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iOS Apps that can be added to ActionTiles as shortcuts

Jay 7 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by steinauf 4 years ago 25

has anyone got a list of iOS app shortcut urls that work with action tiles? As I would like to have tiles for





Any help would be great


I can't read the reply from Terry. Is there a way to do what op is requestng? Thanks.


I currently have a shortcut tile working to control my Yamaha RX-V677 AV receiver (Yamaha AV Controller is the app). The shortcut is jp.co.yamaha.avkk.avcontroller:// Add it to the list, it works great.


I tried this on my android phone and couldn't get it to work.  Any suggestions?

Also, plexapp:// works for Plex

Hi Brad, can you give me a little more detail on how to implement Plex? Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like too? Thanks man. I love Plex.

I included Plex on my dashboard to be able to control my music as a central place to cast it to all the players in the house (Whole Home Audio). I am in the process of adding Chromecast Audio devices to all my rooms. I use Plex mostly now for watching movies on a couple of Roku's in the bedrooms streamed from my Home Theater PC that is set up as a server. This could be used to cast video to those also, but I don't really see myself using that as much. I love Plex too. I uploaded a video to YouTube of what it looks like:

As far as implementing it, just make a link tile in ActionTiles and for the url, put plexapp:// and add it to your dashboard.

so far i have linked Ebay, Sonos, Twitter, FaceTime (yes can make calls direct from ActonTiles) using the pandora://channel_name format, this format works on both iOS and OS X apps as well.

stock iOS/ OS X apps that I have linked to ActionTiles so far that work

Messages- OS X only

Maps- OS X & iOS

FaceTime- OS X & iOS

Photos- OS X only

Reminders- OS X only

(Mail, Siri, Launch Pad, Calendar, Notes don't work on either, hopefully these can be worked out)

Question about using Pandora to open a specific channel. Example, my station is named Eminem Radio. Can I directly launch that station using the pandora://channel_name code? How would I do that? Thanks.

I found this on another site but I have not tested it. Try it out and let us know if it does. (might need to slashes instead of one)

some of the website addresses will automatically open the iOS app as well e.g. https://twitter.com will force launch the app if you have it installed, and launch the website if you open via a pc instead of a phone/tablet

what is the link to use for YAMAHA app on IOS (ipad ?

Hello. I'm brand new to Smart/Action tiles. So my shortcut to my apps work from the My Shortcuts page when I'm editing them. Can not get them to launch from the actual tile. Tried iOS and Andriod browser. Maybe it's just a browser setting but I have no idea. Any help appreciated.

On the video, from Brad he open the "YAMAHA" app from the ActionTiles.

I try to create a Shortcut, but I dont know what URL\LINK to use to open the APP.

Where can I find APP names on the ipad ?


The below link explains how to find the ios url schemes for any ios app. The url scheme is the name an app uses to launch from a browser url. Not all apps have a url scheme (it's up to the developer), but if the app does have one, you can put it in as a url and launch from a tile.


I can't launch any app from the tile, the URL is valid in the browser, and works when testing in the my links page. But the tile shows "Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid" any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Waiting for Customer

Could you share a few examples, Gray?

music:// TuneIn://. calshow://

All work when tested in the "my shortcuts" page, but not when the tile is pressed


Hi Terry, I think it's the same confirmed bug from earlier.

    URL shortcuts to iOS Apps stopped working


    Oh right... -- Thanks for reminding me, Moe!

    I'll move Gray's example over there. This bug is confirmed and on our radar, but I don't use iOS personally so it slipped my mind. Sorry. 😳


    Anyone know if the "Blink" for home,  "Ring" video doorbell or Pentair "ScreenLogic" apps support intents on Android? Those are the 3 I would like since they don't play nicely with SmartThings/ActionTiles directly. Thanks!

    Anyone have the URL scheme for the Samsung Multiroom Audio App? I have the Radiant 360 R1 speaker that I would love to be able to create a shortcut for the wife to control from Actiontiles. Just can't seem to find the correct URL to launch. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

    These work and are self explanatory