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How Send notifications/text sensor is triggered in actiontiles

Patrick McCabe 3 weeks ago in Panels (dashboards) / Notifications & Sound • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 weeks ago 1

I have tried to use Smart Home Monitor to send a text or notification when motion or multi-sensor is triggered. Problem is that it is sending reminder text every hour. 1) I know you can dismiss it in the samsung smartapp, but I would like to do it on the actiontiles panel. 2) If 1 is not possible can we send notifications/ texts in actiontiles or another way through Samsung besides using the monitor. Thanks in advanced

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Hi Patrick,

1.Smart Home Monitor

    Smart Home Monitor (SHM) is SmartThings's official SmartApp for monitoring security (i.e., contact and motion sensors) and safety (i.e., smoke, CO, leak, and temperature sensors), performing actions when triggered (e.g., turning on lights, unlocking doors, activating sirens, sending push or text messages, and/or playing a spoken message). It also has a built-in reminder system and an alert dismissal system. And... Hooks into Scout for paid monthly monitoring.

    SHM is different in the SmartThings (Classic) App vs the SmartThings (New) App, and ActionTiles currently can't change armed-mode in the new SHM. If you use the ADT Security Hub with SmartThings product, then SHM might even be completely unavailable.

    SmartThings has never provided developers (like us) the ability to directly receive and dismiss Alerts. Perhaps when they offer an API to control arming modes for the new SHM, then they may offer that extended functionality we would like to offer our Customers.

    2.Alternate Methods

    This entire Category (https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12-actiontiles-forum/categories/113-notifications-sound/topics) "Notifications & Sound" is dedicated for discussing ideas and feature requests in this regard. Please browse the Topics via the link above, and add your Votes and comments/questions if they add value to the Topic.

    In short, ActionTiles has the infrastructure to build a notification system and we plan to do this someday. It will be an incremental, iterative Feature - starting simple, and then seeing what increments make the most sense based on further customer feedback. For example, it's one feature to just pop-up a message when a Contact Sensor opens, it is a whole other enhancement to offer a queue of notifications that have reminders and dismiss options, like SHM does.

    In the meantime, we once again recommend exploring the webCoRE Rules Engine. It has functionality to call PushBullet (and perhaps Pushover), send text messages, etc., etc., based on the conditions in your Pistons (Rules) and many people find it to be an excellent replacement or supplement to SHM. Use Virtual Switches as conditions in your Pistons so that you can control arming/disarming of the Piston logic by placing these Virtual Switches as Tiles on your Panel(s).

    We have a general "default philosophy" of avoiding duplicating functionality that SmartThings already "does well". Smart Home Monitor is a pretty good SmartApp and core Feature of SmartThings, though it has some obvious limitations. Furthermore, as mentioned, we have limited ability to integrate with it. As the new SmartThings App is evolving, however, hopefully this situation will improve, and instead of building our own "ActionTiles Monitor", we can just focus on hooking into the new SHM as seamlessly as possible.

    SmartThings's plans are entirely unpredictable. So these Notification & Alert Topics are something we follow closely and keep in mind as we decide what development work to focus on.