I created a Sunrise/Sunset Tile!

Kris L 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by MattG 12 months ago 4

I'm sharing this for others to use!

Use this Media Still Image URL:


Use the base URL https://sunsettile.app/sunset for sunset and https://sunsettile.app/sunrise for sunrise

Required parameters: 

lat (latitude)

long (longitude)

bgcolor (background color  - hex color without #)

fgcolor (foreground color - hex color without #)

Optional parameter:

timeformat=24 (For 24 hour time)

Please set the refresh time to at least every 12 hours (43200 seconds) to be nice to my server.


Great work, Kris: Thanks for sharing!

The SmartThings Weather Tile "Device" supplies Sunrise and Sunset as Custom Attributes; but we only display them on the full Weather Tile itself.

We recognize the value of providing Tiles that can display arbitrary Attributes (or execute arbitrary Commands) and this will likely be a Feature someday.

This is a great interim workaround - and a great proof-of-concept.


If anyone would like other features... they can make a pull request :)


Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for creating this. Are there plans to add a parameter to adjust the font to match AT themes?