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Could anybody do a quick comparison between ActionTiles and the recently released Google Home Hub?  Thanks in advanced.


Hi jd,

Respectfully, this sort of question is quite premature. Google Home Hub hasn't been in the hands of consumers long enough for them to really decide if the experience is good or bad. And, indeed, the professional reviews are mixed. Of course, both ActionTiles and Google Home are continuously evolving.

But, on the Facebook SmartThings Users Group, I just posted this super quick bullet list of why AT is unique:

  1. AT is and will always have the opportunity to be more flexible in our area of focus: i.e., Tile based layouts, with custom colors, icons, and more. Customization will always increase. Adding more platforms is doubtless in our future too.
  2. AT can run on almost any device with a browser (including "your phone"!). No need to choose an expensive Google Home Hub or Echo Show.
  3. An AT Panel can be securely shared with other Accounts. Speciality features like this may eventually hit other platforms, but ... everything "eventually" may be a feature of "anything".
  4. Google and Amazons "end-game" is vastly different than ActionTiles. They are in it for the DATA and ADVERTISING opportunities. ActionTiles makes money the old fashioned way: By making and selling a quality useful piece of software at a fair price.
  5. and ... Let's see what customers say.

At under $30 (plus the tablet or phone of your choice), ActionTiles is a lot of power for a small investment. It may not be the optimal tool or experience for your particular household; but because it is a custom dashboard builder, that makes it valuable for a lot of different sorts of households.

We're actually glad to see convergence too. An Amazon Fire tablet running ActionTiles is *also* usable as a wake-word compatible Alexa device. Even the Echo Show can be asked to jump into Firefox to display and use ActionTiles.

So... This isn't and won't ever be an "either / or" situation: Both technologies have different roles in the smart home.




Fair enough. Regards.