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iPad Kiosk app? Wake on front camera motion?

BigSlade 2 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Apple updated by Ike O. 2 years ago 8

I tried to search the forum for this answer, but could not find anything.  I was looking to create another smart panel for my house and have an iPad Gen 2 laying around and figured I would try to repurpose this.  Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything like Fully Kiosk that will wake up the screen on motion.  From the show me your tiles post I know there are a lot of people using iPads, so what are you using?  Or is the display just always on?  Thanks in advance.


I use an iPad, and it is always on when we are at home.  Set it up for the wife, she has COPD. Can't operate devices.

After searching most of the afternoon and evening I think this is just not possible on an iPad. 

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As far as I know too, there are a few "kiosk apps" in the Apple App Store, but wake on front camera motion detection isn't an option, probably due to iOS preventing "hidden" or background access to the camera. This makes sense due to Apple's extra attention to privacy.

Android's flexibility is under-appreciated.



I have four of them around the house on the walls.. They are always ON.. First, I had a heating problem but I changed the outlets with Smart Outlets (GE) and created pistons with WebCore that they are 30 minutes charging and 30 minutes off. No more heating problem and they work great. (Display brightness is at 50%).

Any chance you can share your piston with me?  I am trying to accomplish the same thing.  Thanks.


Sure thing... there you go

After my wife accidently updated my wall mounted iPads they no longer stay on all the time...They used to dim until you'd tap the screen to wake it. Any idea how I can get that functionality back??? Would be greatly appreciated if anyone had an idea....Thanks!

I believe you have an option in the settings. 

Auto Brightness..

I think that's what it does.