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simulated co2 sensor - highlighting

Mike G 4 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Kevin1 4 years ago 2


I've created a simulated CO2 sensor DH (basically by butchering the simulated temperature sensor DH). This allows me to display a number in a tile without an associated unit (like degrees or %)

Is there any way I can set this so that at a certain value, ActionTiles can tell this is a warning condition and change the tile colour accordingly?

Put another way, how does actiontiles know when other DHs are in alert conditions?

Use case: I'm trying to create a summaries tab that tells me how many doors/windows  are open and how many lights are on and various other summaries so that I can have one sheet which gives me an overview of the whole house. (Summarising is being done in webcore). - so if there's one or more windows open I'd like actiontiles to highlight the tile.

I realise mine is likely an uncommon use case - but surely with any environmental monitor it would be useful to move into alert status once a monitor hits a specific high or low value?


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Hi Mike,

There's UI and logic in place to select warning conditions for Tiles with enumerable values. This option is not available for tiles with arbitrary values (f.e. temperature). There's an existing feature request to change tiles intents based on value ranges. I believe your request falls under the same category.

Do you use webCoRE?  I have a tile in in ActionTiles that turns red when pets need to be fed.   There is a real sensor on dog food container and a virtual/simulated dimmer in ActionTiles. The real contact sensor resets the dimmer to 0 when dogfood storage opened. Every hour the webCoRE piston increments the virtual dimmer.  If the dimmer value is over 8, piston turns virtual dimmer on (setting the tile red). Piston code here...