Hubitat Safety Monitor Status HSM

brumster 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by N Rinzema 5 months ago 9

Hi there, 

Has anyone managed to get the HSM Status of a Hubitat hub onto a panel? If so, how? I've got WebCore if that helps?

Thanks :-)


This is in the works and there will be a native tile for HSM, hopefully very soon...

any update on Hubitat HSM?

This was pushed back due to imminent SmartThings platform migration. We will address this as soon as possible when the migration is completed.

Any updates on this? It's been a year since the previous posts... 

Checking back in on the HSM integration.. 

This is the next priority as soon as dust settles after the recent SmartThings Groovy platform shut down two weeks ago.

any more news on this Alex? Just think it would be a great addition 

@Alex any update on this? Much appreciated!