request from the LAN gets unchallenged access to the video stream by knowing the URL. Any attempts outside of the LAN with be challenged for credentials. Thanks in advance.

Hi I am also interested, if you resolved it, is there a way to discuss this please? Thank you

Is there a way to message you with my questions about your setup without clogging this thread please? Thank you


I was able to get an Amcrest 842E working by running a piece of proxy software I found here: https://github.com/bp2008/cameraproxy/wiki/Setup-Guide

The main problem that I saw in getting cameras working was that chrome/android no longer support the format of user:password@IP_ADDRESS/camera authentication. I have an always on windows computer that I installed this software on, opened the firewall, and was able to add in the camera to AT. Basically, this software is taking the stream from the camera using the unsupported password format, and removing the password. Then I can set AT to look at the local URL the software provides and it views it without a password.

If someone has a good walkthrough of how to set up a similar service on Ubuntu, that would be more useful for most people.

Wow, what a pain,,,,  Worked on this for hours.   Finally got some results.

I'm using several Amcrest cameras and finally got the live feed to show up using Firefox browser.  I'm becoming more unhappy with Chrome as days go by.  I'm using this URL  =

This directs to my local network which is best, keeps everything in-house.  Downside is it displays the substream and quality it not the best, and the browser will ask for the Login & Password of the camera - this is a bit irritating but better than no video at all.  Firefox will ask you if you want to save the password details, if you say Yes it will auto-populate each time the request box comes up.

If you have any suggestion for improvements, I would love to know what your doing.

If you are using Firefox you might still be able to get away with "basic http authentication" in the URL.... 


I just tried this on my Samsung S8+, and it was a no go. Firefox tries for a long time, the times out.

So, I've had some success with SnapAV cameras, but it is limited to the Wirepath 550 so far for video streaming:  


The newer LUMA (500, 700) cameras from SnapAV share similar features and .cgi documentation, but they would not show up in the iPad browser, or any browser except Windows Chrome, and only when the resolution was fixed to what was shown in one of the camera's configuration screens (640x360):


So for the iPad in the kitchen, I am just fetching images every 5 seconds.


Curious about the browser implementation, especially since one of the feeds - from the older camera - works fine, but the others only work on Windows Chrome. It's as though the weird resolution throws off Safari (and Mozilla, and IE). 

All in all reasonably satisfied, just wish it was all plug-and-play.


I've FINALLY managed to get the http stream on my Foscam FI9803P working! I had to upgrade the firmware to the latest version, but then the URL that worked for me is:  


I hope this helps someone else who, like me, was ready to fling the camera into the trash.

So I cant get a live stream from My Arlo pro working, correct? Because its in a closed system?

Are there any cameras that can give me a live feed into AT that is sleeker than the big bulky things everyone is saying they got working? I want to have one in my son's play room and a UFO looking, 1 ft long camera isnt going to cut it for us.


I have my Foscam FI9900P working locally via Blue Iris. I have tinkered with an external url abit but I still have not been able to it working from outside my LAN. For testing I even turned on the authentication in BI but still no luck. 

this is brilliant and it is 3 years ago.  Would love this with all my iot devices



There's a cheap solution to get RTSP feeds into ActionTiles.  Check out the open source Kerberos.io software.  It runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 and will take in an RTSP feed and output an MJPEG stream, without a login/password, which can be used directly in ActionTiles.  The web interface only supports a single camera, but the command line configuration allows you add additional ones.  I'm in the process of setting it up, but I have two streams up right now and the load on the Pi is about 3%, so I expect it can handle all 8 cameras from my NVR system without any problem.

Kerberos.io also accepts MJPEG feeds too.  So you can pass it to ActionTiles sans user name and password.

I guess that means you can use *any* camera, not to mention USB and/or Pi cameras, and pass it into ActionTiles for the cost of a Raspberry Pi ($35).


Excellent recommendation, Nathan!

We've been mentioning that using a transcoding server on the LAN is likely to make many types of feeds compatible, but haven't listed any by name except Blue Iris (Windows) and, possibly, TinyCam Pro (Android). I think I already have Kerberos.io bookmarked for testing. The Android option is appealing since it might be able to run on the same tablet as ActionTiles; as long as not too many camera streams are being used.


Yeah, I was looking for something that could handle all 8 feeds (and possibly more in the near future) and figured there was zero chance of that with the hardware on a 7" Fire tablet that was already running Fully Kiosk.  I'll update my post once I've added all 8 cameras to confirm it works.  I just need to find some time this weekend to get them installed...

Thanks for the tip Nathan. Is there somewhere I can go to get instruction on how to set this up?

I have three DLink DCS-522L (version B) cameras working just fine in ST (using custom device handler) and in ActionTiles.  The cameras themselves are garbage (One averages 62 network disconnects per day, another toggles its IR lights on/off an average 155 times per day) and they're slow as molasses on my WiFi network.  But they work in both ST and ActionTiles.

I just ordered two Arlo Pro cameras at a really good price, and then subsequently cancelled the order after learning they won't work on ActionTiles.

Now, if I could just find cameras that work on both platforms and don't require subscriptions, I'd replace them in a second.  I've tried the Amcrest 

If you find a camera like that let me know.  I am looking too.

What are the details (and specific syntax) you used for the dlink cameras? 

And what is the custom device handler?

I'm using fully browser on Fire tablets...


Hi, Dave.  I installed the Camera to MyDLink using their app on my phone.  Then I used D-Link Connect (https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-d-link-camera-manager-connect-add-your-d-link-ip-cameras-to-smartthings-video-streaming-image-capture-motion-detection-and-more/46250) SmartApp to load the cameras to the SmartThings application.  It searches for the individual camera(s) then authenticates to it, then loads it in SmarThings.  I have three cameras, but my SmartApp says I've reached my maximum of four, so apparently there's a limit to how many you can have.  Once you have this loaded, the cameras appear as both a switch and camera in SmartThings.  I have no idea what triggering them as a switch does, but I can use them as cameras to capture video when an alarm is triggered in SHM.  The URL to add them as media in AT is: http://username:password@192.168.1.XXX:80/video1.mjpg

Remember to adjust your IP and port if you've forwarded in your router.  

Hope this helps.

This URL format will not work for embedded feeds in Chrome or Android Webview (Fully) and some other browsers. They decided to block it with no recourse or workarounds.


Correct, I've had to make due with Safari (I use iOS for mobile and MacOS most of the time) and suffer through the cameras not working on my Windows desktop.  Stinks.

Have you tried Firefox on Windows? Or Opera or ...? I don't think all browsers block basic HTML sort of authentication.

Perhaps not yet, but they will... eventually... it is just not secure to pass that information in a URL.  It is just a matter of time before it goes the way of the dinosaur.

True. But what is frustrating is how cameras and browsers haven't agreed upon a modern format for streaming. Mobile and desktop browsers stream advertisements up-the-wazoo just fine. There's no "good" reason that cameras could not offer the same format(s), thus enabling simple embedding for all web-apps.

I haven't, but I'd be game.  Last time I loaded Windows, I didn't bother putting any other browsers on it, because I was using Chrome Apps so frequently (Pocket, Feedly) but I seldom do any longer.  I don't have anything but Safari on my Mac.  Maybe I'll throw Firefox or Opera on the Windows machine this weekend.  

For as seldom as I edit the media tiles, I've just tested them from my phone or Mac and then I don't really pay attention to them any longer.  

I've had such problems with these D-Link cameras that I'm pretty much resigned to revisiting cameras at a later date when I can find a reasonably priced camera that plays well with both ST and most mainstream browsers, and doesn't require a subscription to get to my own video.  

Out of three D-Link devices, two power cycle 120+ times per day and another reconnects to network 80+ times per day.  To say the least, I'm not real happy with them.

I am unable to get my Trendnet Camera to display on my Amazon Fire with ActionTiles (Kiosk Browser) but it works on my Mac. Any idea?

My link: http://admin:pwd@


Google Chrome (as well as Android Webview built with Chrome and used by Fully) blocks all embedded streams or objects of the form "http://admin:password@address" and there is no override provided by Google. We're really annoyed by this, but apparently the world isn't annoyed enough.

Possible workaround is to try Firefox or Opera (but they may block it too); or transcode through TinyCam Pro, or Blue Iris, VLC, Kerberos.io, iSpy.

So if I can clarify from this entire post - it sounds like we need to use a software like Blue Iris in order to pass the link that makes a viewable tile in Actiontiles? 

Just making sure I understand this correctly. The Smartthings facebook group says using a lot of Amcrest cameras with Blue Iris works in AT. 


The Smartthings facebook group says using a lot of Amcrest cameras with Blue Iris works in AT. 

It does.  I have 8 Amcrest cameras configured in Blue Iris (BI) right now and each of them are addressable in ActionTiles.  And by configuring the built-in BI webserver to allow LAN connections without requiring login, the Basic Authentication vs. Digest Authentication conversation becomes moot.

I also have the cameras tied into SmartThings so that I can change their "state" (Home/Away/etc.) based on my Mode.

Awesome thanks Belgarion! This is great news.  

Do all of the Amcrest cameras that are PoE work fine with BI? I am pretty sure all of the newer models do...


The Amcrest PoE cameras that I have are the IP3M-954E , IP3M-956E and IP4M-1024EW.  They all work fine with BI and are accessible in AT.

Hi, just to confirm, the Amcrest cameras just aren't available in ST, right?

Correct.  My DTH does not work with the updated firmware that requires Digest Authentication.

Thanks for the response -- maybe I'll go back and try Amcrest again.  Ordered one and returned it when it wouldn't load in ST (which is what wife uses).  Was looking for something that worked properly in both ST and AT, but have really become frustrated with the only devices I found, which are D-Link (I hate them!).  My priorities are that they work reliably in ActionTiles at this point.  Thanks again.

I have Firefox working with 2 Amcrest cameras on a Fire HD tablet.  As long as i'm on the same network as the cameras, I can get the streams.

The issue I'm running into is that ActionTiles stops refreshing the stream after a while.  I've noticed anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes the feeds just stop even though the clock still works.   I checked WIFI and display....they are running 24x7 so there shouldn't be any network timeouts....but ActionTiles ends up having old tiles after a while

Any workarounds to this?



Not sure if this will help, but try edit the Media and claiming it is a "Still Image". Then you can set it to refresh every 900 seconds (15 minutes), and that may force it to reconnect and start streaming again. Let us know what happens.

Hi Terry,

Thanks for responding.  I've been testing your recommendations for the past 5 days and still doesnt work properly.  I've even changed mjpg web services (from Amcrest to Blue iris) and the media tiles will still stop refreshing anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours (i.e. overnight).

The interesting thing too is that the media tiles will stop refreshing at different times (i.e Front door cam will stop after X minutes and back door cam will stop at Y minutes).  Even playing around with the tile refresh rates (from 60 seconds to 60 minutes), does not solve the issue :(

Hi RonA

Thank-you very much for doing such thorough testing.

Do you have a PC or Mac to test with, by any chance? Most desktop/laptop browsers have an debugger (F12) with a Console tab that will reveal if any background errors are occurring.

Since many Customers (but not all) experience table streaming, we have no ideas at the moment what factors affect stability.

I ended up having FullyKiosk browser refresh the page every 10-20 minutes.  The problem still exists across two tablets (Fire10, Samsung S2, different WIFI networks (2.4. 5.2).  So the browser masks the problem but the problem still exists.


For anyone still battling, this was completely the easiest solution for me. Ive tested these on wyze cams and Hikvision Analogue and IP cams. (variety of of cams all connecting to an NVR). This pulls the feeds directly from the NVR or IP cam and converts to Mjpeg.


It did mean the purchasing of a Raspberry Pi (but thats like $20 so shouldnt really scare anyone). Ive had it running for 2 or 3 weeks now with NO HITCHES. It just works... I would suggest getting a fan for the Rpi though.

Ultimately its not a complete solution to this, which I know Terry has been doing his nut to try and sort this out, but the reality is AT will very unlikely be able to support every cam out there, no matter how much time he puts into it.

Using a simple solution like this will allow AT to focus on other features which are far more achievable.

Any way, just my 2 cents on it.

I have got Axis ip cameras working 6 in total, 3 x 221's & 3 x M3441 the following url works http:/XXX.XXX.XXX/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?user=XXX&pwd=XXX. 

I am using a Ipad 4 with koisk pro lite. My issue is if I turn on another Ipad the cameras don't show up, I suspect the first ipad may be stealing the feeds, any help would be appreciated how I could overcome this, I also has a Synology on the network running Surveillance Station too


There is definitely a limit to the number of simulantaneous views that can be served by each camera. That limit is the result of, or set by, the camera or NVR firmware. The camera may offer additional "channels" of different resolutions or snapshots, but I don't know if that works around the limit. tinyCam Monitor Pro, for example, serves at most 3 streams of each camera concurrently.

Ok, i have just added extra users to each cam and this worked.

I just checked Synology Surveillance Station & it provides share paths - would these work?



RTSP formatted streams are not browser compatible.

Camera Brand: WyzeCam V2 with RTSP firmware update.

(RTSP firmware and install instructions: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026245231-Wyze-Cam-RTSP)

I originally got this to work using TinyCam Pro, but I didn't like having to dedicate an Android device to running as a server. I have a PC that's always on for other reasons, so I went with BlueIris software. I may look into seeing about using a Raspberry Pi option.

In the WazeCam app, add the camera  and go to Advanced Settings. Toggle RTSP On and generate an RTSP url with username and password. My camera has a router set IP address of so my url comes out rtsp://user:pass@

Note that the user:pass@... construction is disabled by Chrome and other browsers and some also don't support RTSP. I'm using BlueIris to overcome both of those issues. The reason for noting the url above is to note the username, password, and IP address which I'll use in BlueIris.

  1. In Blue Iris, I added a new GENERIC/ONVIF RTSP H.264 camera. (There is a device option for WazeCam but that requires a different firmware, I think.)
  2. Note the Short Camera Name. I'll use that later.
  3. Under Camera Properties, Video tab, I select Network IP and click [Configure].
  4. I set the Address to [rtsp://] and put in the username and password I noted from the WazeCam software above. I left the Media/video/RTSP port at 554 (although other times it initializes to 8554. Ether seems to work) and left Discovery/ONVIF port at 8999.
  5. I checked [x]Send RTSP keep-alives and [x]Use RTSP/stream timecode. I believe you can also check []Skip initial HTTP DNS and reachability tests. Everything else is unchecked.
  6. As a double-check, Make shows as [Generic/ONVIF] and Model as [RTSP H.264/...]
  7. Under Blue Iris Options / Web server I've checked [x]Enable the HTTP web server on port: [81] That set the Local, internal (LAN) access to http://[
  8. and the Remote, external (WAN...) access to something like
  9. Note the WAN IP. Also note that, unless you pay your ISP for a fixed address, this will change and require you to change your Media Tile when it does. (Mine doesn't change that often.)
  10. Click on [Advanced] and set Require from to either All connections or Non-Lan only, then uncheck [ ]Use secure session keys and login page.
  11. You can use the [Remote access Wizard...] to make sure your PC will all the IP calls through. You may also need to set Port Forwarding on your router to allow the WAN IP to connect to the LAN IP through port 81. My router uses something called "Virtual Servers / Port Forwarding" under a Firewall tab. I set it like this: description:blueIris; WAN ports:81-81; Protocol:TCP; LAN IP:; LAN ports:81-81
    Finally, I set up a Media Tile for MJPEG video stream and used this URL:

Here's what it looks like in a panel:

I have been trying to get the above setup working using Kerberos.io (a Raspberry Pi-based video server) with mixed success. 

The backyard shows up perfectly on the desktop running ActionTiles, but on my Android, I get the "missing image" icon. Odd.

As I said, I'm using the same camera setup as above so read through that until you get to the In Blue Iris item above then skip down here.

  1. Set up Kerberos.IO on your PI according to the instructions on the Kerberos.IO website: https://doc.kerberos.io/
  2. (Like a lot of Win10 users, I found the "Easy" installer didn't work so I switched to the Etcher installer with no issues. I'm running Kerberos.IO on a PI Zero Wireless.
  3. I set my router to assign the PI an IP address of You can also use a setting in KIOS to do this as well. It helps when setting up port-forwarding to have a set IP address.
  4. After the PI booted the first time and finished it's setup, I logged on using just the IP address assigned to it.
  5. Under Configuration, Machinery, I set my camera up using Capture [IPCamera], then clicking on the arrow to the right to drop down the rest of the settings. URL is rtsp://user:pass@ (My camera's username, password, and IP address).
  6. Tapping the arrow to the right of [Mjpg], I kept the StreamPort at 8889, dropped the Fps to 15, and set the username and password for connecting through Kerberos.IO.
  7. Then I tapped the Update bar at the bottom of the section.
  8. Clicking on Dashboard and waiting a while, I see my cameras output under Activity :)
  9. In my router, I set up a Virtual Server / Port Forwarding" under the Firewall tab like this: description:kerberos; WAN ports:8889-8889; Protocol:TCP; LAN IP:; LAN ports:8889-8889
  10. In ActionTiles, the Media URL is

As I mentioned, it seems to work on the PC running ActionTIles, but not on the Android phone.


Wyze Cams V2 (Love them!) with TinyCam Pro

Driveway cam is still in test, and Driveway Camera Power and Kitchen Camera Power not in place yet (Smart Plugs).

Smart Plugs are used so I can power-cycle the cams if needed.

Six Wyze Cams, Sidney? Great!

Please share more details of your configuration (what hardware running the tinyCam Server, what hardware running ActionTiles, SMV snapshots or streaming video, frame rate, number of tablets showing the video, etc.). 



Hi Terry!

I have ActionTiles running on 3 FireHD 8 Tablets that are mounted using 'Dockem Koala Wall Mount V2'.  I also periodically use ActionTiles on 2 PCs using FireFox.  The TinyCam Pro Server is on one of the FireHD 8 Tablets, serving Live Streams.  I did not change the frame rate, so I guess they are running full.  I have not had any issues yet (fingers crossed).


Uh, this is cool, I must try it with my Neos Smartcam they are the very same hardware and I have 5 of those, they are amazing and so cheap...  thanks for the tip

Hi @MrMilu Did you manage to get this working with your Neos? Thanks

Sorry, i'n new to this. What is Blue Iris? Is that the Amcrest software?

No.  Blue Iris is a professional-grade video surveillance software tool that handles a myriad of vendor's cameras and can leverage all of their functions & features in an a single application.  I use it to control 9 Amcrest cameras, including changing user profiles to arm automatically when I leave the house.

Check out their website here for more info.

They are also releasing a MAJOR upgrade next week.

Not perfect, but I have my Ubiquiti Unifi Cameras through Unifi Protect giving a one second snapshot to my actiontiles panel.

Could you explain how you made it work?

I had mine working, but it stopped all of a sudden. I used a following URL:


For authentication I used a header generator: https://www.blitter.se/utils/basic-authentication-header-generator/

I didn't know you could set up authentication on it. Mine is anonymous snapshot with no authentication. 

http://192.168.x.xxx/snap.jpeg is the media tile.

How are you feeding the Ubiqiti cams in?

Log into each individual camera IP and click create a snapshot.

Im about to lose my mind I am trying to link my mooncity IP Cam I got on amazon that had amazing reviews!!! Someone please help me I cant find anything online

I sent you a Private Ticket email, Alex.

Please check and respond to it.


This is not a camera recommendation but a software solved my problems! 

After trying countless of ways finally BLUE IRIS did the trick for me.

If BI can see your cameras, it's very easy to get the feedback to tablets.

The only problem is - due to the very old generation Ipads I have on the walls - the video freezes once a month maybe..

When you tap on it, goes back to normal..

The cameras I use for this is, 

Amcrest POE bullet for outdoor


Amcrest indoor pan-tilt


And just recently tried Wyze - VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT... I wish I had gone for the Wzye to begin with.


Hello,i have connected a sonyssnc-ep550.the url is:  admin:admin@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx/mjpeg

Hi Luca,

Please note that Chrome and Android Webview (i.e., Fully, ActionTiles App, WallPanel, etc.) will block embedded URLS of the form "user:password@address". There is no way around this block. People have yelled at Google to allow this as an option, but they are not changing the spec.

Right its my first time here, im in the UK and im trying to set up a Neos cam, which i believe is wyze cams in the states ?

ive watched the videos which are on youtube with drew i think who is sponsored by actiontiles ? 

i have Samsung smartcam hd pro to and Arlo and ring doorbell, is there anyway i can add any of these ? 

thanks in advance

"Neos" is not the same as Wyze Cam at all. Both of them source the same hardware, but Wyze uses entirely custom firmware, cloud, and Apps.

You have to treat Neos like any other random brand of internet camera ... i.e., read the documentation thoroughly (and Google, etc.) to see if it offers a plain MJPEG feed or JPEG snapshots, or if it is listed in the list of tinyCam supported brands, or if it has RTSP paths that can be used in Blue Iris ... etc.

Oh dear me. And I was thinking I’d be able to just add them the same. Never mind I’ll have to do a lot more research to find out if I can add any of my cameras. Thanks for the reply Terry. I actually thought they were just different names as they look identical haha.

I wonder if there's any sort of jailbreak to put Wyze firmware on a Neos camera and kinda "overwrite it" so to speak - probably not I'm guessing. The Neos cams are £25 here in the UK, getting a Wyze cam (off eBay) is slightly more at about £40. I decided on Wyze (x3) and they're great, simple to setup with TinyPro + AT

Wyze camerad only work with the Wyze Cloud, so any such firmware would be useless as it would not include a valid serial number for cloud registration.

You can't photocopy a £ note and expect it to be accepted as legitimate currency.


I was able to add tiles for Reolink wireless (WiFi) cameras. This (URL) is what I typed behind the radio button 'This Media is a still image or GIF':


Don't use the brackets ( ) These are only to make clear where you'd put the numbers or text.

Then use a number for the refresh rate; I use 3 seconds.

Good luck! :-)

Is that an Argus 2 camera?

I have a Nexbang camera that I am trying to add a live feed to AT. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It uses the app Danale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not tech savvy and don't understand what these terms mean. I added a screenshot from the app of the network settings. 

Nexbang Wifi Security Camera

Anyone have luck setting up Annke system?

has anyone figured this out for lorex cameras?

im using an older eco 3 system

Blue Iris with both Lorex and Amcrest cameras work great.   Even wtih 4k cameras using 1280x1024 in BI helps the Tile look great.

Only issue I'm running into is a 3-5 second delay from the live action being displayed on the tablet.   This is running BI 5 with CPU only running around 50%.   Anyone here drop their latency under 2 seconds?

That's weird. 

My latency is about a second (I can see when our maid walks out and when I see her on the ipad)

8 Cameras (only two on the ipads) the rest is on my monitor.

CPU is running %20-30%

24/7 Recording

Could it be a network issue?

I'm using BI5 as an NVR for the 8 cameras.  Could that be the cause of the delay?  Are you running it as an NVR or just for AT?

have you tried to see the cameras on a desktop or laptop? Could it be the tablet or even the browser?

to answer your question, it's both NVR and 4 tablets AT.

8 cameras (POE cameras - not wifi) feed come to the BI and external drives record 24/7

at the same time, they are tiles on the tablets.

Has anyone tried the Eufy Camera System? Seems like they hit the points that most would want.

Eufy Cam2

hi. Did you ever got the Eufy cam to work with the actiontiles?


I've gotten Wyze Cam V2 running RTSP to work.

Below is the batch file I use to autostart VLC on login for windows10 using the above VLC Command line:

@echo off

:: BatchGotAdmin
REM --> Check for permissions
>nul 2>&1 "%SYSTEMROOT%\SysWOW64\cacls.exe" "%SYSTEMROOT%\SysWOW64\config\system"
) ELSE (
>nul 2>&1 "%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\cacls.exe" "%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\config\system"

REM --> If error flag set, we do not have admin.
if '%errorlevel%' NEQ '0' (
echo Requesting administrative privileges...
goto UACPrompt
) else ( goto gotAdmin )

echo Set UAC = CreateObject^("Shell.Application"^) > "%temp%\getadmin.vbs"
set params= %*
echo UAC.ShellExecute "cmd.exe", "/c ""%~s0"" %params:"=""%", "", "runas", 1 >> "%temp%\getadmin.vbs"

del "%temp%\getadmin.vbs"
exit /B

pushd "%CD%"
CD /D "%~dp0"

START C:\"Program Files"\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe -R rtsp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@ --sout=#transcode{vcodec=MJPG,scale=1.0,fps=15,vb=2500}:http{mux=mpjpeg,dst=:8888/video.mpjpeg}

I'm using a Lorex NVR with 8 PoE cameras - I'd like to stream them onto AT. I've tried every RTSP and HTTP format... Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Model Number: N841A8 - It's their newer Fusion system

Hi. I'm trying to get a feed from my blue iris cameras to action tiles. In a browser, I can get the feed working perfectly using:

http://[IPAddress]:[Port]/mjpg/[Camera Short Name]/mjpg/[Camera Short Name]/video.mjpg?user=[user name]&pw=[password]

When I put this into action tiles, I just get a grey tile and the broken tile icon. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

EDIT: I just realised that it doesn't work in Chrome but does in Firefox and Fully

did you ever get it to work?

Anyone tried to add video from EZVIZ cameras? (I've been struggling)

EZVIZ are manufactured by Hikvision.  So there are two problems.  I'm currently trying to work around:

1 - They use RTSP so that's a no go

2 - The url includes admin:password so doesn't work with most browsers

A couple of suggestions.  If like Hikvision they have a main stream and sub stream - the sub stream can be set to MJPEG so if you can find a way around the url format (admin:password) you should be able to view the sub stream.

You can view retrieve a still image and refresh it via http. I'm using this format in Safari on an iPAD:


There are a number of other formats

Hi and thanks for your reply.

I am a bit of a nOOb at this, so I am not sure if it helped me in any way :-) 

After a lot of hassle I've got my Hikvision cameras working that are connected via a Hikvision NVR.  As they are RTSP streams and use the admin:password in the url I've had to transcode them using vlc. The url format for the sub stream is:

rtsp://admin:somepassword@ (first digit is NVR channel number then 01 for main stream, 02 for sub stream)

I've created separate .bat files in notepad for the transcoding and put them in the vlc folder. These are Cam1.bat, Cam2.bat and Cam3.bat.  The Cam1.bat file contents (using port 8881) is:

@echo off
vlc.exe -R rtsp://admin:somepassword@ --sout "#transcode{vcodec=mjpg,vb=2500,scale=1.0,fps=10,acodec=none}:standard{access=http{mime=multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=7b3cc56e5f51db803f790dad720ed50a},mux=mpjpeg,dst=:8881/videostream.cgi}"

I've created the files for camera 2 and 3 on the NVR the same, simply changing the channels to 202 and 302 and the ports to 8882 and 8883 respectively.

I've finally created a fourth .bat file to run the other 3 and created a shortcut for that one on the desktop. The contents of that .bat file are:

@ echo off
start /b Cam1.bat
start /b Cam2.bat
start /b Cam3.bat

Now running the desktop shortcut will simultaneously start vlc transcoding all 3 cameras from the command line and the cameras can be reached using the IP address of the PC running VLC.

Cam 1 -

Cam 2 -

and so on

Hi John Ive been looking to combine a 16ch Hikvision POE with ActionTiles. I am considering these models. Do you have any recommendations? (including 'Just dont do it') 


Hi John.  The DS7616NI-K2/16P is still a current model; however it runs a different "light" version of Hikvisions version 4 firmware.  Originally they released the same version 4 firmware that was working on the higher spec'd I Series recorders but it caused issues and so in an attempt top modernise the GUI and add features they released a different version.  Although that "light" version works and adds new features, it's nowhere nearer as good as the I series firmware.  For the best compatibility with features on the newer cameras (AcuSense false alarm filtering) and best performance I'd recommend the I Series.  The model would be the DS-7616NI-I2/16P

Thanks so much for the info. I appreciate the feedback. FYI here is a link to that unit for you or anyone else https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005001698185203.html

Also lets stay in touch. Ill let you know how my install goes.

Wyze Cam V3 works and it is around $30. I did not have to manually update the firmware to the RTSP version. I did that at first but I found the cameras to be fairly wonky on it. I updated back to the production non-RTSP firmware and it is pretty consistent when paired with TinyCam Pro for the MJPEG streaming. I would like to come up with a better solution than Tinycam Pro though, annoying to have my panel cam success hinging on an old android phone. 

I have found sometimes that TinyCam Pro stops broadcasting one or both of my cameras occasionally. I have not fully troubleshot the reason for this yet, camera losing signal or timing out, some weirdness in TinyCam or maybe the phone is mad that it is transferring like 500GB a day? I do find that stopping and restarting the TinyCam webserver usually fixes the issue. I have webserver set to turn on with bootup so I guess I should schedule the phone to reboot every X hours. That will involve rooting the device. Fun fun!

I'm using Reolink PoE cameras connected to Surveillance Station in my Synology NAS and cannot figure out how to pull into ActionTiles. 

If you camera is not working, setup and installation or you need for home security Arlo cameras, contact Install Security Cam.

Anyone have a RTSP URL format for a Alphahom 2K Wireless camera?

This is what I got from port scanner.

Port 80 and  Port 554

Has any one got the Lorex camera to work?