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Artik Cloud Fitbit step counter won't show in authorize

Haden Cruickshank 7 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Diana 4 years ago 4

I played with Samsung Artik Cloud and was able to assiciate my Fitbit so that step data could be accessed in SmartThings via a thing which was created for me after I added the Artik Cloud smartapp which is available under automations -> Samsung Home. It reports my steps inside the snartthibgs app but I can't get it to show in ActionTiles :-( I can't find a evuce handler In order to add in the capability statements either!  Any ideas?

On Hold: Discussion Open

ActionTiles currently does not support Capability "Step Sensor" ... so that would be a Feature Request post, please.

  • It will also be necessary to ensure the Device Type Handler claims Capability "Sensor"
  • If this is an official "Works with SmartThings"™ Device, please let us know. I can't find it in the database



Hi Terry, this device is available to add via the SmartApp menu system inside the SmartThings app so is available to every user without any custom code to add. It is also clearly authored by Samsung themselves so while it doesn't say "Works with SmartThings" on it, I can't think of many other apps that absolutely meet that criteria! I'm pretty sure that support escalations woukd need to go to the same teams anyway?

I don't know, Haden....

  1. You can open a Support Ticket (Support@SmartThings.com) and ask if this is a certified device.
  2. ... but, even if it is WWSTActionTiles currently does not support "Capability Step Counter" (or whatever it is called), so that will be a Feature Request for us that goes into our queue with all the rest.
  3. We do put priority of WWST Devices above non-WWST; but there are lots of other categories of Feature Requests that are a higher priority than adding support for a specific Capability.

Is there a solution to this post now? Would love to get my Fitbit steps and milage on my Actiontiles. :) Any luck?