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FortrezZ Flow Meter Interface

Mike Wren 6 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Kevin1 6 years ago 2

We just installed a FortrezZ Flow Meter Interface (FMI) on our main water line. This device measures water consumption (tallies number of gallons) and flow rate (gallons per minute).  The device handler also stores a resettable tally of usage and high flow rates.

If we could show a tally of number of gallons, flow rate (gpm), or even a resettable tally to display on a spare tablet in our kids bathroom - it could be a very useful tool to help show the impact of leaving the water running while brushing teeth, length of time in the shower, water usage of bath vs. shower.


Below is the hardware description in SmartThings API, please let me know if there's any additional data I can provide to help integration of this product with ActionTiles! 

Image 2496

On Hold: Discussion Open

Hi Mike,

At this time ActionTiles is only compatible with official SmartThings Capabilities.

Unfortunately, some attributes of the Flow Meter Interface cannot be mapped to any of the existing capabilities.

FMI is a pretty unique device and we are not likely to pursue it's integration into AT, unless we see a significant interest from our users.



It would be so nice if there was a way to get text from WebCore into ActionTiles, then we could make unsupported devices work.  Mike - a work-around might be to create a simulated/virtual energy meter and use WebCore to copy data from the flow meter to the virtual meter power value.