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Weather Forecast Tile for Canada?

John Abraham 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by El Lobo 4 years ago 11

I’m trying to find a good way to get the weather forecast for my location in Canada.  There doesn’t seem to be a SmartThings device that exposes the high/low forecast for the day without custom code.  (The Accuweather tiles don’t seem to work at all).  Would it be best to pursue a media item from a URL?  

Or am I just missing something obvious?

Just thought of a couple things on MTG.

  1. I notice no way for MTG to generate current temperature for "today". It only shows H/L.
  2. The MTG produces text that is too small to read on my tablet.  I am using 4x1 size tile for a 4 day forecast on an old Android 10" tablet.

Thanks.  Missed that somehow. 

Is there anyways to make the weather in Celcius?

Please see the MTG Instructions:  Media Tile Generator (MTG jggdev): Weather, Calendar, News

Add the units parameter:  units – whether to show temperature in metric or imperial units. Acceptable values are metric and imperial. Imperial is default.

Thanks a lot. 

Any idea on how we can display current weather in the panel?

Have been trying for 2 days to get this to update for a Canadian postal code and no luck...searching thru this forum and the ST Community but can't find any answers...going cross eyed.

Gave it 1 more try with Lat/long and it works like a charm (as someone else said, need to delete the space after the comma in the lat/long numbers so no blanks)...whoo hoo.

El, for me personally, removing the postal entirely made it work. When there is no postal code specified, it default's to hub's location.


For my current location, yes that works fine (which happens to be Central America). But I monitor weather in several Canadian cities where family is, 1 in the US and 1 in France.  The only way to get those to work is with lat/long coordinates.