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Sonoff / Tasmota / TH10 or TH16

Mark McQueen 5 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 3

Anyone integrated Sonoff or Tasmota Flashed devices? 

Specifically I am working on displaying pool and hot tub temp reading data from the Sonoff TH10 or TH16. 

I think I can get control to turn on and off Sonoff devices with Tasmota flash by pushing IFTTT Web urls but not usre how to get a read from the Sensors. I can get a device page to return txt version of Temp information. Not sure how to parse it out and display it with action tiles. Loving ActionTiles.. 

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Hi Mark,

I'm not 100% sure I understand your question.

Our standard answer is that if you have your device working in SmartThings and it is conformant with any other Tile Types / Capabilities we are compatible with (Compatible SmartThings Capabilities (Device Type abstractions)), then the device should work for the applicable Tile Types.

Not getting the Sonoff to integrate with Smartthings yet. Multiple times and still not getting controls or readings so looking for a workaround.

You'll find many more resources at https://community.SmartThings.com - Be sure to use the Search Box!